A journey to lake Baikal. part1

"Surrendering to the deception of life-threatening acts

having reached the limit of this life, carefree, walking,

customize the red energy of his karma,

slave towards the Master of Death.

At the time of departure to the next world alone,

all your wealth, loved ones will not follow you.

Taught all previous Buddha."


With these words begins the film "the Phenomenon of Hambo Lama Itigelov", imbued with the spirit of these places and reveal the essence of the Buddhist tradition.

Travel and ahead of the meeting.

Stepping on the land of Buddhist temples, crossing the paddle from Bay to Bay, amavasi in the sacred waters of the Great fresh water sea, making the ascent to the mountain plateau of the Peninsula Svyatoy nos (1800m), in order to stay in rapture, seeing the jewel in the frame of the taiga coast of Baikal from above.

To see and freeze, to feel man, like the first time born on earth and to see the world as if this world appeared a second ago....

So, anastrophes the place to visit imperishable Hambo Lama Itigelov, who was deified people during his lifetime, and which in 1927 on universal service announced to his fellows that sat in my last meditation and now still it comes.


We landed in Ulan-Ude, Buryat where chubby girls in the form of Aeroflot, greeted passengers with wide smiles, with dimples on cheeks. Fresh forest air wafted by the winds of the steppe, even in the surroundings of Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia, and not giving to distract thoughts from where I flew in to lead a group of travelers, who called it pure huge zero — lead the expedition according to their internal realities. To conduct external route we waited for the local guide Vladlen Vydrin.


The meeting place of the participants were assigned to the temple Ringpoche baksha on Bald mountain. From the airport take me a retired Russian officer. Went out of his car with a folder, he saw how I conducted look latest taxi this little airport, and suggested if I could wait 10 minutes he will take the documents and drive me off, and it was in a Buddhist monastery. I inhaled the smells and considered employees of the airport.

On the road to the temple, I learned that this man served in the Soviet time on submarines. He has been involved in diving-long. In such a psychological "experiment" on people (and where it will go from a submarine?) human observation provides insight from participation and observation of other members of a small team. Which, in a closed limited space, artificially created living conditions on the underwater ship, creates an unprecedented psychological stretching – provides people with contact with its limits, reveals the individual characteristics of mentality and deep-seated complexes. Of course, it is not for the sake of the experiment, and for other military purposes, although you never know, you never know... After all, austerity is different forms: fasting, the practice of Vipassana, deprivation, blind, Retreats and other specially established that limit us in something long-lasting situation has been used by humans for learning and development of their nature. These processes are the basis of all advanced psychic techniques and spiritual practices.

Although classical psychotherapy and avoids panic, as it works with the explicit, is a manifestation of the client's injuries and situational breaches of their life. For the people whole, not "wounded", not those who are in need of rehabilitation, but those who are sufficiently mentally stable and active, but wants development, and going beyond your limits, ascetic practices are the WAY to go, really forming ability and "grinding the diamond".

Even austerity in the use of the Internet and phone for the modern person is very useful. Our trip was supposed to be this format.

So military people are deprived of the warmth of relationships with family, in a confined space, in a situation of clear military hierarchy, without knowing it, find themselves in circumstances that (if adopted fully), very much contributed to their development. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

I told the officer after viewing a video of the "field conditions" on his phone : "One of my colleagues, who visited in Soviet times, in very harsh army, once said that the army is the best training. Because there are the resources involved to create the conditions for development that we, the psychologists of the training of this magnitude, never create. After all, if all this be seen for what they are training with immersion in the awareness of their internal reactions, then, very likely, you can achieve full enlightenment. Sometimes, otherwise it will not survive..."

It was interesting to learn directly from the officer-submariner, what metamorphosis happened to the psyche of people in a closed group. That psychology is for those who are in a confined space will spend many months, is a very useful science — it was nice and surprising to hear from a Mature military man with a surprisingly strong and deep voice. As a psychologist, I listened to every word of the military, "people with depth." To this straightforward story of his life, I think I had him by posing as Kiev and listened to all that may think Russian officer on the Maidan, and those who in Ukraine in power, I will remain neutral.

He relented and, as if apologizing, said, "Yeah, I guess it's the difference in mentality, we in the army still went saying – "Zaporozhets is not a car, not a man from Kiev". But you do not think that I literally think I'm talking about that "your" don't like to submit... the power... and oddly, not seek to lead, so goes the wheel of every ambitious rabble".

The road was long, and went on to his self-history, and is incomparably livelier and more precious to me in person than assessment of the events that happened to him. The officer refused to take money for the road and made it so calmly, without pathos, as do real men satisfied their male gender power. "Power" here is the word "able to afford". And such gestures from the fullness of his abundance, or just an abundance of curiosity to drive a woman with a large backpack behind and idly chat.

And again the air! The air wafting the smells of water the East wind from afar.

Will not pass also day as I know how it is to swim and drink water, impossibly clean and tactilely transparent. I'll ride into the sunset on the shining path of the setting sun, which would drown upside down in a long horizontal clouds, near the sky and water, surfacing from the dark clouds at the bottom and throwing up a clear the rays — "eyelashes of God." And I think that once very long ago I was waiting for this place. Me and the participants that were here today. And once again, in this mystical mood, confident in the feeling that is not very random places, events and people, through which passes my way.

Passing through the bright gates of the monastery, and passing over the main building, I saw a gazebo and it people with large backpacks.

The total collection and the introduction of the members of our group took place on the territory of the monastery, there we will wait for the conductor and tune in to the journey. The monastery is located on a large hill, the view from here opens great given, on all four sides of the world. We were in the gazebo, the perimeter of which consisted of prayer drums. From this vantage point we could see the city, fields and forests interlaced with arteries of rivers reaching to lake Baikal.

On a paved path to me went high and thin (in all senses), the girl who held out her arms towards Anna Dobrovolskaya! We had not seen for many months. It is from Kramatorsk, former student and now friend and the main initiator of this journey. Already in place were all the participants: a pair from Ekaterinburg: intelligent white-haired man and his lady: athletic strong brunette luxury blonde from Kiev, and our guide. We are now face to face, again, not on the Internet he had left his surprised matched and unmatched views of the "bright image" of each other. Shared expectations of what can be his purpose of the journey, their official versions on its use to come here, knowing that "everything will be", and most importantly in this last utterance is a verb.

I'm doing the eleventh expedition, know that by the end of the journey the person is changing so that its goal set at the beginning, to the end of the expedition, causing tenderness, tenderness from the result, the result is that it becomes clear to the man, though at first he could not imagine, not what to set a goal! That's when it manages to live his way, going beyond the plan with the adoption of unexpected turns and new results, then the person is a real Life, making it new. In the new ourselves, we find the unprecedented resources.


By us will the passage of a Buryat wedding — like a cloud on a blue — white bride and her 8 bridesmaids in matching Teal. Air girls, fabulous fairy, swept around us, spinnin prayer wheels. They by this gesture closed the perimeter of our gazebo, where we began the joint campaign on the lake Baikal. It was read now, as a sign, as the entry point intothe adventure. It was a symbolic ritual of screwing the space, on the threshold of the beginning of the mystery. How blessed we where on our common pilgrimage, we are few friends who will spend the nearest slice of life in a place and share experiences, temptations and trials of the way.

Prayer wheels rotate in order to share your prayer in the space, and somewhere up to great Power, one that knows what is best for us... Because, really, there is only one perfect prayer, the formula for an ideal relationship with the Power. Here it is: "Lord, give me the strength to accept what I really need". In this appeal, instead of the word "Lord", everyone can put his close to his heart variable of an infinite number of names of God.

In the Buddhist tradition, there is no personalised God, each attained enlightenment becoming a Buddha. I understand it as if it was a Pattern Man (the perfect template) in the highest sense of the word. Yes, it is THOSE who were created "in the image and likeness...". And there is the only correct formulation of the creative act. Whether God created man or man created God in the image and likeness. In this formula laid the algorithm of our commitment to excellence. And if the formula is correct, then here, as in mathematics, the permutation places the right and left side of the equation expressed the essence of the algorithm is not changed.

Life is a lesson where you become a Buddha, and on the other hand, we are Buddha, learning to be Human.

Good people to remember that man cannot become one again, they need to become daily again and again.

Where to go? It is a question of our sublime meanings, and to be simpler and clearer for most, our desires. For the layman, spin the prayer drums is carried out in order to make a wish, and we — the participants of the journey, so sometimes you can afford to spend and the people... For lovers to make wishes was huge (with a meter in diameter) bell. His tongue was attached to a thick rope allows you to swing it and the surrounding area announcing his intentions, and send their desire into the space, making the image act. Perhaps the first in the chain of actions that lead to realization.

How our senses are linked to our desires? Our senses are the parents of our desires. From life orientation and the scope of our senses depends on the nature of our desires, but the desires are more tangible for the person category. Denoting varieties of our desires, dividing them into categories to make it easier to communicate with them:

— baby,



-beyond the personal...

... I allude to the different semantic sources of origin. The sources of our desires are our basic needs that are our roots reaching to the sky and/or land.

The road to the lake we went to the monastery, there was a service which for us was very similar to shamanic ritual. Gold stopped in its movement, Buddha-deities, living people in maroon robes, synchronous in their chants and actions, and we, colorful and chaotic — like the three life forms. Each one entered the ceremony itself, talking about its switching status settings, will come out more focused, one-piece, carrying a piece of silence from the egregore has attained Samadhi.

Shaking huge bell and releasing his coveted on the sound wave, each of the participants with a strong sense of "beginning", boarded the van with about meeting Lake.

With us will go to the coast of the colorful young guys who are friends of the driver. Their life scenario, contrasting Buddhist monks, than these children will naturally balance our view of the local population with a bold touch of his self.


The driver was the most calm of them. However, like all local, highly developed mystical consciousness. Attitude to Lake personalized as a living Miracle, a living, self-organizing and very influential. He told me that, despite the fact that lake Baikal flow more than 350 rivers and streams, running naturally on human settlements, water comes out cleaner than in the large rivers that flow into it. And in the end it implies only one pure Angara river. Self-cleaning of the lake, the locals revered as the altar, reverently mention his name, speak of him as a living person, and do whatever helps cleanse the shores from the raids of tourists.

"Pleased" participants young Buryats, showed us the local tradition to dissolve her emotions in alcohol. He is young, emotional, and superstitious, had time yesterday to divorce his wife because all the way drank wine from a package: whether from happiness, or from grief. Asking the driver to stop at every intersection and elevation of the road to appease the spirits, poured drilled in the lid a little wine, gently put down the coin and talking with the spirits. Told us about local traditions, he was surprised by the remark of our luxury blonde that drinking wine is better in a good restaurant, and once again treated her pine nuts, continued:

— If not "the Bay" with the spirits, the road may be miserable, so do all the knowledgeable Buryats share of alcohol with the local spirits, so that the road was a tablecloth and the weather and the car had been allies in the way.

Drilled this one is a descendant of a local shaman, and his uncle is the Lama.

I must say that every tenth man in Buryatia Lama. Lama, such as teacher and shaman, in fact, is a different incarnation of the local priestly caste. Family guy's life fell apart almost before they begin, due to the divergence of its traditional worldview with the worldview it too Sovremennaya young wife.

Friends of the conductor, were taken at the start of our journey, to aid in the purchase of products.

The third character, our escort, except the driver and a young Buryat, even more surprised the group — as I was driving over 4 hours, and it, too, "buchtel with spirits." And over time, the way had to do offer our Ana. She said

"No thank you, but the choice approve" ... what greatly saddened by the boy... On arrival upset the young man swam in our clothes in the water of Baikal lake and went into the night barefoot walk in Ulan-Ude — the mysterious Siberian soul and wide. Friends, knowing him, he told us not to worry, and that it would be all right.

In spite of, but rather, just looking at the friends of the driver, we still liked our guide joined the trust: a simple, adequate, reliable and it was evident that he wants (really wants!) show us the lake.

Approaching the first point of contact with Baikal coast, I handed the phone to the conductor, to invigorate one of my friend who "happened" to be in these places and "accidentally" found out that I'd be here. This is the person who once "accidentally" saved my life, and because of his appearance in these places, in this point of space and time I was considered as a sign.

A week before departure I got a call from this man (known in the world scientific circles mathematician), and happily told me that in 70 km from the place where the beginning of our expedition will be a mathematical conference. I knew from him that such a conference is held in different places of the Northern hemisphere, but right now she was on the lake and at the point near which runs the route of the journey of our group! A miracle?...

This mathematician me more than a friend, he is a man whom I owe my life to. That's another expedition another story — I'll just say here's a slice, as it is a person to me most of his life very characters.

We met in 2010 at an altitude of 5000M on the trail to the East summit of Elbrus. While climbing I was alone, exhausted, and warm clothes, freezing, in the wonderful blissful state, already asleep on the trail, considering the rosy prominences effect of "gornyashki" — the so-called oxygen starvation typical of these altitudes. Then, like a Mirage, from the top by leaps and bounds came down to me two good fellows, the cats, not the archangels, not the rescuers. One of them firmly cursed, seeing me alone in my condition on the trail.

The men were between him and I are old friends and seasoned climbers from Nizhny Novgorod. They put me on my feet and supporting me by my arms, quickly went down. To reduce the height in this situation it is important as quickly as possible, and it's also important to say, so as not to lose consciousness. In a few hours and live chat, after a dozen kilometers on the ice cap of Elbrus, one of them leaving me, (because the plane 8 hours later) is heated and secure, near my tent at the altitude of 4300m say, hot squeezing my hand, "I'll find you, and you can find me... on the Internet... I have known the name of Andrey Mironov, but I'm not an artist, I am a mathematician..."

Four years later, our paths again crossed, and by accident too, and also just for a few hours (because the plane 8 hours later), only now on the shore of lake Baikal. In the evening the participants of the expedition will taste the gifts of math — fish omul. This is the main local delicacy — Baikal endemic. And my friend and go for a walk in the woods and we say, as if never said goodbye and know each other for a thousand years, families, children, and of course, about travel and ascents that took place during these four years.

I'll listen to it and try during to figure out (between the discussion of routes, climbing to five thousand meters), as at the same time to be a climber and genius-mathematician — to fly to some Japan or Germany that would have the same "Einstein" to think about the problem that has no solution? And so all his professional life — a surprising fact!?

When we, the people, enthusiastically busy with one thing, one study fade all racial, religious, sexual prejudices — when we are in Spirit, all the external ceases to have a value other than the task to be undeveloped.

I will watch and wonder your thoughts about that time this man, who is related to my life now, again by accident, in some mysterious way, found me at the other end of Eurasia, must be symbolically is my "mirror", and this means that I must "decide the task for which as yet no solution"...

To be continued...

Author: Natalia Walicka

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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