How to make a gazebo out of logs

The modern real estate market is saturated with proposals, there is a lot of competition among builders of cottages, and convenient buildings. To attract customers, developers are forced to deliver not only quality homes, but to create an interesting design territory.

The design of the gazebos on the site of a private house is a single element of the overall architectural composition. The main factor is the aesthetic appeal of the structure. The material from which it is possible to build a gazebo abound: is timber and round logs. The process of building a log gazebo laborious and creative. The gazebo should be built slowly, carefully raising one crown after another. Want to learn how to do it?

If you have a gazebo, I Noticed that the appetites of the happy owners of houses made of logs are growing day by day, like mushrooms. Recently the country house peacefully, but alone, basking in the sun, and today is emblazoned next to the gazebo, built with his own hands.


Wooden log gazebo looks similar to a fabulous house, so a more appropriate structure designed for relaxation, desire is not necessary. How to build a gazebo with your own hands from logs?

For the construction of country arbors does not require complex design decisions, and especially approved of the sketches. In the process of creating will have to rely on your own taste, financial possibilities and some rules that we kindly share.

Types of pergolas to rustic castroreale forms of gazebos from logs depends on its type and a location on the plot. There are following forms of buildings:

• geometric forms — square and circle

• a regular polyhedron is a six, and an octagon.


For simple shapes of a gazebo in a square the need to connect the edges of the walls of the gazebos will be required only in corner joints.

Form the correct structure of a polyhedron of six or eight sides will require more connection faces of the rounded logs. But what form of structure you prefer, log gazebos serve for a long period of time, allowing shelter from rain or wind, blazing sun and envious eyes.


How to organize the construction of basedbusiness any type of gazebo you need to start with a sketch and design of the gazebo made of logs. At the stage of conceptual design it is necessary to make linking buildings to location, given the location of houses and other buildings. The gazebo is preferable to build on the open ground and small in size.

Construction of pavilions for summer from logs similar to the device frame for your home or bath. The construction of the gazebo does not require the installation of Windows and doors or additional insulation. Therefore, the construction of a gazebo with your own hands will consist of the following stages:

• the device is the Foundation

• construction of walls made of logs

• the device of a roof.

the Foundation for the gazebo

The gazebo can be considered an easy construction, so for a Foundation suitable columnar, tape and pile Foundation types. The structure can be installed on cement blocks with sand-cement cushion or a Foundation to pour the concrete. For Foundation, dig a trench around the perimeter of the location of the gazebo with a width of 30-50 cm From boards produce the formwork and install it.


Fill the trench with sand and gravel, stamped and completely filled with concrete. For pier Foundation to set the columns before pouring the concrete paving waterproofing. At the stage of construction of the Foundation necessary to install vertical posts for the walls.

the construction of the walls of the gazebo to give pinapatakbo, prevents walls of the gazebo, it is recommended to buy ready-made logs. For these purposes, a preference for softwood trees, which prevents the process of decay and the detrimental effects of rain and snow.

Proper harvesting of logs should be different smooth structure. The length and diameter of the logs varies depending on the size of the constructed structures. The gazebo is constructed from logs of various sizes and diameters. For the device of walls it is recommended to use round logs diameter 20-24 cm Diameter bearing beams can be 24 see more


For the erection of a structure of logs to acquire woodworking enterprise and transportyou to the construction site. Prior to construction, the logs are prepared and include around the site in the correct sequence as illustrated. For this the logs are signed and numbered at the end of the log.


The construction of the walls of the gazebo begins with laying the first wreath. You must carefully align all the logs, because each element of the crown wall should be placed horizontally. The connection logs must be made around the perimeter of the gazebo. This will ensure synchronicity of the walls. The subsequent numbers from the previous link using the pins that are installed in predrilled holes.

For corner joints of the logs is a compound with the remainder ("in oblo" or "in the bowl") and without residue ("paw" or "to the tooth").


crushcrush gazebo made of round logs should not be difficult, because the massiveness of the roof will require the construction of a solid and a more powerful Foundation and supporting structures. In addition, the design of the roof should ideally match the weather conditions of the area. For roof you can use a rigid roofing (shingles and metal roofing, polymer plate and corrugated sheet), and soft – shingles.


For the construction of the roof should have a sheathing or base of plywood or particleboard. But special respect is the roof made of logs or lumber, which harmoniously fit into any rural landscape. Form the roof of the gazebo might be diverse: single and multi hipped, hipped or dome. Complex multi hipped roof for a miniature gazebo is not suitable.


The most economical roof for the gazebo is a shed, because support occurs on a single-level load-bearing walls. The roof structure consists of load-bearing structures, roof base and roofing. The main supporting element is the system of rafters.

Set the rafters on mauerlat and logs the last crown of the walls.

For example, when the size of the span 4 to 5 meters requires a design consisting of mauerlat and roof system. For span width of 6 metres is added to the underlying leg, based on the Lejeune.

How to build a log gazebo by yourself, you will see this video.


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