Interesting facts about the movie "Pulp Fiction" (7 photos)

May 12, 1994 the world premiere of perhaps the most famous and successful film director Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction».

Winner of the "Oscar" for best screenplay, gave significant impetus to the development of independent cinema, not only in America but around the world. I suggest you learn some interesting facts about the movie.

Big Kahuna - a fictitious name burger. It was first heard in "Reservoir Dogs." Also, this burger is mentioned in the "From Dusk Till Dawn».

The film's budget was $ 8 million., Including $ 5 million. It took a salary actors.

Vincent Vega (John Travolta) - brother of Vic Vega, better known as Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen in "Reservoir Dogs»).

Trying to kill Butch (Bruce Willis) Marselas Wallace (Ving Rhames) accidentally shot standing next to a woman with Butch. Her role performed by the same actress, the character is thrown out of the car Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs." Despite the fact that Tarantino wrote the role of Jules specifically for Samuel L. Jackson, the actor could not play it, because the producers really liked the trial of Paul Calderon for this role. But in the end, Jackson played Jules and Paul played the role of a bartender at the bar Marselasa.

Quentin Tarantino's long time could not decide whom he will play in the film - or Jimmy Lanza. In the end he chose Jimmy because I thought that the scene with the revival Mia too complex and capture the scene, he should be behind the camera.

The scene in the restaurant («Honey Bunny» and «Pumpkin») has been specially written for Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer.

Two of the three novels were written before the release of "Reservoir Dogs." After the success of "Reservoir Dogs" and "True Love" Tarantino decided to finish the script. He also wanted the three novels were set by different directors.

In the scene of the injection of adrenaline John Travolta pulls the needle out of the chest of Uma Thurman. When mounting the film scene was played backwards. Thus was achieved the desired effect.

Mia calls Vincent cowboy back Vincent calls Mia Cowgirls. It is noteworthy that John Travolta starred in the movie "Urban Cowboy" (1980), and Uma Thurman's "Even Cowgirls sometimes sad" (1993).

Wolf`a role was specifically written for Harvey Keitel.

When Butch goes to his apartment, in the background you can hear the ad «Jack Rabbit Slim`s» on the radio. Tighter most advertising can be heard in a scene of torture in "Reservoir Dogs».

Butch smokes cigarettes «Red Apple». The same brand of cigarettes smoked character of Tim Roth in "Four Rooms».

Initially the role was to fulfill Marselasa Sid Haig. But at the last moment, he turned down the role.

Initially it was assumed that Jules will dreadlocks. Make-up artists offered Samuel L. Jackson set of wigs, among which was also a curly wig. Jackson tried this wig, and Tarantino enjoyed Jackson's hair.

When Captain Koons gives little Butch hours of his father, he tells about the pilot by the name Vinoki who ferried the clock in a safe place. Vinoki - John Garfield's character name in the Howard Hawks film "Air Force" (1943). Hawks is one of Tarantino's favorite directors.

Wilson - the name of the boxer who has to lose Butch. Similarly, the name boxer who intentionally lost Terry Malloy in the film "On the Waterfront" (1954).

In the building, which runs a boxing Butch masts, hanging ads the following fights: Coolidge against Wilson, and Vossler against Martinez. The names of the boxers of the first fight - a reference to US presidents Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson. The names of the second fight boxers belong to Russell Vossler and Jerry Martinez, Tarantino's friend, with whom he had worked at the video store.

Butch's grandfather bought a watch in Knoxville, Tennessee. In the same city I was born Quentin Tarantino.

If you place the scenes of the film in chronological order, the first will be the scene of conversation in the car between Vincent and Jules; Last - Butch and Fabian sit on the motorcycle Zed; the last phrase of the film - "Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead." If we look at the chronology of events regarding the life of the characters, the first stage will be the scene in which Captain Koons explains to Butch small gold watch.

Fabian says, "Any time is suitable for the pie." Exactly the same phrase in Alabama says "True Love" (1993), the script is written by Quentin Tarantino.

The character Harvey Keitel in the film is exactly the same job, the same as his character in "Killer" (1993).

In a deleted scene Vincent tells Mia that one of his fantasies is to be beaten Emma Peel from the TV series "The Avengers." Later, in 1998, Uma Thurman starred as Emma Peel in the full-length version of "The Avengers" (1998).

The script says that Butch stands at featherweight. However, in the film Butch's opponent, Wilson, weighs 210 pounds (95, 3 kg), therefore, Butch - heavyweight.

Appearance Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) was established on the basis of the character of Anna Karina's "Gangs of outsiders" (1964). "A gang of outsiders" - one of the favorite films of Quentin Tarantino.

The film, which looks Lance on television shortly before Vincent and Mia - "groom without a bride" (1947).

Initially, Uma Thurman has rejected an offer to play Miu Wallace. But Quentin Tarantino is so keen that this role went to mind that he recite the script to her on the phone. In the end, he agreed to Thurman.

So what is in the black suitcase? At this point there are several theories:
1) It can be a gold suit Elvis.
2) The most common theory is - in the case is the soul Marselasa Wallace. According to the authors of this theory, the Devil takes the soul of man through his head. When we see Marselasa neck, then it covers the adhesive in the place where the devil takes the soul. Perhaps Marselas sold his soul to the Devil, which in turn explains the sequence of numbers needed to open the case - 666. It is noteworthy that, according to Quentin Tarantino, a patch on the neck Marselasa has nothing to do with this theory. The fact that Ving Reims has a scar on his neck, and he just wanted to cover with plaster.
3) And maybe there just is dvadtsativattovaya light?
4) According to Roger Avary, co-author of the script, it was initially planned that the case be diamonds. But then the writers gave up this idea, arguing it is not original and interesting. Avary and Tarantino decided that the entire movie viewers never see what is in the suitcase - each spectator will be free to decide what it can be.
5) In an interview with Howard Stern in 2003, Quentin Tarantino was asked about the contents of the case. He said: "There is something that the viewer wants to lay there».

Mia Wallace phrase "person who likes Elvis, enjoy this place" - the final phrase carved scene in which Mia explains that all people can be divided into people who like Elvis, and people who like "The Beatles».

When Vincent and Lance are preparing to make a shot of adrenaline Mia, in the background you can notice board games "Operation» (Operation) and "Life» (Life).

Jimmy wearing t-shirt Detroit newspaper «Orbit». Quentin Tarantino gave an interview to the publication during the promotional campaign "Reservoir Dogs" (1992).

Little Butch looks on TV "Clute Cargo" (1959).

"Chevrolet Malibu" in 1964, which traveled Vincent Vega belongs to Quentin Tarantino. The car was stolen during the filming.

In the initial stage with the hare and Pumpkin, behind the scenes Jules can be heard saying that he decided to stop.

Esmeralda Villalobos (Angela Jones), a taxi driver, also appears in a thirty-minute short film «Curdled» (1991), Jones has played only there cleaning. Quentin Tarantino watched the movie and decided to include in the "Pulp Fiction" Esmeralda, only changing her profession with cleaning a taxi driver.

Pam Grier could fulfill the role of the wife of Lance. Her candidacy rejected by Quentin Tarantino, as he could not imagine her in the role.

The plot of overdose Mia and her revival via injection of adrenaline to the heart - verbatim the story told in «American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince» (1978), a documentary directed by Martin Scorsese.

Samuel L. Jackson auditioned for the role of Mr. Orange in "Reservoir Dogs" (1992), but the role went to Tim Roth. However, Tarantino was so impressed with Jackson that he wrote the role of Jules specifically for him.


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