A journey to lake Baikal. Part 4

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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Overnight guests

In the evening the wild ducks were having a competition on the range of underwater swims. And when the sun is behind us fell into the forest, straight ahead over the thin edge of the layered blue mountains, reflected in a broad band of calm water of the lake, the full moon rose. And this deafening silence of the evening forest, much from afar broke the sound of a motor boat.

Taiga guys visited us again.

Now it was just another acquaintance. I didn't need them to pretend to be neither a blonde nor a harsh leader. We sat around the campfire as the people encountered on the ground without a status. The participants in our groups with amazing names didn't seem strange to them.

Soon, this "game" in the names even began to cause envy and undisguised curiosity. Here how it turns out, we can safely say to the world that you want! And saying to the world — to take a new name, as the entry point into the desired reality. To support each other in the intention to move to where we important.

Name — it is a symbol, like any word is a symbol. Although, as you know, "the map is not the territory", but acquaintance with it helps to Orient the movement in the selected direction, to calculate their strength and time to replenish the resources that will be needed in the way.

We sat around the campfire, in a brightly lit moon night, and listened to the stories of our guests asked about encounters with bear, and that they wanted to tell us about the dangers and peculiarities of the taiga.

The one who was Junior in rank, were in informal contact. This charming young man, Paul, campfire said eagerly, almost incessantly, joked and listened to with interest, and when he smiled, it could even be called cute.

His boss Oleg, on the contrary, was silent, thoughtful and contemplative, but it was felt this man's strength, which pales in comparison with pretty charming playful boys.

They told us about encounters with bear. Paul told how the Master of the Taiga recently came to their hut and he (Paul) being in a playful mood, going outside, began to run and represent a bleating goat until he reached the credibility so that the bear ran to the bait. Hiding in the hut the friends were glad of this experiment and the fact that Paul was an effective bait, and the fact that the bear was not as effective...

They talked about the forest fires, which every summer are here. The last one they've put out in the forest a month and a half ago, and in its Wake, it turns out, we got through the week, when we ascend to the plateau of Holy Nose. The scale of forest burnt, we shake.

And I once again admired the guys that met us in the taiga night, but it will be then. They talk about anomalies and unexplained phenomena that occur in the forest. As trees in a small radius twists, or lays flat disc unknown force.

And there... Oleg will show a hand in the direction of the most distant ridges at sunrise, people live in high, cold mountains, which are still quite untouched by civilization, with amazing customs... And there in those blue mountains beyond the lake, the two of them doing the job in the early spring, got lost and took two weeks to find his way back to the lake, "the places where people live."

And when I see how it is cold here in early spring, when the lake ice, I don't hold out and begin to tell them about their relationship with the cold and altitude. About climbing Elbrus, Ararat, Nepal expedition and most complex of my top level "where people live" — the road to Kilimanjaro.

How is it possible to explain to a "normal" person who looks puzzled, listening to my stories about the Big Mountains. How to explain to someone who has no "feelings mountain", how to explain to him why go there "mad men"?

Perhaps, poems of Yuri Vizbor

"Well you want me to explain what a mountain

the mountain is a sky of stone and snow,

There cold be ethereal, unearthly heat, and the wind such

that nowhere but the sky and was not...".

Yes, even I sometimes want to make excuses, looking at the person listening to the tough men. Yeah, I like this, "the blonde," sorry, that is not a climber and not an athlete, sorry, that is not from the team or any Alps club.

And make excuses: but, you know, I have to go there, and if so, I become the initiator of the expedition. And this, of course, I'm not saying they technically continue to describe the characteristics of mountain trails.

Tell about different incidents in the way, rent the secrets of winter climbing, I transferred my guides and teachers — experienced climbers. Continue to open our guests the technical tricks and intricacies of survival on the glaciers, sharing their delight about how the little things can literally solve everything.

Touched on how listening to me men sometimes lose control over their persons, while we enthusiastically discuss the technical side of things. Or on the contrary, she willingly becomes the learner and is itself asking how it is different.

Willingly hand over the secrets and subtleties of the vertex of life that enraptured me once.Let them know these small nuances can save a life out there on the ice height. For a good number of points in this lecture someone once paid with his life.

For example: it is useful to know to the beginner about what is out there, on glaciers, climbing shoes and gas the balcony needs to be put with him in a sleeping bag. There are other "oddities" of human behavior in extreme cold, like heating gas balcony outside the turbo lighter until it is heated the boiling water. And other "miraculous" techniques and features of life...

Saying seriously important, I'm back with affection to describe contrasting States of people changing during the ascent. From "can I die here", through the awe of greatness "beauty unprecedented" and until the vertex of Zen silence.

Disappear there role game, sex, age, past, emotions in General, and only the presence of inhalation and exhalation, step like a metronome and pulse deep. All the attention goes to a step and a breath and to think of nothing, absolutely not out of energy in the body. Full of resounding emptiness. From person there is nothing but motion.

The presence of motion in the absence of the individual. The system nourishes what is most relevant there and it is not our Ego and not our thoughts. Most relevant there is our wildlife. Our ability to move.

Movement — existing from the beginning of time — piece to the impossibility of such total that to survive at the bottom is impossible. Because it diverts attention many possible ways and roads on the plain. And in a situation of climbing, while targeting height, disappear distractions elections, and it becomes clear drawn one direction – the orientation of the gradient.

One thing is important — living movement of life in its living essence, beyond its reasonable personality, torn by contradictions, in terms of many possibilities. The movement from Proprietary Personality, torn by the many existing directions, up to Free Essence, feeling her way.

That's another freedom, it exists on the other side of possibilities. This is the freedom not to choose, and to follow your made the only choice, without being distracted by doubts about the benefits of foreign roads. It's liberating knowing that the best is not always appropriate.

Knowledge, exempt from the need to constantly compare and doubt. Knowledge of of feeling of themselves and their direction. Knowledge that is free from fear of error. Knowledge which permeates the consciousness of modern inhabitant of a megacity through as impregnated wood with moisture in the Carpathian forest. And yet not evaporate all the moisture, this wood, like the people of the city, not able to turn on and be transformed to the form, radiating light and heat.

It is for this inner fire, this alchemy of transformation, people are so high. To lose all contact with his ephemeral "knowledge" about themselves. To all these their own opinions about "what can I do" against the backdrop of transcendent experiences, it has become obviously obsolete. To explode to after, to find himself whole again, on a new level of knowledge about his power.

And yet, I will share my secret reason about "why do I need to go". Where more than 5 000 metres above sea level (ordinary consciousness), reach precisely those special people in the blood which burning hot plasma.

Such in the plain can not recognize for a long time to search and not to find. It's the people, the "guards" they choose to be on the border possible. And, of course, can't resist the temptation to go a little over... these people are driven by evolution, they're so cute that I was very selfish want their.

Includes me to tell you about the mountains. I want to inspire genuinely curious to this subject on the action, and, in fact, by sharing, I manifestio: "if you make me listen with interest, then you, then myself want, most importantly, to live!

Time is something that can be done by one person, guess what I'm saying? This means that what can one person, then another may do it again. It is possible! So one day I was inspired by a live person four years ago. So I have retreated to the idea of the impossibility of the possible and now carries me around the world so far. Now the Baikal..."

Before I decide to carry out an expedition, I visited almost animal sense of magnetism to this point of the planet, and it turns out that there it is necessary not only me. People are attracted to the idea of going to these places. And attract those who know how to get there...

Sometimes I think my life is flowing from the future into the present. And my job is just not to let your fears, the birth of that future already exists as a given, as the point of the event on the track of life.

Oleg, the eldest of the men, he was thirty years old, after a long pause, peering inside, will share his longtime dream of Elbrus. It was visible, as gently from the margins of youthful aspirations, again inflames the excitement of the promise of big roads. And I kind of saw that top he will and I were pricked, was silent about it.

Here is the place "feat" from our guests and they offered to go to the hot spring right now. ...It's a great idea!

I love skinny-dipping. Always prefer to swim in natural waters wild (mountain rivers, waterfalls and lakes). You can say that I frankly, its condition, promoting it. Even whether it is Indian or Nepalese Himalayas or even the Arab Emirates, where it is, in principle, not peculiar to the local population. I like me, fans of the "wild and present", find a way to enjoy nature without scaring the locals.

This night was just such a wonderful opportunity. The day when we can swim there, it will be stocked with bathing suits, tourists, and me after rastvoreniya in these wild places, so you do not want to abruptly remember the strange traditions of etiquette in public places and smells of civilization.


These guys, after mutual stories "about life" of the unseen, fires and expeditions, and after "just between us", we become just like old friends or classmates. Flirting and other "marriage game", typical of people at this time of day would now be now not the way.


Because we talked like real guys, and I watched as the lower horizontal of thought give place to the vertical vertex plans. Respect was replaced temptation. Yes, mutual respect for unplanned discoveries about the people and their ways, and now covers all gender stereotypical games. which usually lead men and women in a similar nightlife situation.

An alternative to the traditional "marriage game", resulting in the Excitation, can be "games" lead to Inspiration.



Why it pays to be obedient

Old age is in our head


This can be the talk of the beyond. On extreme situations, on the threshold conditions. About when death is near and when life is very bright. About the new possibilities beyond the limits previously known.

This is what is killing the old ideas about the world and the possibilities in it, and expands horizons. In fact, "crossing fields", looking at another living person, we get Initiation: inspired by the disclosure in the "can", which could only dream of.

And it's alluring and frightening, but this apparent new, brought alive by the media experience, ignites in us is not so much body as spirit, and we are Inspired. published

To be continued

Author: Natalia Walicka


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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