Interesting facts about cats.

* Cats never meow to each other. This sound is designed specifically for people.

* Cat for their lives can have more than 100 kittens.

* One pair of cats and their descendants in the last 7 years, can produce 420,000 kittens.

* "Sociable" cats follow you from room to room to monitor your activities.

* A cat only sweat pads. Perhaps you noticed the wet prints on the table after the examination or veterinary inspection when picked up a cat?

* Cats can publish about 100 different sounds. For comparison, the dog only about 10.

* The most fabulous record was set in Argentina cat, named Mincho, who climbed a tree and did not go down until she died six years later. During this time, she managed to bring three litters with the same cats-climber.

* Falling cat always acts the same way. First, the head is aligned, then the back, then legs, and at the end arches her back to soften the landing.

* If a cat pulls the furniture, try to give this place flavor of lemon or orange. Cats hate the smell.

* The more you talk to cats, the more they talk to you.

Figure the surface of the cat's nose is as unique as a fingerprint man.

* Giraffe, a camel and a cat is the only animal-pacers, while walking their left feet go first, and then the right. This walking ensures speed, agility and silence.

* Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when you lose a favorite cat.

* A cat's ear is rotated 180 degrees. In each ear of a cat 32 muscle to control the ear they use twelve or more muscles.

* How old is your cat in human terms? If your cat 3 years, this corresponds to a human in '21.
If eight years, humanly 40. 14, the 70 human years.

* Average lifespan of the domestic cat of 15 years, while for the wild 3 to 5 years.

* According to the University of Lyon in the world about 400 million pet cats. Palm to give Australia, where 10 inhabitants 9 cats. On the Asian continent first place for Indonesia, there are more than 30 million furry animals, and in Europe by France, whose inhabitants are on their care 8 million cats. However, there are countries such as Peru, Gabon, where the domestic cat is almost never.

* Each year, Americans spend four billion dollars on food for cats. That's one billion dollars more than they spend on food for infants!

* If the cat is near you, and her tail shakes is the greatest feeling of love, which she can express. When the tail starts to fall, then the mood changed, you can move, it will not be offended.

* Cat flap their tails when faced with a choice, with one desire more blocks. For example, if the cat is in the doorway, and wants to leave, and the street is rain, the tail will swing due to internal conflict. The cat wants to go out, but do not want to get wet. As soon as it decides (to stay at home or go out in the rain), the tail will immediately stop rocking.

* Cats rub against the person to "kill" other people's odors. The smell comes from glands, which are located between the eye and the ear and the base of the tail.

* If the pupils are dilated despite the bright light, the cat something or very interested in a playful mood.

* Cats to see enough to 1 / 6th of light required to man. Their night vision is amazing! In the dark, cat's eye, even using light reflected from the retina.

* Cats, unlike dogs, can not focus his eyes on close objects, that is, farsightedness cats, dogs and short-sighted. In fact the best cat spots at a distance from 75 cm to 2-6 meters.

* The sensitivity of cats to the volume is 3 times higher than a man! (If we listen to loud music or TV in the room rumbles, the cat should be given the opportunity to go into another room!)

* Cat perceive sound frequencies ranging from 50 kHz to 60 kHz. The dog reacts to the sound frequency of about 40 kHz. Man is able to capture the sounds of 20 kHz.

* The cat was trembling lower jaw and teeth chattering, only if production is unattainable.

* Cats smell 14 times stronger than humans!

* In addition to the nose, cats can pick up odors with the help of so-called "tube Jacobson", located on the upper palate behind the front incisors. The cat uses it, when fully focus on some particularly interesting smell, sucking in air, slightly raising the upper lip and nose.

* Grooming calming, it neutralizes the nascent aggressiveness. If the cat can not decide which way to go, it should think about their behavior. The state of uncertainty there is a universal recipe: in cases of doubt - to lick!

* Toilet must be in a secluded area, the cat did not hesitate, and away from the bowl with food, since cats do not like to soil near the place where they eat.

* Do not feed your cat dog food. Requirement Protein cats five times higher than in dogs.

* Cats love heights. Also, like the height of the leopards and jaguars, who sleep in the trees.

* If a cat falls, its inner ear that controls balance, helps her to land on their feet.

* The cat average of 12 mobile whiskers on each side of the muzzle. At the base of the mustache has a large number of nerve endings, so the cat with the help of them receives information about everything that surrounds it on the subjects of the wind, temperature, etc. If you remove the cat whiskers, it may be difficult to navigate in space, such as bad hunting and generally feel insecure.

* Whiskers help the cat to determine whether it is fit through the hole!

* Scientific name vibrissae whiskers so they are often called in Russian literature simply whiskers. Whiskers really vibrate.

* If the whiskers of a cat looking ahead it is something very concerned. Or in clashes wants to scare the opponent. If the cat whiskers look back scared, she avoids touching.

* Nervous condition in the cat's ears, they give her small twitch, even though the cat can sit and watch. You can even touching the cat in this state, get her to hiss and strike with his paw.

* If you attack someone cat ears pressed firmly to the head. This is for the protection of the teeth and claws of the enemy. If the cat is attacking itself, the ears it down horizontally and laterally, forming a triangle.

* Cat fights are short, but very fierce and cruel. Their main weapon in the fight teeth.

* When we pat the cat, we have reduced heart rate and blood pressure. And people with cardiovascular disease have a chance to live longer if they have a cat, as opposed to those who do not have any cats or dogs.


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