Natalia Lvovna was sitting at the kitchen table and stared thoughtfully out the window. Not that she was sad, just I do not like, and the inside was as indifferent to everything. Tired of this vicious circle: the work is not frequent meetings with friends, a house and some sort of stupid not arranged to thirty-two years, personal life.

-Nda ... - She mused, looking at a winter morning that all generously showered with snow. - That winter came, and you Natasha and kukuesh again take a trip over the hill and you will celebrate the New Year with some cute Arab, which is younger than ten years ... - In moments of melancholy she always told myself, something like that, but I think of it as a given, tolerating the status quo. Cat Muska, as if sensing the irony mistress, sat on the kitchen ottoman and meowed ...

-Muska, Only you and I know, even though you have the name and stupid. - One suitor, which has long been left in the past Natalia L., brought the cat and all the small lumps a long time they could not converge in opinion, how to name the new family member. Natasha wanted something sophisticated, like the Duchess, Countess, Ophelia, and more mundane lover and a man discreet wanted to give, because the cat to him as evil is bound and went on the heels of that it is very flattering. In the end, all the name was chosen quite unexpectedly. Beloved Natasha called his mother and asked the shelter for a long time is not a cat, in connection with his departure for vacation Moussya well accept Muska - he laughed.

Musya ... Of course, he called his mother, who just like a cat licking his son was ready at any moment, if only to protect him from everything and everyone. Natalya had the pleasure a few times to visit her at a party. Speck dared not fall to her son, not to mention the fact that the tables were set, and the plate beloved child, constantly puts treats with prizkazkoy "grown thin something like" ... So that's how my name got Muska.

This cat has seen enough of all its not a really long life. She even expressed their opinions about uhazhorov Natalia Lvovna. Once Natasha met with Sergei Vitalyevich. Well, Sergey V. - it was loudly and Muska is immediately felt. During his appearance in the apartment she diligently gadila his patent-leather shoes and hide away under the sofa:
-Natasha - Screaming furious V. - she shat in my shoes, it's the same company, the brand, you know ?!
-Serezhenka, What are you - Due Natasha - Clean swill, after all, why so nervous, new buy, do not worry.
-Natasha! - He raged - I'll marry you, I swear marry only her cat annexe somewhere, we will live if it destroys my stuff! Damage to one of her!

At that time Natalia was eager to marry and dreamed about the children. For many years she held a good position, with a view to increase, communicated with solid man, but chose could not: it is not to her liking, then married, then it is not to the court came ... In general, hearing the sacred words of Natalia decided for sure that Muska in soon, someone to shake off. And a couple of weeks, Muska already went to carry on the other side of town to the new owners ... But that's Sergey V. was even the villain: Dear costume rental, the car, which he allegedly was going to fly, suddenly hijacked, and all proposals Natasha , go to him, replied that now he has a brother living with the family, they have a difficult situation in life and as soon as the conversation turned to the wedding, he immediately found a thousand shortcomings have future wife. Although with all of this, I do not hesitate to ask for money in debt, which by the way and did not return.

Sergey V. evaporated and the apartment was very empty, Natasha is increasingly thought that Muska was right and collect the spirit called the new owners, who drove it a few months ago ... a trembling voice begged to give her back Muska. And when the cat was returned from exile, they began to live on the new ...

But after some time in the life of Natasha has another fan, this time he was called Lech. Lech interesting man designer and a creative person, the night could jump up and run to do that is unusual, he said, "It's amazing, is famous throughout the world." Muska neutral attitude to the new guest, even tried to ignore him, by the hand to the jaw was not only condescending and looked in his direction. After half a year of Lekha Natasha decided to live together, and it turned out that Lehi allergy that long in the same area with Muska he can not.

No, it is possible Natasha. Well, how do you imagine it? I can not always take the pills that I was not allergic to your cat. Have you gone scrip or something? And then the children will go that if they have allergies, too Lawless their poison? No, Natasha choose either live together or I'm back to myself I move.

"Children" - a tempting word for thirty years Natalia L. sounded like a bolt from the blue. -So He wants children, then he thinks about it - she thought to herself. Muska and a week went to a shelter for cats, as the "good" hands in no time could not be found. Even in the shelter Natasha looked at Muska and with a heavy heart whispered: "I'm sorry, but it is necessary." On the way to trying to reassure himself that there was no other choice, and that Alex is right and suddenly the children, and in general ... Natasha tried not to think about how Muska looked at her reproachfully in the yellow-green eyes ...

After half a year has passed. Increasingly Natasha remembers Muska and Lech for a month, they do not live with her. One korparativnoy party mixed up with what the madam, who then knocked on the door and presented a certificate of her pregnancy, she demanded that Lech-creatives. Alex did not deny the truth, or realized that Natasha does not forgive, or simply has all the love gone, and his words about the far-reaching plans vanished in the air. Natasha called the shelter, where half a year ago drove his Muska:

No, it has taken? - Tired woman's voice answered.
-How? Who?
-Girl, Well, you is what's the difference? Come and choose any other, we have them here for every taste, color and character.
-I Do not need another, you know ... - Natasha cried and the woman on the other end still pity, called the coordinates of the current owners Muska.

Natasha, without hesitation went to the address. The house was old, plaster peeled from the walls, and in the entrance of the battery is not drowned. It was very cold and not cozy. Natasha found the right door, and after waiting a short call. On the threshold appeared fat aunt, with curly hair:
What do you want? - She asked disdainfully looking at Natalia.
-You Take the cat from a shelter? - Squandered she asked, realizing the absurdity of their situation.
-So Here I am the mistress of this cat.
-What Is the girl? - Aunt began to annoy ...
She's such an ordinary, not a thoroughbred, yard.
-I Have five cats, all of the shelter, not all thoroughbred and what you should be?
-Give Me my please. Muska. - Natalia implored.
-And Me for this? I fed her, gave to drink, and she was accustomed to me ...- aunt clearly hinted at monetary reward for their good works.
-I will pay! - Quickly snapped Natalia - Five? Ten? Here, take it all I have with me - Natasha took from her purse and handed 8000 aunt. She busily counted the money, and said - Come on, go take your cat.

Natalya entered smelling of cat urine long corridor, and thin legs, badly emaciated, to the meeting, it emerged Muska, followed by a couple of cats ... Natasha was happy that Muska was returned, even if such a price.

But poor tends to be forgotten. Because in the next couple of years Muska moved once or twice, though not for long. First Natalia L. drove off to Norway for a new boyfriend, who kept dogs and can not stand cats. A second Muska just did not like, because he was ashamed of "mongrel beast" of your friends 'high society' show, they say is not prestigious. No luck Natalia Lvovna no one nor the other, and each time she raced headlong to take his Muska, on the move, and swallowing her tears smearing ink on the face ...

Natalia L., looked up with Muska and stared at the computer. In her eyes caught a banner that same shelter, which she had then shoved her cat and decided in that no matter what, do a good deed: "God is with them, with these fellows, let me will now be two cats, so for sure" - she thought, and dial the number ... By the evening of the same day, in the house of Natalia L. Aurora appeared. Gray-eyed wonder that all sniffing around, and Muska wary watching the new tenant, all kind of showing that the owner of the house anyway it.
-Now Healing and to hell with these resorts - Natalia smiled tailed two girls and went to make coffee.

And after two weeks at the door Natalia L. rang. There stood a pleasant middle-aged man, who introduced himself as Andrew and through that open door, trying to see his Aurora.

Since then, it took four years. Natalia Andrei growing wonderful daughter, and Aurora with Musya fast friends.

PS: Thank you for reading to the end. Today, it's an inspiration and I decided to make you happy so that's a good story, though for a long time and I did not write prose. And please move if it is possible in the desired section.

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