28 impressive photos of lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is not just the deepest lake in the world, at the same time, this natural wonder of unique beauty! This place is a must see at least once in your life! In the meantime, we offer you to enjoy the scenery of lake Baikal with the help of our gallery.

1. The blue pearl of Siberia – Baikal ...

2. This lake is the deepest (1.642 m) and the oldest (25 million years) in the world!

3. This creation of the nature is especially beautiful in the winter!

4. The frozen surface is able to conquer anyone.

5. Approximately 20% world reserves of fresh water are concentrated in this lake.

6. Its length is 636 meters and a width of 79.5 km!

7. The lake bottom is below sea level at 1.285 M.

8. The thickness of sediment on the bottom of the lake is estimated to be 7 km!

9. And this is the deep crack!

10. Works of art created by ice...

11. Lake created by the stalactites and stalagmites.

12. On the lake you can come across 22 different largest island.

13. Great views.

14. The view from the other side.

15. This lake is truly one of the most unusual!

16. For photographers it opens up incredible opportunities.

17. For example, the sunset on the lake Baikal.

18. Nature offers us perfection and variety of forms.

19. Incredibly beautiful ice turquoise!

20. And this is another example of ice are exquisitely turquoise.

21. The vastness of lake ...

22. A cyclist on the frozen ice.

23. The rider standing in the middle of the lake is an interesting fantasy!

24. Baikal has created its own ecosystem: it is home to rare species and endemic species. For example, the lake is one of two places in the world inhabited by the Baikal Nerpa (Baikal seals).

25. This dog is all alone on the ice, it's like he came out of the tale...

26. In summer the lake becomes absolutely another!

27. In addition, lake Baikal is one of the purest lakes in the world, its water is crystal clear.

28. Since 1996, the lake Baikal on the list of World cultural heritage of UNESCO. To store and protect our planet – one of the primary challenges facing the human!



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