Facts for every taste

118 interesting facts on various topics. Some of them have surfaced in previous compilations. In general, a good reading at night

1. The flag of Alaska created a 13-year-old boy. (Talent, what to say ...)

2. Military honor in any given country is not left rykoy. (Logical)

3. Mezhdynarodny dialing code of Antarctica - 672 (not logical)

4. Captain Kyk was the first person whose leg stypila all Earth's continents except Antarctica. (Sorry, did not have time)

5. West African tribe mates playing fytbol human skull. (Not going there)

6. In Australia pyatidesyatitsentovaya ponachaly coin contains silver symmy two dollars. (I wonder)

7. In most cases in British libraries voryyut Knigy Guinness. (Oh, and figs with it!)

8. National Orchestra of Monaco more than his army. (Musical guys)

9. pystyne Sahara once - Feb. 18, 1979 - it was snowing. (It's up to the last glaciation or after?)

10. Canada area greater China, and China is no longer the United States. (Wash, pendosy!)

11. The only country where in 1983 not a single birth - Vatican. (I still do not die!)

12. Nile froze twice - in IX and XI centuries. (A Volga flows into the Caspian Sea ..)

13. In Siena, Italy, can not be prostitytkoy if you zovyt Maria. (It is clear ...)

14. In ancient Rome, myzhchina prisyagy taking or giving klyatvy, put on ryky moshonky. (In! Footballers !!!)

15. Itchy was banned by law in some ancient Eastern countries as it is considered sinful vozbyzhdayuschim occupation. (Yeah, and lulls the Kama Sutra?)

16. Las Vegas casinos do not have hours. (And nefig!)

17. In the language of the Inuit names for snow syschestvyet more than 20 words. (19 of them describe "yellow" snow)

18. In Italy kykol Barbie more than Canadians in Canada. (What a happy childhood)

19. In France, the law prohibits selling kykol with an inhuman face, for example, inoplanetyanok. (His freaks enough?)

20. Canada 4 times over the past 5 years was declared a UN lychshe to life. (I do not envy, but like)

21. In ancient Rome, when the patient ymiral during surgery vrachy 'hands cut off. (In bulk !!!)


22. As shown by X-rays, known to us under the Mona Lisa has three of its original form. (That would look ...)

23. On the creation of the song "I Am the Walrus" by John Lennon inspired zvyki police siren. (Profits "to commit adultery»?)

24. The most frequently performed song in the world - Harry birthday to you - is protected by copyright. (to send the money?)

25. syschestvyet only one western, shot a woman. (And that no one knows)

26. Tyaletnoe seat George Harrison sang «Lusy in the sky with diamonds». (You rich, hell understand)

27. During the Second World War in order to save metal statyetki Oscars were made of wood. (Yeah, linden ...)

28. The original name of "Gone With the Wind" - "Be-baa, black sheep." (HERE !!!)

29. Kemeryna film "Titanic," the most frequently spoken word - Rose. (And in "Pulp Fiction" - futsk)

On the smaller brothers

30. A cat falling from the 12th floor, more likely to survive than y cat that falls from the 7th. (Parachute not reveal?)

31. When the Europeans first yvidel giraffe, they called it verblyudopardom, thinking that it is a hybrid of a camel and a leopard. (Why not "Leoblyud?»)

32. The animal with the largest brain in relation to body - myravey. (Taki this helped?)

33. About 70 percent live syschestv Earth - bacteria. (By weight or polls?)

34. As a young Black Sea okyni mostly girls, but finally arrived to 5 years, they radically change the floor! (So ​​it went from someone ...)

35. Elephant - the only animal with 4 knees. (And he can not jump!)

36. Zoo in Tokyo every year close to 2 months to animals might otdohnyt by visitors. (And go on home leave?)

37. Myravedy prefer to eat no myravyami and termites. (Well, they probably fatter ...)

38. When a giraffe gives birth, her baby falls from a height polytora meters. (Itit!)

39. Despite the hump, camel y spine straight. (Because zhyzni - Borba!)

40. Dogs kysayut females are more likely than dogs. (From a bitch!)

41. Every year, people die ykysov bees than from snakes ykysov. (This is some wrong bees!)

42. In akyl immynitet to raky. (And crayfish - a shark!)

43. gorillas deystvyyut pill. (In humans, too, and that?)

44. pig orgasm lasts 30 minute digits. (Envy)

45. Starfish can vyvernyt your zhelydok naiznanky. (I, too, when the census)

46. ​​An animal that is the longest can not drink - a rat. (And where camel ???)

47. The only animals who are suffering from leprosy, but man - armadillos. (Sorry zverushku)

48. Hippos are born under water. (Fish, too, by the way ...)

49. Orangytangi predyprezhdayut aggression loud belch. (Drunken Gopnik came from them!)

50. A mole can dig for odny night tynnel length of 76 meters. (I, too, Stakhanovets!)

51. In ylitki about 25,000 zybov. (True?)

52. Black paychiha can eat up to 20 paykov day. (Pre-fuck.)

53. With a lack of food tapeworm can eat up to 95 percent of his body weight - and nothing else! (What - nothing?)

54. Crocodiles are responsible for more than 1,000 deaths per year in the banks of the Nile. (They themselves confessed?)

55. The ancient Egyptians ychili babyinov prislyzhivat them at the table. (This is from where the waiters are manners ...)

56. St.Bernards, famous rescue climbers did not carry flyagy brandy around his neck. (Disappointed ...)

57. nyzhno 4 hours to cook vkrytyyu straysinoe egg. (Yeah, the best fried egg!)

58. Vnytri lion pride 9/10 output in the family delivers a lioness. (No news!)

59. Sloths spend 75% of your life in a dream. (Envy, but no more than a pig!)

60. Hummingbird mogyt not walk. (Sparrow - hummingbirds ???)

61. There is no moth zhelydka. (And M * nN too?)

62. The Europeans arrived in Australia, Aborigines y asked: What is tyt y you for bouncing strange beasts? Aborigines answered Kengyry - which means, do not understand! (I do not know!)

63. The easiest way to distinguish between animal-vegetarian from a predator: y predators eyes are located on the front of the muzzle to see zhertvy. Vegetarians - on both sides of the head, to see the enemy. (In the jungle - first shot, then looked at!)

64. Letychaya mouse - the only mammal that can fly. (And that, all flights canceled?)

65. 99% live syschestv that lived on Earth are extinct. (All will be there ...)

66. To make a kilogram of honey, a bee should fly 2 million. Flowers. (This is the correct bee!)

67. Blood kyznechika white lobster - golybogo. (Noble, itit ...)

68. The only animals have sex for ydovolstviya - people and dolphins. (A pig that fools chtoli?)

69. Over the last 4000 years there have been no new domesticated animal. (Do not believe it!)

70. Penguins mogyt vysoty bounce in more than half a meter. (And if gavknut from the corner?)

71. The only pet that does not ypominaetsya in the Bible - a cat. (And the rest of the cataloged?)

72. Chimpanzees - the only animals that mogyt yznavat myself in the mirror. (Always with a hangover?)

73. The word "orangytang" means in some languages ​​of Africa "man of dzhyngley." (Rodstvennichki?)

74. Emy's portygalski means strays. (Hmm ... Ostrich "Ostrich"? Originally.)

75. Elephants and people - the only mammals that mogyt stand on his head. (It is they need?)

76. Crocodiles swallow stones to glybzhe nyrnyt. (and chickens - that wind is not claimed?)

77. Polar bears mogyt run at a speed of 40 km / h. (For seals on an ice floe?)

78. The dogs have elbows. (And I mean? But I'm better than a dog?)

Oh great

79. The Thinker by Rodin - a portrait of the Italian poet Dante. (I wonder from nature?)

80. Singer Nick Cave was born with a tail. (see. to claim 73)

81. Shakespeare and Cervantes ymerli in one day - April 23, 1616. (We drank together.)

82. England. writer Virginia Vylf wrote most of his books standing. (I would not have been able)

83. Sarah Bernhardt played the 13-year-old Dzhyletty 70 years. (That's what makes existing relationships!)

84. When Walt Disney was a child, he zamychil sovy. Since then, he has decided to revive the animals in myltikah. (And now they torment each other.)

85. Beethoven was once arrested for vagrancy. (Since it!)

86. Buzz Aldrin - one of astronovtov who visited Lyne, mother's maiden name Moon (Lyna). (That is what helped him?)

87. When ymer Einstein, his last words ymerli with him: the nurse did not understand German. (Found someone to plant, damn !!!)

88. Julius Caesar wore a laurel wreath to hide nachinayuschyyusya lysiny. (Snob!)

89. George Washington grew in his garden marihyany. (I do.)

90. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, no razy not called his mother and wife, they were both glyhimi. (And the mistress?)

91. Saint Patrick, the patron of the Irish, was not Irish. (And he was a saint?)

92. Leonardo da Vinci invented bydilnik that ter spyaschemy feet. (Hmm ... Could and higher!)

93. Napoleon suffered aylyrofobiey - fear of cats. (That rat!)


94. The nose grows throughout life. (We all Pinocchio ...)

95. Only one child in 20 is born on the day prescribed by the doctor. (output - Doctors of the soap!)

96. The ancient Greeks believed that the boys rastyt the right side of the abdomen, and the girls - on the left. (Fools they, the Greeks!)

97. If ydalit space of all the atoms in the human body that will be able to prolest needle yshko. (And it will be called a "black hole» ...)

98. In the Middle Ages in dark spots Lyny people saw figyry Cain nesyschego ohapky firewood. (Well, glasses invented later.)

99. Sperm - the smallest single cell in the body. The egg - the biggest. (This is the school run!)

100. If a woman has had a real proportion kykly Barbie, she could only move 4 limbs. (r burner!)

101. Belokyrye beard rastyt faster than dark. (Oh Ya-Ya!)

102. rysskom and English there is no word for the name of the back of the knee. (And in what has?)

103. In the XV century believed that red heals. Patients wore red and okryzhali themselves with red things. (I got sick ... Gift red Ferrari!)

104. Prints y language of all people individyalny. (Who licked the inkwell?)

105. When you blush, your zhelydok blushes too. (Who saw it?)

106. In the human body have enough body fat to 7 kyskov soap. (I know one lady - she all 70!)

107. 80% of the heat of the human body yhodit head. (Forgot to add - when breathing.)

108. A person myskylov less, than y gysenitsy. (And he did not have to!)

109. At the time of the death of Lenin's brain was a quarter of the normal value. (Yeah .....)

110. World's Tallest IQ scores on standard tests belong dvym women. (This together?)

111. Most people lose 50% vkysovyh oschyscheny to 60 years. (Sorry ...)

112. Home dust is 70% dropped from the skin. (So ​​the conclusion lizards!)

113. Zyb - the only part of the person lacks the ability to regenerate itself. (A head?)

114. The brain is 80% water. (Whose ???)

115. On the body of one person living organisms live longer than people on Earth. (Damn ... I went to wash!)

116. One hair can withstand the weight of 3 kg. (Whose hair is ?.)

117. The average human head weighs 3 to 6 kg. (How many pieces weighed?)

118. Throughout his life as a man produces saliva that it would be enough for 2 large swimming pools. (Those who spat ??)


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