Circuit training for fat loss: what it is and how to train

Circuit training for fat loss is ideal. This is the most effective way to lose weight with exercise and combined with proper diet and circuit training is just the bomb!

In this article we will look at what circuit training is the principle on which they are built, and I will give examples of three circular training facilities.

What is circuit training?

This is a workout consisting of several exercises that are performed one at a time approach. A set of exercises is one round. After the end of the round you rest for a few minutes and perform the next round, and this continues for several times (usually 3-6 laps). The rest between exercises within a circle – the minimum.

Exercises for circuit training are selected so that they together has involved the maximum number of muscles in the body, and performed a large number of repetitions with relatively small weights. This is called "pumping" (literally "pumping"), and this mode provides the most intense the circulation of blood throughout the body.

There is not much difference, with which to perform the exercises circuit workout – at the gym, using dumbbells, barbells or weight of his own body, but the most effective in weight-loss are "mixed" plans, in which strength exercises are combined with cardio (Jogging, jumping, etc.) circuit training with exercise machines are as safe as possible for beginners, but they usually involve fewer muscles and therefore not as effective.

How to build your own circuit training?

A few tips:

1. Ideally, the order of exercises inside the circle must be such to train the muscles were at a distance from one another, and the blood had come a long way.

2. Using basic exercises, you can reduce the amount of exercise, but to cover a large number of muscle groups. The best exercises for a circuit workout is familiar to all from childhood is squats, pull-UPS and push-UPS.

3. If you train with dumbbells or with a barbell, choose a relatively light weight, which you will be able to perform at a normal pace for 10-20 repetitions. If you can, then focus about 50% of the maximum weight for you in this exercise (maximum weight – weight at which you can perform only one repetition).

4. Try not to rest between exercises within a circle not more than a minute between circles.

5. Not recommend circuit training for longer than 30 minutes – there is a risk to burn muscle.

6. Don't forget at least 5 minutes to give the warm-up and stretching after exercise, as well as to give your body enough time to rest.


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Why circuit training promotes fat loss?

We can say that circuit training is something between cardio and conventional strength training. With cardio it brings high intensity and a large number of repetitions with the power – use of common exercises and use of weight machines and dumbbells.

Although circuit training is externally closer to power, with their help you will not be able to build large muscles. The fact is that muscles grow vigorously only after the use of large weights, which in the circular training excluded.

However, the constant change of exercise makes the blood rush to one, then to other parts of your body and work within the aerobic zone (60% -70% of the maximum value of your heart rate, which, in turn, is calculated by the formula "220-your age") include fat burning mechanisms. Thus, unlike cardio, the muscles of the whole body is also present that allows them at least to preserve, not to burn. As in the case of strength training, calorie burning does not end after training and can last for days, which is another big plus.

This is why circuit training is used by bodybuilders during the "drying" — they burn fat and retain muscle. So if you are looking for a way to lose weight with exercise but don't want to do cardio, use circuit training to burn fat.

I hope I have convinced you that to burn fat circuit training is the best choice. Offer you three sets of exercises in a circle. Print it, try it and share with your friends if liked it.

To sum up. What are the benefits of circuit training?

1. Suitable for beginners as they do not include difficult exercises and do not give extreme loads.

2. Low inventory and availability of equipment, and many complexes can be performed in any conditions.

3. Allow to burn body fat during and after workouts and keeping the muscles, keeping them toned.

4. Strengthens the cardiovascular system and accelerate the metabolism.



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