A journey to lake Baikal. Part 6

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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From wild places to people

A few hours we sailed to the hot springs — a paddle not a motor, and this is differently perfectly. Civilized bathing took place. Now the place looked completely different, the magic was gone — were the tourists, all the sources in swimming trunks and swimsuits.

People were brought here on boats or yachts from opposite sides of the civil — not for experiences, but for the "official" version for the body and the condition of the people was different than our bodies this night. Now I more admired the mountains while my group enjoyed dipping in the hot sulfur vodoemakh different temperatures.

Before sunset we managed to cross another one, great for our catamaran, the Bay and at dusk (and they are long), we have Davitashvili catamaran on the beach, wondering, what is the cold water in the lake. In this part of my trip, we merged with civilized places to stay "wild" tourists. Here, along this coast, every 200 meters was equipped with a special tidy Parking: table and fire pit. The rest was pure and wild. Somewhere in the distance I could see a Bungalow, and the conductor said:

Yes there Cisco! Today we have a fish supper. Make a fire, mashed potatoes, and what we still have of vegetables?

Omul is the Baikal endemic that nowhere else in the world is not found. But in the lake very much. Caught by chain — smoked, salted, fried. It's like... fish. Moderately soft, palm, and more fish, no mackerel and herring, but based on. Pure water of lake Baikal makes it meat is somehow "correct" is useful, but you can feel it, just try it. So we can feel, for example, the difference of water from different sources, but to convey words, it is impossible.

The evening was tasty, it was literally delicious, to our taste a lot of days were filled with the beauty of Baikal and its own new experience. We are already many days didn't notice any discomfort from the fact that I was not able to replenish the collection of edibles — buckwheat, potatoes, cabbage, and then fish and fresh bread! It seemed a gastronomic orgasm. And even then, that the potatoes came out with the sand, could not spoil the festive dinner.

The boiler was sand, so as the Dancing Thunder filled his stormy lake Baikal and in the dark.

With the Luxury we were arguing about acceptable and unacceptable methods in psychological practice. I liked it, and those who I like, and I especially love to argue and to "pull their whiskers." In absentia I believe in them — they will rise up and talk in this process about myself, more than I had planned. Well, it's interesting, agree!

In the morning we did yoga on the beach. Luxury was doing my yoga a bit further. Conductor sculpted food for everyone. During Breakfast he so willingly told about the treasures that can be found right under your feet, that we almost immediately decided to immediately go for them.

A few kilometers along the shore and through the woods, and we'll come to the Parking lot of a wild man. It is the beach where the tide washes away the jade tips from the primitive tools of a wild man. Jade is a very special and valuable stone, it has a unique stone property from the impact on it remains a dent that makes it not like any other mineral.

Razuvshis and going into the cold water, we, fingering the green stones figured out Gives Meaning to what looks like jade, and it soon became clear that to find the trophy will not be easy. And with passion switched to picking up various other semi-precious beauty. I watched as me captures this emotion. And even greed, such a rare feeling for me that I am with affection and admiration given to him.

Stones — my big, and it's safe to say, the most long-standing weakness. As a child, I collected them in different sand dunes, steppes and beaches and neatly folded in a box of chocolates "Evening Kiev". And at a time when normal children were collected calendars, stamps and labels from gum, I collected the stones under their feet.

At the entrance to my Kiev Studio, on the wall in full growth the tree grows out of rocks from different parts of the world. Finishing repairs to the Studio opening, I asked my Builder to show me how to mix cement, and lay for a long time the trophies finally found the altar space on the wall.

In this tree dwelt a few pounds of Crimea, Elbrus, the Carpathians, a few stones from the bottom of the origins of the Ganges, "gravel" mountains of Ararat, lava from the crater of Kilimanjaro, like chocolate with nuts, stones from the Eastern peak of mount Elbrus, the fragments of rock, walking on the Khumbu Glacier near Everest, stones from the beaches of Zanzibar and the Caribbean and other places my way.

It's not just the travel map, it is a tree, guardian forces, like the shaman's robe, where each element is the story... About the trials, about the discoveries on the way and about pleasure. And so it is surprising that any story about the trials pumped pleasure — victory and celebration of the completion of the test.

And every pleasure ends with a test. And that's to survive the end of pleasure. Or the test might not fall into temptation, Talipov on treats. Not sticky, but to go further than the test of the spirit? Surprisingly, but if to maximize its manifestation any of these concepts, whether it be Testing, whether it's Pleasure, then it will turn its polarity.

That's why it's not in the world of universal ideas about how to live properly, or definitive answers, where to look for happiness to a person. And if globally, then look for it is not necessary, it is in everything.

Like the Force - it is in all living events in which we are whole. It is in the defeats, and accomplishments, and the joy and the pain, and in sadness it too. I sometimes begin to suspect that she is definitely in motion. But if the movement as a way of life, people driven to the point of absurdity, he might find himself completely stopped inside, running in circles, in the hustle and bustle of automatism. Running from the topic, which is outstanding. Then, by the Power for will deliberate stop. He stops outside and discovers that finally start to move inside again and feel the life.

It turns out that Power is really for all! And when suddenly it stops there, then it's time to move in polarity relative to what a person was busy in last time of life. Shamanic Power formula – time to move in the correct orientation.

Explorer found jade, and seeing my interest in the subject, then gave it to me. Soon I found a miniature jade scraper, olive mottled, with traces of primitive art. More of nephritis we find.

Veselka Dancing Thunder and Luxury went with a guide in camp to prepare dinner. Went with the trophies, filled with simple happiness gatherers. We are Shaman, primarychannel beauty, remained on the shore. Taiga forest, the rays of the midday sun, almost directly hung over the lake, leaving only half a meter of the shoreline of sparkling gems.

And then, quite unexpectedly, we began to wrap private pleasure yacht. The cheerful company was out to walk to the right, and the captain of the yacht, a young man, went to us, to the left. He introduced himself, and began to talk, making travel on lake Baikal, and here, please, he's got a boat and he was pleased...

And by the way, do you want soup we have here, only had lunch, we still have...

Want, — said the shaman. And he brought us ashore saucepan and fresh bread. It was very important and very unexpectedly delicious, at the same time. nice. He left his contacts on the case, if we still want to visit lake Baikal, so, welcome. Guests of the ship plunged back to help wash the dishes, and they quickly sailed away, and sailed out here from-for turn the spit.published

To be continued...


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Author: Natalia Walicka


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