Resentment — stress for the whole body

We all understand that it makes no sense to be offended and angry? But why sometimes there are situations where we are forced to experience the pain and resentment? We understand that the offense need to get rid of that you need to forgive, but the pain does not go away. If you don't know what to do to forgive the offense, to remove all the consequences of this offense in both body and mind? Then this article is for you.

What's wrong with the offense?

Resentment is stressful for the whole organism. It creates the clip in the body, hinders the free flow of energy. Resentment takes energy, due to the fact that you constantly have to scroll in mind the situation of resentment.


As the offense occurs?

Resentment occurs when we assess this or that event in our lives. For the most part is the psychological trauma that affects the whole body and self-esteem.

Sometimes the deepest resentment against those who are important to us whom we love and respect, because we trust these people, and they his judgments have a huge impact on us. All their words and actions are perceived as truth and then deposited in the subconscious. Resentment is a strong desire to obtain higher estimate of our character, actions, accomplishments, than that which we give others. Words and deeds of a close person can be stored in the recesses of the soul, and each time, remembering them, we feel pain and suffering.
Some people resentment is the desire to revenge, to justice, to prove his worth, the importance. Others – creates a state of hopelessness, lower self-esteem, includes the condition of the victim, which all want to hurt and punish.
There can be such beliefs as: "I can't do anything!", "I get nothing!", "The other is always in my way, to put "sand in the wheels"" etc.

How to let go of a grudge?

1. We need to realize that resentment is always harmful to health, both physical and mental. The person you wronged, most likely long forgotten about this event, and he usually does not care what you think about it. There is no reason to carry grudges that poison the life.

2. Remember the offense. Think what are the main feelings it caused and why?

3. Remember when else had a similar situation? (Our subconscious tries to protect us from the pain, therefore, burying such events very deeply). Who else has caused you such feelings? Who said the same thing? Most likely, it was very close to you: parents, spouse, first love, close friends.

4. Think about what good teaching you this situation? From what I tried to warn? For example, resentment may be a strong stimulus for development and progress. Remember the fate of the heroine of Faith Alentova — Catherine from the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears". She went from factory worker to Director of a large plant, due to his grudge against Rudolph who refused to marry her. And here the insult worked, as the motivator for movement and development.

5. Now, think about how you can get the same thing without having to experience the hurt. How can I get the same thing without feeling guilt, fear, pain, regret, and resentment. How can you move forward based on positive motivation itself.

6. Usually resentment implies a contract on the soul level, between two people, where they agreed to be each other something to teach. And essentially all that happened was carrying some kind of positive meaning for You. The abuser honestly performed his contract, it is something taught. It is likely that without his help You wouldn't be able to pass your lessons and achieve what You have.

7. Now think can You forgive and release the offender? Is there something else that prevents to forgive and let go. To let go does not mean that it will no longer appear in Your life. This means to get rid of all negative feelings and emotions associated with this situation. Prayer for letting go will help you to forgive and release the offender.

8. And be sure to forgive yourself for what was angry, offended.

I noticed on my experience that once the hurt is released, and we realize why people have done so, we begin to understand the motives of his conduct. And traumatic the situation appears to us in a very different light, we can see that the person was manipulated by his own fear, patterns of past experience. What cause of resentment — our own projections. Therefore, it is important not to accumulate a grudge, and to transform them as soon as they arise.


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