Brick, concrete or wood - how to choose a quality material for building a house

To choose quality building material for house construction, one must know at what points you should pay attention when choosing bricks, aerated concrete or wood. That's about the main points and discussed today.


BrickYesterday and today, brick is among the most popular building materials in our country. Building as an apartment building, Mack and low-rise, private. Currently, there are several types of bricks: facing the furnace construction, ceramic and silicate. Their differences are due to the composition and technology of production, which in turn affects the properties of a particular type of brick.

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The main purpose of the lining or the brick — the exterior finish of the facades. This material has better characteristics of resistance to frost, strength, and the thickening face of the walls. For example, brand or M150 M175 and frost resistance 100 cycles are considered to be an indicator of good quality bricks. In addition, there are single and semi-double facing brick, clinker and there are just ceramic. (By the way, clinker lifetime is higher than ordinary ceramic).

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When you select a brick in the first place it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

Manufacturing plant. Brand strength. Frost resistance. Thermal conductivity. Color, the correct geometry and integrity as well as the points that you need to pay attention to when searching for a good quality brick.

One of the typical mistakes made by people when buying bricks for building a house, it is a choice at a low price. So people take that cheaper, and therefore less quality. Therefore, the main advice to all who chose to build the house, materials such as bricks, — no need to save if you select this material.

And more advice from professionals. Find a sensible masons who know how to work with a particular kind of brick, and who know the characteristics of a particular technology brickwork. From the skills and knowledge of builders depends on how your house of bricks will be reliable and durable.

AerocreteWhy is it so popular today aerated? First, in the construction market this building material is not the first year, and one of his house built, he and others recommend. Secondly, a large format and precise dimensions allow you to quickly build walls and partitions. For example, aerated concrete block for walls of houses has a size of 60 cm by 25 cm with a thickness of 40 cm, which is 30 times larger than conventional bricks. Plus, it saves more on the solution when masonry.

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What is necessary first of all to remember when building a house of concrete blocks? First, we need to make quality the Foundation, secondly, it is necessary to take only quality, certified building materials.

It is necessary to build only from autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. The fact is that today the consumer is often offered low-quality building material — aerated concrete blocks, homemade, non-autoclave method. It is, of course, the price is cheaper, but the quality of the house from such building material will be a very big issue. How to recognize a fake? If the block is gray, if he has a loose structure if the blocks have deviations in geometry, then just before you fake.

Advice to those who are going to build a house of aerated concrete. Do not make the walls thinner, and then they insulate or paint. If you do so, the house will lose the ability to "breathe".

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TreeCurrently the wooden houses are built on five main technologies: chopped beam, rounded log, glued laminated timber, profiled beam and frame structures. There are also varieties of them, for example, in the frame structure includes, in particular, prefabricated-modular houses, prefabricated houses, frame houses, metal profile and so on.

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Each technology its own characteristics.

Glued beam. The main advantage that the house of laminated veneer lumber does not need to decorate the outside and inside — it is enough only to cover special solutions to the tree is not destroyed and all. Among the shortcomings can be and low quality lumber and the dishonesty of their manufacturers, however, visually it does not specify, to deal with the problems will be possible only in the process operation of the house. So, for example, a manufacturer of lumber, to reduce your costs, applies for gluing laminated veneer lumber glue is of low quality, in the end, when people enter a house, the timber begins to crack and fall apart.

Profiled beam. The main advantage of this technology is the lack of various kinds of chemical glue, as the timber is carved out of whole logs and cut the slots. The advantage is also the cost of 1 square meter of your home, which compared to other technologies is relatively small. As for the cons, this bar, like all the massive tree, which is not glued, not processed further, begins at certain stages of their lives be exposed to different atmospheric influences and internal processes that leads to a change in its geometry and characteristics.And it can effect and not as the house in General.

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What good is a frame house? The fact that at a reasonable price of construction the owner receives a fairly comfortable home. Importantly, builders can choose only reliable and not to forget about the fact that a frame house necessarily requires the arrangement of the ventilation system. published  


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