As resentment deforms the human energy field.

Suffice it to an exemplary embodiment of the deformation field, which may be the cause of a wide range of problems, from mild discomfort to severe physical abnormalities. The deeper the boundary of the field "pushed" into the physical body, the harder the corresponding deformation pathology of organs and systems of the physical body, and the wider the diameter of the "depressed" areas, the greater the number of systems and organs affected.

This type of deformation indicates the presence of a person of strong resentment - a heavy, long-term, stable cash-generating state of criticism. Such conditions sometimes say: "His (her) hard stifled resentment." Or: "Resentment pressure on the chest." Or: "My chest ached from all the bitter resentment." Man is such an insult in itself, he criticizes in relation to, for someone offended repeatedly "scrolls" in the mind of their critical calculations, resulting in "sinks" on their offense even stronger. "Winding" himself so he gets into a vicious circle stable fixation of emotional reactions to emotional reactions. At some point, the source and cause resentment has lost its original meaning as a person "catches the buzz" of self-pity and samosedeniya have their own emotional states. And deforms the trend, which was "planned" in fact the primary offense, develops into a stable and steadily growing strain field.

As resentment deforms the human energy field
Fig. 1. The deformation field can enter the physical body at any center,
It is suggesting a possible disease of the area.

Life example: a daughter went to school perfectly healthy and came home with a high fever and cough. Mother held the diagnosis and identified the type of deformation of the chest. Investigating the cause of the deformation, the mother discovered that the girl had an argument with her best friend and was very worried that event, resenting girlfriend and inside criticizing her attitude. His mother was able to explain to her daughter unfounded resentment and criticism, and showed a mutual inability to friends agree. Then the daughter performed a ritual of forgiveness (technique of the ritual of forgiveness will be presented below) and get rid of the strain. Several hours later, the temperature and the cough was gone. The next morning, the girl came to school completely healthy. And her friend did not come to school. It turns out that her condition was exactly the same, but her mother was not "seeing" and therefore decided that the girls simply contracted from one another to some viral infection. Week customary in such cases, the standard treatment is over the fact that the girl seems to be recovered, but the deformation field caused offense, and has not been eliminated. The potential transition in the chronic form of the disease in this case - more than likely outcome "of the energy situation. Working with field strains, the most important thing to "go" on the true psycho-emotional causes. Otherwise, it is impossible to complete treatment.

Self-identification and elimination of deformation of essential field caused resentment

Take a comfortable position, calm down and normalize breathing - make it smooth, calm, shallow, rhythmic (1-2 min.).

Revealing the existence of resentment

A very important step. As a rule, we aim to look beautiful in their own eyes, and therefore do not want myself to admit any "improper" emotional reactions, particularly when it comes to our loved ones. Honesty with yourself is crucial in efforts to identify and eliminate the causes of essential violations. Just ask yourself: "Do I I wear a grudge against someone else?" Do not rush to answer immediately. Remember friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, in short, try to sort out in my mind all those with whom communicate, communicate, meet, collaborate, and so at odds. N. Follow not the logic of the answers, but for their inner emotional reaction. It often happens that during the practice of this technique people suddenly find themselves aware of any purely emotional "ties", which until not aware, identifying them with himself.

Exemption from offense

When working on revealing the facts revealed resentment, usually three options for psychological situations.

A) Recurring typical situation of criticism and insults at the mention of the status of a particular person (or at the memory of it).

B) The typical situation recurring at the mention of different people. The emotional coloring of these situations can be less bright than in the case of (A) However, typical of these situations indicates the presence of our "weak points", makes some standard way to respond emotionally to certain manifestations of other people. The result - the accumulated grievances, an internal mechanism which was developed by the same logic. Naturally, they all lead to the same type of anomalies broadcasting field. A classic example - an insult someone from the older generation for each of the children or grandchildren on the same occasion: "I am so in love with you all (the demonstration of affection) ... I have so much energy you give (gave) (fixing feeling bad debts) ... I'm waiting for you so (there is already starting to sound hurt that the debt is not given) ... And ... you rarely come without love ... and so ungrateful. d. (went criticism) ».

B) Less common cause of this deformation is "abstract retraction" about someone's lifestyle, behavior, actions, and so on. N., That is about the fact that to us seems to be, and there is a special case, but - "not I understand, I do not want to understand and can not accept. " Typically, this condition develops into the offense (for which, in fact, is hiding something like envy - "he can afford what I can not ?!" - which, of course, no one ever admits itself), and then this - offense in the first embodiment. Sometimes, instead of a heavy offense "cut through" active critics of lust - in this case the situation is more reminiscent of the second option: "How can he live like a hook to do, I did not understand; for a well-bred man is - is unacceptable. " Of course, by "good manners", ie a degree of conformity of installations of society in every social stratum, understood something of their own - appropriate social settings, for example, among the creative intelligentsia, among business people and the environment involves thieves fundamentally different forms of "good manners". Therefore, depending on the social class to which a person belongs, causes and reasons for the same emotional responses may vary, up to the exact opposite. However, the sheer emotional reactions and they generate a violation of essential components of the energy structure will be the same.

With some practice, revealing the fact of offense does not cause any problems. But the process of getting rid of the identified deep-seated emotions and unemotional attitude to achievement provoked the state parties and events in the identified situations - it is not an easy task. Her decision may require a fairly significant "investment" of time and effort.

Psychoanalysts in such cases are by a comprehensive analysis of the situation from the standpoint of all involved parties. However, this method does not always produce the desired result. In addition, higher level mental body using such method psychocorrection up impossible. This means that all the fullness of understanding of the situation with a purely psychoanalytic approach is unattainable. However, personal experience and personal strength therapist sometimes can change the very essence of the approach ...

Perhaps a more acceptable way of understanding will strain through contemplative and meditative technique "Contemplation of the past without identifying with them." At Osho - "to consider the past, without identifying himself with it».

"The contemplation of the past, without identifying with them»

The object of meditation can be not only any one particular situation that caused the particular strain, but many life events that clearly etched in your memory. "Repainting memory colors of detachment" can become a completely unexpected way out of seemingly hopeless deadlock. Any event with intense emotional overtones "eats" some of our vital energy, "restricting" its so-called "stress units" in our energy mix, thereby making available for use. Any stress block is formed by emotions that we feel over the experienced events. No emotions - no stress - no stress block - there is no "lock" their vitality. The release of "stress unit", associated with one or another experienced the situation, removes the energy structure of emotional dependence on the past in the most "thin" levels. Of course, eliminating the causes of deformation denser its components, it eliminates a lot of stress in the body and mind. As a result, many diseases disappear.

Appliances meditation

Think of a situation. Look at her, without getting involved in the events associated with it. As if you did not remember his own life, and life is quite a stranger, to which you do not have absolutely nothing to do. And when the event occurred are scrolled again on the screen of your mind, be careful, be witnessed by.

For Example. Do you remember your first love, you see yourself in any situation with his first favorite. Are you in the past. Separate yourself from the situation with his beloved. It looks as if someone else he loved someone else, as if all this you do not belong. All this is strange, but you are only a witness, an observer.

Technique contemplation past without identifying with it belongs to the category of fundamental basic meditation practices. This technique is used by the Buddha. It has many varieties. * You mentioned, for example, someone has offended you, and believe that this situation was the cause of the "field strain." Consider it the situation in "reverse order" - from the end, that is the moment when the formation of the offense have been completed. Now try to see myself in this last situation, as "empty corporeal shell" that someone had once hurt. But you yourselves here in the present, and not engaging in the past, watching him. However, if you are remembering, find yourself on the fact that once again experience the old emotions, then you are identified with the memory. That is, you have missed the basic idea of ​​meditation. In this case, you need to understand that you are involuntarily re-created this situation.

* The technique described here, Mr. Antario Ar Mate, has a truly grand "liberating potential." There is a version in which the practitioner in contemplation "pulls" himself from the situation contemplated in the present, and then destroys the image of the situation himself, depriving it of energy. All data stored in all the "rough" and "thin" layers of our memory images of the "hold" on our own bogged down in the past situations of energy. It is enough to pull it out and regain - that which is here and now - and the situation is thus literally "dissipated." In order to extract their energy from the situation, you just need to be able to involve immersion in contemplation of it to himself, having passed through the "sieve" detached state. If you do it, the images related to the situation, fade, darken and dissolve.

If a person is suffering from any disease and no medications do not help, may this wonderful method will be able to help him.

Moving in his contemplation back into the past, we like "unwinding" of his state of consciousness to the point where there was strain, go back to that moment when for the first time were attacked by a disease associated with the deformation. Having reached this point, we come to the understanding and awareness of the situation, and the cause of the disease disappear.

After passing "through" when there was strain, we suddenly realize how psychological factors constitute its foundation. No special action is needed, you just have to realize that forming the basis of psychological factors (resentment, anger, criticism, ambition) and continue to move in the opposite direction. Many problems will disappear as the awareness itself helps to eliminate some of the mental set ("Setup"). When you begin to understand their mental attitude, conscious moments of her trip, you can be cleansed of it, because it will no longer be necessary. It will be deep cleansing, traditionally denoted by the term "catharsis».

The main thing in the knowledge of and exemption from any field strain - to understand the experience that is the situation that led to the violation. If a similar situation is the same stable reaction, so some experience is acquired. In this case it is necessary to consider all the fundamental laws and their motivation, entailing possible violations of these laws in a situation that, despite the "meditative elaborate" still excites and directs the energy of attention in the past or in the future. It must be remembered that this thing - not a mental analysis of how free energy losses behave in a given situation, and emotional re-alignment of the situation.

For example, if you have identified a situation that has caused you in the emotional state of resentment, you need to mentally survive this situation again, having achieved what she has lost all emotional. And even if such a situation will recur, you will not have to "lead" because it will be something different person. Of course, if the experience is real. As a rule, truly the experience gained is not determined by the fact that we acquire the ability to formulate it, and the fact that changes our state.

If you get rid of the emotional "retraction" is not possible, it makes sense to turn to the "Bhairava Tantra vijnaniya" Osho, which describes the possible variants of this technique for all possible human psycho.

Finally, the practice of this method Focus on the point between the eyebrows (or any other, focusing on the feeling that currently relevant) and all my being, try to understand the experience gained by you at the moment. Finally, follow the ritual, which is roughly the mental pronouncing sentence:

"I learned from the experience of all the situations that analyzed today, it is my experience, here it is - here and now. The experience came to me today, will remain with me forever since its acquisition ».

Help the other person in the removal of the field strain caused resentment

If you are a healer or psihoenergoterapiey and you face the task of helping to realize the fact of normal patient grievances - an inexperienced person, is not engaged in any martial arts or yoga, or any other spiritual practices, that is, that for whose mental direct "forced" drawing in strict meditative psychoenergetic manipulation could end unfavorably, it is best to use the method of transferring the focus from personal grievance to the overall theme of the relationship "abuser-offended." Due to this, you may be able to save the patient from concentrating on his personal specific emotions and bring it into a state, even remotely, but resembles detachment necessary for an impartial analysis of the situation.

Technically, this might look like.

You "spend" the patient through "non-involvement" abstract view of a number for a given individual of similar situations occurring supposedly someone somewhere sometime, but have a common root psycho-emotional coloring to a pair of "abuser-offended," similar to the one in which "emotionally stuck" your patient. Thoroughly reviewed and carefully analyzed the role and motivation of both. It is important that this is carried out in terms accessible to the perception and understanding of the patient. It is necessary to bring him to the realization of the simple fact that everyone did in this situation according to their own interests, their outlook on life and his upbringing. As a result, you need to take the person to a completely obvious to any such "scenario" conclusion offense essentially meaningless and unfounded, moreover, it generally is not and was not, and was just a life situation in which people are simply unable to agree as We failed to understand each other. Work of this type is carried out as long as the condition is not achieved unemotional man's relation to the situation which has generated resentment.

This job requires a healer subtlety and extreme accuracy.




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