Modifications of the standard exercises for those recovering from injuries

Sometimes wait for full recovery after injury and missing practice is not obtained (for example, due to the preparation for a competition).

And if part of the exercise, not related to the injured place, you can do so without fear, with problem areas it will not work, and to isolate them completely impossible. What to do? To use modifications of the standard exercises that you can perform without risk to health.


Standard sports injury are manifested by pain in the knees and back. Sometimes this problems from the "past life" that was obtained before active sports. However, regardless of the nature of the injury, the man wants to stay active and continue your workout. In such cases, save the modifications of the standard exercises that reduce the load on the problematic parts of the body.

Modifications 1 and 2. Knees

First option: instead of raise high the knees to jump, jumping from foot to foot, you just marching in place, raising their knees high.

Second option: the standard "Jack-jumpers" you replace the side step. Stepped to one side in a light jump, returned to its original position, and also have stepped with the other leg and once again returned to its original position. Don't forget to continue to work with your hands, as in the standard exercise.

Modifications 3 and 4. Knees

First option: instead of standard squats perform squats, using as support a wall.

Second option: instead of squats with jumping up just squat, touch the hands of socks and return to the starting position.

Modification 5. Shoulders and upper body

Standard pushups you can replace pushups with knees, push-UPS from the hills (Steve, benches, chairs, and so on) and, if very hard, push UPS from the wall. During exercise the diaphragm is retracted, is lowered down the entire body along with the pelvis (just some push-UPS chest, leaving the priest at the top) and without bending at the waist. You also need to watch your head and try to hold her up, not pulling up too far up and not to pull the nose and forehead to the floor.

Modification 6. Knees

Running in a rest position (mountain climbers) can be replaced by several modifications. The first option (slow climbers): just slowly walking the streets, alternately pulling the knees to elbows in plank.

The second variant (sliding climbers): enclose under legs towel or special disks and slide the legs to the elbows, standing at the bar.


Modification 7. Weight

If you are all right with the knees and no injuries, but there's a weight that's hard to stand in the bar or run the same race in the support position, can use a sofa or bench to facilitate the execution of these exercises. It could be any other height. Most importantly in this case — to remove unnecessary tension from the body and thus reduce the risk of injury.

Modification 8. Back and biceps

If you cannot perform pull-UPS due to temporary problems with your back or hands, try the easy options: choose a low surface such as a table, and pull up to him, resting his feet on the floor, or put a bar between two chairs, if there is such available.

Of course, these modifications of the standard exercises are light weight and provide less strain, but it is still better than no workouts. published

Author: Irina Marshall


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