To read anyone who is offended!

One of the ways of dealing with resentment is intensifying, bringing to the extreme and ultimately to the point of absurdity, until the disappearance.

I'm such a big Turkeythat you can't allow someone to act according to its nature, if I don't like. I'm such a big Turkeythat if someone said or did not as I expected – I will chasten him with his resentment. Oh, let him see how important this is – my resentment, let him receive it as punishment for his "misconduct". Because I'm really, really big Turkey!

I don't value my life. So I do not value my life, that I do not mind spending her precious time on offense. I refuse moments of joy, moments of happiness, moments of playfulness, I'd give this a minute of his offense. And I don't care what these frequent minutes develop into hours, and the hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. I do not mind to spend years of his life in the offense – because I do not value my life.

I am very vulnerable. I'm so vulnerable that I am forced to protect their territory and to respond to insult everyone who touched it. I'll hang myself on the forehead the sign "beware of dog" and let someone try not to notice it! I will surround my vulnerability high walls, and I don't care that they ain't seen what's happening outside, but my vulnerability is safe. I'll inflate out of molehills. I'll take this half-dead fly someone else's mistakes, I will respond with his offense. I don't write in my diary what a wonderful world, I will write – how basely did to me. I will not tell friends how I love them, I will devote quite a while because of how much I hurt. I'll have to pour into a fly and so many of their alien forces to become the elephant. Because flies are easy to dismiss or not even notice, but the elephant is not. So I inflated the flies to the size of elephants.

I'm poor. I'm so poor that I can't find a drop of generosity – to forgive, a drop of self-irony – to laugh, a drop of generosity – not to notice a drop of wisdom – not to catch, a drop of love – to accept. I have simply no these drops, because I am very, very limited and poor. published


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