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The author had the opportunity to work long-distance train conductor. The work is quite interesting and not boring. He will try to briefly tell the whole principle. Schedule "Week Week". The week consists of 4 rounds. or flights ... someone as comfortable).

Was done on a week at home, we collect trunk and when the wind blows in the park) First of all, coming to work, go to the "elegant" and obtain information in any team going and in which direction. Having HQ, waiting for the proper planerku.Tam few interesting things: someone with whom to go, what to train, general information, briefings, painting in magazines, etc.

Next, move the carriage. There we were waiting for the conductors who will go for a week to the house to relax Magee rounds) Wait passionately and eagerly, shifting from one foot to the other))) First of all surrenders car: the presence of a removable equipment or property, the number of blankets, fire extinguishers, serviceability, toilets, water availability, stop valves, the availability of briquettes, charcoal (if the winter we go). Every little thing in the car is to be accounted for) If all in order, signatures "passed-adopted" and fled.

Soon comes the truck with bags. The linen bags. Accept, to paint. Next, one of the most tedious jobs - unpack the bags and begin to obscure vagon.Na reserved seat easier for longer compartment) on "common fund" general beauty - 6 towel was smoke and sit). Experienced guides reserved seat dim in about half an hour, the coupe - hour somewhere. Beginners can and 2 hours tighten enveloping.

Next comes beads. We get food / drink - mineral water, tea, beer, cookies / wafers, chips and other rations. We painted and throwing on the car. What's left for the next flight leave. When you have finished all the work on the car, you can go to the "headquarters" here and there to sign, obtain forms.

Before planting can smoke / sleep / go for /. This is necessary. For 40 minutes before shipment begins to collect in dorogu.Odevamsya by statute, check again the car, close the toilet. On arrival at the landing station should be carried out in a strictly scheduled time. If at 16:00, then not a minute before. It can be on the neck of the NA to receive later. Dissatisfaction passengers can turn a deaf ear. Instructions.

On landing, it is important not to click a person. On the ticket the first thing we look date, train number and napravlenie.Chtob stocks not to run then. I just inadvertently, and "green" are not holed the ticket. Napar with a passenger left a ton of bricks)) Somehow I then glued)) Along with the tickets explain stopitstsot times "where the fuck the fifth car?", Some help to climb into the car with swag, send astray to another platform

Download. They took the mourners and lounging. Closing the site and look forward to the departure. You have to stand up otpravleniya.Malo-whether someone will run with the train ticket in his mouth. A check mark is required, but on the situation. The tail usually with a flag is a "headquarters" lok.brigade duplicates. I personally rarely in the course of their shoot.

Then go on the car, collect tickets, hand out forms to customs. The most difficult undersupply someone where and what forms. Citizens alone aliens second, third tour, foreigners Fourth. Tin shorter))) Beginners Guides often still confused, begin holivary customs with border guards and passengers)). Get tickets, go to the system area and fill "Luschka" (form DR-72)

Paper office should be protected. If you lost / tear / stained / - unnecessary problems and inconvenience. Add up the ticket in a special daddy. 15 minutes to the station and warn the passengers pay the ticket on the memory). We give only koreshok.Vtoruyu of the reserve for the report.

And do not forget about the toilet. Open half an hour after dispatch. Sanitary zone at major stations - 30 minutes at the station and teh.stoyankah in principle can not be closed. Well, after a self-CAT is also 30 minutes have poterpet.Osobenno delivers morning hardbass queue of passengers in the morning. Hex sleep long.

Separately, about the magic key - galleys. With these keys conductor niibatstso lord of the car. Sometimes CDA rolls over them. Open all the doors they can be in the car. The conductor has his own sign: You can not lay down the keys on the table, otherwise there will be some kind of put)) if already put - it is necessary to put the keys on the floor and step on them. Truth and lose them - as two fingers to irrigate. Or bend in dveri.Kak I had))) Fortunately some stations from shopkeepers for a symbolic price to buy. If you have failed - on arrival in the storeroom take a pencil and calculate blood

Actually, the work on the road. This tea / coffee / dance (just kidding) who help with the papers who "News" .Some of bluntly ** zdet ohota.Nu and keep order in the riot vagone.Zamechaem - NP-next station, police department. Sometimes the guard brigade kataetsya.Togda it annoying. Main workplace conductor is divided into two "area - the duty coupe and a service compartment. In stand-coupé the electrical, water dispenser, refrigerator. Well, I think you've seen)) on board a lot of toggle switches, lights, and counters. Battery voltage, light, titanium, ventilation. But there is one main bulb - SKNB (Signal Books heating control). Apple of the eye for the conductor. Lit - tear stop kran.Nikto not zarugaet - Instructions. Another thing is when some blue face pinned decides. Explanatory three copies + pi ** Yulin.

On arrival at the station first thing in releasing passengers who actually arrived. And others. Smoke / probzdetsya / stall to run for pivasom. Parking at the stations up to 5 minutes advisable not to open the playground - run away, then gather hell. Stay with a red flag until all the places are not rassyadutsya. The delay in the schedule of the NP + pizdyulina) sharpens lyasy While people on the platform, the conductor checks stalemated oschup.Vse standards - smoke, hot - we report NP). If the disorder - more work vagonniki.

Come to customs. An hour should be alert to prepare all documents, not to leave the place and generally not much rebate. Happy easier at night until all pillow crush, stir all very difficult. Especially when the border late at night But there is a place for a reserved seat on postebatsya
1. Exit the passage
2. Look at the peacefully sleeping people
3. Go to the guardroom
4. Turn lyuministsen

The car looks like a bar "Twisted tit")) Just do not explode)

Let's go to the final step punkta.V turnover hide poyuzat bed in bags, pre-counted and fill bumagi.Ubiraem garbage, wet uborochka.Zatem gat back sacks of clean linen and blanketed vagon.Niznayu both places, and in Moscow and came aunties 200 re like, the car was covered when the conductor in the scrap. Well, in principle, in the time remaining before sending you can sleep / go to town / sunbathe. To that soul.

The return trip will not outline. Read backwards)) Well, on arrival home after landing in the left part of the park "B" - to collect and to throw garbage into the truck to throw bags of laundry in the laundress and pass through a part of the sink. The main thing is not to forget to close all the windows on the car. Otherwise, all flood and then scraped from the fitters and superiors

The formulation is then pulled into the park "A". First of all go to the laundress and hand over bags of laundry, pre-hanging tag number vagona.Sdaem everything in order - sheets, pillowcases, towels, zanaveski.Na coupe and SV duvet else. Something hvataet- not have to go to the car and look for the mattress rolled sheets with pillowcases, towels and lockers, etc. Well if nashli.Esli not - hard to include a cash zarabotannyh.Zakonchiv all cases, you can prepare for the next flight.

Basically something like that))

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