The transformation of Peru: the Feeling of home

In continuation: the Transformation of Peru: the Beginning


In the morning we flew to Lima. I was again chasing the rainbow, I found them, removing the clouds through the airplane window. They chased me all the way to Peru on the ground and in the sky in refracted light of the glass of water and random reflection of the solar beam penetrating the prism in the window, the window, the dial, boldly and convincingly razlivke on the brightest white light, so persistent and omnipresent. I hadn't guessed what it is.

The city met us in the darkness of the damp fog. And this mist is his gift. Here never rains, that is — absolutely never. Here — rocky mountain desert stretching for many hundreds of kilometers, which is clearly seen from the plane. And the only fog is the only source of thirst-quenching modest rare cacti, and, of course, the river crossing the city, in its headlong quest to the ocean.

Twenty million one hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred seventy eight


The river here is black, wrapped in concrete, a hundred-meter in diameter, the bed of a rushing narrow, about five meters, completely black Creek.

There is a belief that this river – the talking, and she says about the state of Affairs in the city. Rivers, actually, really speaking, even if we are not thinking about them, even if not expected — the water knows... She will tell me...As man, when he keeps silent — even louder shouts about itself, and even the letters of his words not bothering to hear his true meanings.

Across the river there is a bridge. It leads to the area "where not" and we didn't go there — we went there by taxi. There can not be, because there is the slums, the favelas, in other words, the ghetto area. That's very dangerous — say kind locals, all the obvious tourists. Because of the criminal situation taxi drivers don't really like to carry. But we got one, and he, having closed the Windows in the car, took us to the observation deck — the nearest hill, past the exotic, like a natural human anthill, poor houses, painted a bright high-quality graffiti.

At the top was empty, stood a 20-foot cross, a kiosk and a police officer. We arrived in the afternoon in the heat, and so the fear was nobody and we got out of the car and looked around.

From here she could see the town and its affluent centre, the square, the Cathedral, a glimpse of the waterfront and our hotel — all this distance was uniformly beige in the brown haze of humidity, as if it was not in this town social differences.

And I thought, that here, from a distance, the landscape equivalent, as the lives of many, so socially different people who are under the "veil" become an equivalent volume of their experiences. In the final part of life is not so important, what experiences have been full this life: positive or negative, only that it was "full", not empty, and empty it may be in any social situation of the person.
Ninety seven million thirty five thousand six hundred fifty eight

I picked up a stone from the dusty top, the same beige-gray, and we went back. After returning home, I washed — it was colored with character…

District Miraflores in which we stayed in was a completely different colour and well maintained. On the hill framed by gray cliffs, green promenade. Here modern civilization is in full bloom: watering systems, sheared shrubs, flower beds, playgrounds, Jogging and Biking trails, paragliding, sitting down and taking off from the glade Park high-rise, belt (slackline) strung with rope, yoga on the grass. Down at the coastal edge — weight awash with surfers.

In the afternoon we visited the historic centre of Lima and its characteristic balconies and temples. Balconies hardwood — the strongest persistent cedar — hung like a huge carved-mounted cabinets with exterior walls of houses that was very unexpected, and, of course, was a hallmark of the city.

Ceramics Museum (Museo Larco) breaks in imagination — I'm sorry that we came here at the end of our tour of Lima. At the Museum so much that I could it live a couple of days: watch, photograph, sketch and, reproducing the details of the past in his imagination, to put forward hypotheses and make discoveries. Near a number of artifacts, you can get stuck and lost in the course of time, to unpack concepts about HOW it needed to live, to think, to feel, to fear and desire — to create and to use such unexpected objects....

Eleven million three hundred twenty thousand eight hundred seventy five


The next morning I came to the sports Park with its "sport" and hung rope "Alpha-Gravity». With the system "alpha-Gravity"I have a personal agreement: I promised her and myself as you want, I'll advertise it all over him, everywhere we travel (curious what this is about – "alpha-Gravity" — will be opened... and Google to help you).

Body, you miss the stress and the overcoming of gravity, reaching for the cat, tumbling in the air and froze in various "delicious" asanas. I enjoyed how me a lot, if you look at yourself from the inside through the sensations, and as I become more and more vocal, if I reach the limit of physical States and see zakaznoe space through the sensations.

I was hanging on the ropes, hanging from the bar, to the delight of priostanavlivaetsja runners. Let them look and look for on the Internet or make yourself, but let them know that this is possible and even "how - to" easy — I laughed inside, knowing that not everything that looks simple on the outside, so is inside.

Forty seven million one hundred fifty thousand four hundred fifty three


I can't stay here, I have a large program in this country, in the afternoon, we fly to the Amazon jungle to the Indians of the shipibo tribe.

In flight I was again chasing rainbows in the sky, in the glass, in the glare of the window — I enjoyed such pure colors and thought about how amazingly rich colors of White Light…

Tarapoto (Peru North)visiting the shaman

Bamboo grove, and a murmuring river framed our next abode.

Here was a Paradise of idleness. Temperature 28, the dense tropical rain for a change, and creatures, actively leaping through the upper branches of the rainforest monkeys — long-tailed as the curious bear was hunting me as I hunted with a camera. A huge butterfly was frightened by its suddenness, and the vultures admired her soaring slowness.

Flowers on plants openly and shamelessly stood out against the overall green mass, shouting his arrogant brilliance and amazed by its elastic wax-like petals, forming their expressive body, under whose shade slept the local cats. Maybe they were waiting for their hummingbirds?Flowers and cats waiting for their hummingbirds.

Eighty one million four hundred seventy seven thousand five hundred sixty seven


Hammock have completed the picture of the garden of Eden.

When I went for Breakfast, I looked under my legs to not slip on a ripe mango. My friends rented pasture fruit in the photo in order to surprise your Siberian friends.Bored abundance of mangoes at my feet, the picture on the ground, similar to the season of apricots in Odessa.

When we arrived in a remote Indian village to learn the culture and traditions of the shipibo Indians, the children of the local shaman, like 9-year-son and daughter hugged me from both sides, as a mother, and a thousand years equal to a familiar friend.

The children here are amazing: wide open, filled with attention, acceptance and love — fissile generously with warmth and curiosity.

Here are the children that the word” sincere” would be the description of their behavior is just vulgar, it's some kind of radiant being — a quiet and daring glowing light creatures of nature. Girl with big eyes and long black hair reminded me of my daughter who is the same age I began to braid her loose, freshly washed braids, to the delight of its thrust to "snuggle" and arrangement for tactile acquaintance.

I realized how great our consciousness that egomaniac from direct, open and curious souls of Indians Shipibo. When I did a few portrait pictures of children, and handed the camera to show them the girl, she took my camera and calmly conceding his image, began to consider my pictures taken in Odessa — she was more interesting than her own portraits.

For example, children in India, by contrast, are very eager myself to see when I showed them the camera, first look for yourself.

The Indians also like the white guests, even try to imitate white — envy. Here, Indian people in Peru, curiosity has a very different color. Curiosity, which Indian children remain a self-sufficient and self-valuable, but how would I ask: what you got, show?! And in response, instead of admiring envy, I can feel the heat, warmth and tenderness, which -good thing I'm me and you're you, that's wonderful!!!

Eighty five million seven hundred sixty six thousand four hundred thirty one

Brand new bestranshejnoj of non-judgment and curiosity. I have these feelings are not watched in a very long time: simple and fresh, without flattery, games, flirting and social scrape. Pure curiosity, without ideas, and concepts — as the bold curiosity of an animal who does not know how it is in itself perfectly in his curious impulse.

I melted from such purity. Sat on the ground near the wall of the house of the shaman, and wept with emotion by the beauty of these places and these human beings, stroking the fabric, donated by the shaman, hand-embroidered neon designs Shipibo tribe. The children swarmed me from both sides and began to stroke her hair like a cat.

And I learned from these children the curiosity of such quality is clean and beskrivningar. Though there is opinion that this primary experience of openness and clarity of perception, experience, which concerns technical, and extended mental States,we do not learn to, we remember him, remember what could once, but in the process of growing up managed to forget. Finding it and restoring its extended state, it's like coming home.

Surprisingly, being at such close with nature, we modern people can remember and restore himself a true, natural, wild and human, without ideas and concepts about it through live contact and experience of belonging to their culture.

Even in these areas many hot springs. Young volcanic activity of the mountains contributes to this natural effect, the natural baths. Plunge pools at different temperatures, under the open sky framed with green mountains, warm up the whole body and to the bone and it is cooled, equating different temperatures of individual parts of the body in a single process of sequential change of the temperatures. Font hot relieve tension in the tissues, making us a homogeneous and correlated with their separate, sometimes cut in the sensations of the parts, together with the whole beating the living biological consciousness. In the process we remember ourselves alive through vivid sensations in the body and discover that our bodily consciousness is always swaying in the arms of mother nature.

A sense of home brings peace and erases the sense of time. There is no hurry and nothing to change, everything in its place in a pulsating being — as it always was

From these places we flew again to Lima, and from there went along the Pacific ocean to the South, to Paracas.

Paracas is, in relation to Lima, capital of Peru, to the Ukraine Crimea resort area. Not because the ocean here is warmer, no. But he is quieter here, a huge lagoon (Peninsula), which extinguishes a large wave. Inside the concave coastline sheltering the little colored beaches. And, of course, the hotels for the local elite.

Eighty nine million three hundred fifty three thousand nine hundred five


Here, by providing a Wizard, we met my official astronomical zero — that is, Day of Birth, which, ironically, matches the mass celebration of the New Year. So my personal holiday if I find myself in this time in a public place is booming: a countdown, champagne, mass jubilation, making wishes and dancing, and I like that, because my Birthday is doomed to be festive, I want it or not — he guaranteed me on earth at this historical time, like gravity. Is — it! Like it or not — it is this reliability and the unexpected concern of the world — it touches me.

But my favorite took care of me and... bones of the crocodile — a small, textured squares, the sun bleached that I found on the island in the direction of the Central Amazon a year ago in Brazil, the ones that surprised with its perfect texture and wildness, now suddenly appeared before me in a marvelous jewelry, necklace-transformer, white metal. Made as an exact copy of the plates of the back of the reptile, it was glittering with tiny diamonds. The necklace became my talisman and artifact — a gift from the world of dragons.

An exact copy of the wild bone Caiman of the Amazon wild design Misha Reva. Well, of course it's about this they talked with Gene a few months ago in Odessa! It is so great that “the Great architect”, says Mikhail Reva is my favorite, can not vchuvstvovatsya in a city, person or event that reflects in his art. Rather, rather, it permeates the consciousness inside the events or persons and takes out an object or a monument, after all, a real shaman living consciousness in the spirit world, neither the scale nor the time is irrelevant – he will still be able to withdraw the essence and re-create it in matter.

I moved. Mikhail Reva — for me, modern shaman... Crying.

We go down to the people from your comfortable room, five minutes before the New Year.

We, in a sense, celebrated already at least five times, congratulating his friends from the Eastern hemisphere. On a giant monitor facing people with glasses, the countdown goes in reverse order, but I can dance, I don't drink champagne, I'm eating grapes and dancing again...

We have no time, no age, no limits and even no opportunity. After all, the idea about the possibilities — this is something otherworldly! Opportunities — nonsense! We only have this pulsating living a real earth under my feet, the air in his lungs and resisting gravity in the body and the music in the soul — and it's all there in the now, and nothing else! All we need is always there. All we need to stay awake, to awaken, to grow into the world, more and deeper, their curiosity, their admiration, with each breath, letting the Universe bolder — it's all here, on a distance of outstretched hands to us, and so is always there! The shore was a fire... He was falling warm glow to wet skin. We went out into the night.


The next morning I found out how warm the Pacific ocean, and that gene controls fine vessels, and not just with cars and motorcycles.

Forty five million five hundred seventy eight thousand four hundred seventeen


We went on a small yacht catamaran, which can be controlled only by using the sails and wind, and soon sailed far from shore. As sea wolf, a mountain wolf, it was absolutely unclear how do we get back where we dock? No dashboard, no compass, no GPS. Ships with sails are very different, but when there are pure mechanics before the power of the great elements — this is alarming. Sail, two floats, between which is stretched an awning and rope – everything that was called a catamaran. Just a raft, a raft with a sail? In this narrow edge of the shore to recognize the pier from which we left? But it turned out that everything is under control, and comprehensive.

When we turned back, the coast guard had already left to meet us, ask if we're okay. We more than coped, the wind increased back to the ship went faster. It is abundantly salescialis water due to the heavy roll, so I was chilled completely, when I came ashore, I knocked the teeth — and it was funny. Deep in the Gulf or open water much colder, it is necessary to take into account when you walk around the open water. Colder, because at speed the wind blows the heat that the body generates, and the water depth is much colder, its not warm coastal seaweed that grows in shallow waters accumulate heat, so the spray, the wind and his own immobility in a short time will help you even in summer you warm to the bone. Surprisingly, my captain was hot, and I once again remembered that if be responsible for some process — is very warm!

Nice completely functional embrace, absorbing heat from the hot body.

— Now you understand why we need men? — noticed my personal gene, rejoicing that I can right now, just like literally everyone and a good cause.

— Well, of course I knew that they have many useful options — I said laughing and jumped into the water, which here seemed hot, and I have now made out a little even with the water, if not for the stinging jellyfish, which I certainly hugging is not wanted.

After a couple of hours we went on a small plane, a little more than a jeep, watch the drawings of the Nazca desert. Here, from the absolutely serious to the airport and fly the aircraft in the direction of the desert, and, leaning in acrobatic pirouettes, banking alternately then right, then left wing to the ground, at an altitude of 250 meters above the desert show clear drawings of enormous size and unknown purpose.

Pilot calls into the microphone as a tour guide of their name and controls our attention: look to your right... look left...

A spectacular sight, especially, we're flying so obscenely low that I can evaluate the professionalism of the pilot and the beauty of the panorama at the same time and marvel at the action in the square. Surprise and pleasure — if you're with the vestibular apparatus, but for insurance purposes it is better not eat before the flight.

It turns out that these images of the earth in General not distinguishable. They were deposited on rough terrain with uneven terrain, but the line and solid images with height looks perfect. If they can only be seen from a height, then what is their purpose? If they were struck down, then there must be traces of markup or control works were carried out from a height. Whether you are flying people here before? And as they did, if no trace techniques and cell marking on the surface of the desert was never found?

Forty eight million one hundred six thousand nine hundred twenty one


The wilderness is a special climate: the air is so dry that nothing grows here, as in the Martian desert.Here no rain but a dry wind, and even after these winds, the images are not simply saved, but also look more clearly, like the wind or stones along the contour of the figure in any special way contribute to the fact that time has no power over them.

So what is it?

This begs the:

  • It is made by people who think very differently so we can't understand their logic, and therefore the purpose of the drawings.
  • Did not people.
  • It was the people, but in an altered state of consciousness. Used them when leaving the body in mystical rituals and ceremonies.
There is even a version, and experimentally tested that the Indians, as a good weaver could make its own efforts to create a balloon or to fly kites, but how this can be related to the drawings, some of which can be seen from space — remains a mystery.

Amazingly all of this. And I first time in my entire adult life, being in clear consciousness, you begin to think in such categories as "aliens" and feel not just stronger than the strongest force, not the force that natural and pristine — no, I know, but here it felt not natural, while another force is reasonable. That force, reason and logic which most of the human ethnic group, at least the level of modern humans.

It is not surprising that here, in Latin America, so often talk about aliens from outer space or from the future – who, like where to put us ahead for the development of the mind. It is definitely more advanced — read in the ancient phenomena, lively and creative mind. Here the distant past and the distant future becomes closer, meeting in the present.

Residents of other continents, the idea of aliens seems very frivolous.

But come here, grown man, even a staunch skeptic, seeing such unexpected phenomena, almost without any effort is getting ready to "change their faith" and to recognize the existence of "other civilizations".

The drawings in the Nazca desert, is a handled heavy stones, stacked in the shape of Tetris and multi-faceted puzzles, wall structures, built without mortar, but without the cracks that sometimes have perfectly adjusted the angle of 80 degrees. Structure for the housing is not designed – they have no Windows, sanitation, and chimneys, with huge rooms, where life would be impossible. Ritual whether they are technical, acoustic God knows what purpose these ancient sites – they shake the consciousness and forced to reconsider their historical knowledge and views.

Twenty four million four hundred ninety four thousand six hundred eighty eight


And then, near perfect lines of ancient buildings, or directly from the top, completely different stonework — the Incas. Chaotic, with small stones and earth with a solution built on top of the local Indians, apparently, as they came to a crumbling megalithic structures and nestled on top, rearranging what was left from God knows whom, under their housing needs. Assessing the reliability of the ancient stonework, the Incas cleverly relies on the building.

Fifty eight million three hundred seventy three thousand two hundred forty one


Official local guides say that they are all built by the Incas. If you listen to the crowd, saying the local guides, it becomes ridiculous. Local guides have no permission to say something else, then, they are licensed. If they deviate from the official version of the standard story, or invite tourists to think for themselves and to look twice, they just lose their license. But we were more fortunate.

We have English-speaking guide novel — very clever! He has education in engineering -in love with Peru, the culture and traditions of the Indians, lived here for about 20 years, himself from Moscow.

The novel draws our attention to things that without it we would not have noticed. For example, traces of catastrophe — scattered large boulders with melted edges. They are scattered relatively obvious of the alleged epicenter of the explosion is obvious traces of the disaster, the so-called "war of the gods" — inverted stage and cut off pieces from the treated stones.

Our guide shows traces of bas-reliefs of animals, time worn and barely discernible, but recognizable if you know where to look. The novel draws our attention to the stone castles and perfect holes in stone, artificial, but not functioning now the bed of the streams, which are made with curved kolentsi to emit a melodious sound when it is water.Shows different acoustic effects in certain niches, you can hear them with specially measured distances, verified by numerous studies. In these places I listen to the echoes: Yes, those are ancient columns!
Our guide knows the official point of view, and what he had learned himself, traveling to non-touristy places, and talking with the local Indians living in far away from the crowded cities.

Twenty eight million five hundred ninety three thousand four hundred ninety six


The novel tells about their findings and their own views on what is happening with interest and listening to our suggestions and versions. See that he is sincerely listening. And then he says:

— How interesting that person can give a totally fresh version. So still no one was looking, he says to my friend.

Gene responsible:

— I, in their initial education, the Builder of nuclear power plants.

And tells the conductor, as to what he was involved in once. I see the joy of male solidarity and intellectual meetings.

— We are a movie, documentary, with Russian researchers, is why I'm so interested in your opinion, — said our guide, Roman.

And then I realize that hot and deep interest in the topic is heated far-reaching motive to make a documentary.That is when the curiosity does not stop the researcher, and goes on through it, and the researcher intends to share the findings, it becomes an inexhaustible scientific deep keen interest. This explains the boundless energy of our guide.

I look for stones of ancient masonry, and clearly see her biological drawing a structured pattern. Stones of different size, customized as pomegranate seeds or corn tightly with no gap. The stones look as if swollen, as the pies on the baking sheet with the hostess, as if in the oven grew a yeast dough and firmly stuck together approximately square pads. And in some places the stones in this puzzle sealed, what seems, to this effect a perfect joint, they had all simultaneously fly up into the air and formed into a perfect wall.

Nineteen million three hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred eighteen


In General, I like to look for the answer, and observe your inner visuals. Love the enthusiasm, my mind looks for similarities and analogies, as if I had something to do with it.

And, of course, I am impressed by the fact that the novel, as a free scholar, really looking for the answer, collects different information and versions. They team is prepared to offer people to think and see from different points of view, the cultural heritage of these places. Me warmth of knowing that in this film, the audience, instead of imposing peremptory, but highly controversial theories, offers a comprehensive vision of the phenomenon and invite you to independent conclusions. To be continued...published 


Author: Natalia Walicka




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