A journey to lake Baikal. Part 8

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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Thirty million seven hundred seventy one thousand seven hundred ninety nine

Walking on four sides

This endlessly long day we had. Veselka and Luxury again, now on foot along the coastal path, past the hot springs, and on the way back "seduced" the boatman to bring them to camp. I went to the woods for a "game" — for the bear. But "for him" at that day were black squirrels and chipmunks. Proteins gorgeous — fluffy black pelt and a white bib on his chest.

— Well, just like the bears, I thought – only proteins.

Seventy six million six hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred ninety

Lively, nimble, playful squirrels and striped chipmunks, didn't run, they flirted, called with him to the tops of the cedars. — What is the metaphor of my life, I thought.

Here again, the "hamsters" — the chipmunks, squirrels... One big, significant, weighty "bear" could be here in this place of many small projects. And so I sometimes break themselves into many small hamsters — small business, instead of giving oneself entirely to one large project.

But the animals were pleased with the liveliness and contact. The forest is alive, fragrant — full of berries... And I found it in the spring.

The evening when we again piled the camp, I was surprised, pulling the pegs from the tent, to what is a cold land! Aluminium unreal ice, went out of the land. Turns out this whole blooming, summer, floral-berry beauty, breeds only on the soft forest floor. And there, only 15-centimeter depth, the land that in the short boreal summer, not even time to warm up.

Only the cedars and birch is not afraid of the cold, others are deciduous, that is why here are rare. We have collected the catamaran is a ship on which we moved through the water along with all Hiking gear. Now the catamaran will fit in a narrow, long, 2-meter case.

In the evening we came to the boat "Free" and in the sunset we sailed away from these places. This boat was owned by an interesting, colorful pair. He — "the old experienced sailor" calm and reliable, and she — "fisherwoman Sonia", redhead, fun, friendly doughnut.

Where we landed, there was no pier and we right into the water lowered the ladder. Had to strip down to their underwear to do the loading. The water was invigorating, and going on Board, we are supper fresh bread and fish, warm tea and came out to see the sun on the deck. The sunset is the same infinitely long in these places, like dawn.

Three million six hundred forty nine thousand four hundred eighty six

On the deck of the ship, suddenly, was situated classic old sofa overlooking the stern. Pleasantly. Veselka, Luxurious and Shamanka settled comfortably on it. Above them was a narrow window of the captain's cabin, and above that, above the window, the inscription of the name of the vessel "Free". When I brought them to the lens, really wanted to add a note "to" the name of the ship.

Sixty eight million four hundred seventy thousand one hundred eighty five

In the port from which we began our voyage on the reserved places, we came, in deep blue-grey twilight. Unload and immediately feel the difference between the wild coast and port.

Sent a messenger, who Gives Meanings to explore — to look for a place to stay overnight. But the grass and the woods here were so greasy, gasoline-stained and trampled, we decided to go on the road and will be located somewhere at the curb. Spend the night under the open sky so as not to put up tents, and in the morning to be ready to move on. Moreover, the plan was hitchhiking to the place from which we go up on the mountain plateau of Holy Nose, while the foot of this mountain there was still about 40 km away.

For the night we chose a place, where no one could smell the port — it was a place of turning on the road. Several Walker moved the stuff and began to settle in for the night. Tighter to each other and positioned the mats, so it was a warm night. And when extinguished the lanterns hanging over our deafening flashy brilliance of the taiga night sky.

The moon had not yet risen, and the stars, as weighty bullion kilogram, banded vague scatterings of smaller jewels of light streaked across the milky Way. So low over us that could touch them by hand, straight from your herb. The mosquitoes are turned off, they were here at sunset and dawn, just for a couple of hours. And now you can enjoy such a bright sky before sunrise beauties — the ancient moon.

Seventy five million six hundred seventy nine thousand seven hundred sixty three

In the morning we with the Shaman woke up before the others, and with the morning a delegation of new mosquitoes, went to the port to replenish victuals. Giving Meanings was on a gas burner to cook your favorite morning beverage — cocoa with condensed milk.

In such roadside conditions, it is incredibly delicious. Although, for the most part, we drank in the campaign tea from the leaves of berry bushes and grass, called here "the Banyan tree". It overwintered, brown fermented leaves, similar to Chinese PU-erh tea, with a taste of the earth. But cocoa is a completely different Goodies, sometimes such social cutaways allow bored alternately: something for wildness, for the benefits of civilization. Provide an opportunity to evaluate a fresh look already familiar and get pleasure from different, to value that which comes, finding new in everything that happens.

Morning cocoa we brought crackers "Kiev" with raisins. To buy in the port of Kiev crackers, over 6000 km from his native Kiev – it seemed surreal.

Was steaming in the hands of a Cup of hot cocoa and we watched the chipmunks play in the roadside thickets.

We quickly arrived by hitchhiking. Three groups on three machines. Hitchhiking is a way of life. Very well, Author! Hitchhiking is an art in which there is no place for artificial emotions. This is a very honest condition. What this it is, the easier the person is where he chooses to be. Of course, those who help him on the road, also benefit.

The first (at least) — passenger just does not sleep the driver behind the wheel. Awakens it for its novelty, as a messenger of unknown worlds.

The second situation is a direct request, allows you, if you are the driver, simultaneously to make a good deed and a little more to snoozenet yourself. We are the people, like when we know that it is just voluntary, and accurate passing, and no one, if we deny, we will not be offended. We usually want to help — "to cause good cause good" neighbor. We are happy to be helpful. Himself in this respect and is there even a "thank you" to us, it often seems superfluous.

Third (as a maximum) — such meetings can "flip life" good driver, and he finally, too, he will begin to do in my life what had long dreamed of.

At the fork in the road where one goes to port and the other to the foot of the mountain, we made a point of collection. Meters 200 began, wild-equipped baths, the beach. Wild bath — it is a frame of saplings, covered with plastic wrap with a stone hearth inside. We chose a Park with sauna, so after the climb to recover the body, and in full update to complete the journey in this Holy Lake.

Eighty million two hundred seventy one thousand eight hundred sixty five

After a swim, I remembered that this part of lake Baikal is deeper than those protected bays, where we sailed on a catamaran. Here the water was noticeably colder, and the depth did not give much warms up the water in these places. Putting the camp, we launched the cooking borsch.

The shaman then says that she really apologized to the soup, "standing in front of him on his knees," for what "I was blinded him from what it was." It was prepared from ketchup and canned filling. Later, the Dancing Thunder will be food to extol the soup, saying: "this is a real Ukrainian borsch!"and a cautionary will say to their Doctor: "you see how to do the soup to cook for me at home is the same!"Yes, the main ingredient in it was that it was prepared Ukrainochka – this ingredient is able to be a major Zen!


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For evening tea in a circle we summed up the results of its internal processes and discoveries attached to the form. It was like thinking out loud about yourself and your life. Other, his active listening, motivated clearly to draw in words the internal processes. And the speaker, brightened his own role in the situations that had happened to him. In the vision of these relationships between own Role and the Events of his life, born of our human comprehension of his authorship in my life.published  

To be continued...


Author: Natalia Walicka


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