Emergency landing Izhme (15 photos)

Details of the person associated with aviation, Vyacheslav Fomin.
When signed echelon flight on the route Moscow-peace, there was a failure of the onboard electrical system of the aircraft (which entails off all electronics, ranging from light bulbs in the bathroom, finishing navigation equipment), the crew decided to land at the nearest airport. Due to the fact that pumps fuel tanks also ceased operation and fuel to the engine was fed exclusively from the supply tank (capacity of which is 3300 kg, and in the case of pump failure, the fuel to the engine is delivered by gravity, the three tons for medium range aircraft - is pshik yes, small), down to a height of 3000 meters the crew took all necessary measures to expedite the landing on the disused airfield Izhma (runway length of about 1 to 300 m., which does not take aircraft class - "any aircraft" since 2003. now used as a helipad) using the two test-flight, the plane landed at high speed (350-380km / h) on the unprepared and unfit for such aircraft band without using the mechanization of the wing (also denied) by doing all measures to accelerate the braking, the plane rolled out at a distance of about 200 meters over the runway and stopped in woodland among small trees, that in this situation suggests the effective use of all means of braking crew. It was conducted operational evkauatsiya all passengers and crew, nobody has suffered.

The crew of the Tu-154 Alrosa, tail number RA-85684.
Evgeny Novoselov G. KBC
Latapov Andrey second pilot
Talalaev Sergey navigator
Karin RA On-board engineer
Dmitriev NY On-board conductor
Dmitreeva EF On-board conductor
Razumov EV On-board conductor
Nizyamov RG-board conductor
Varodov VG-board conductor

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