Exotic fruits that are worth a try

There are many exotic locations where you can splash around in turquoise waters and relax on the white sand, but summer is also an opportunity to try exotic fruits, some are refreshing, others are suitable for desserts. Thus, the top 10 exotic fruits you should try.

1. Rambutan

Tropical tree family Spindown. The fruit is oblong ball the size of a walnut, yellow or red is growing like a bunch of grapes, the fruits are covered with stiff hairs. The flesh is gelatinous yellow and white.
Taste: nice sweet taste.

2. Jackfruit

Breadfruit, native to India, the Mulberry family. Tree up to 20 meters. Fruits – the largest of which grows on trees up to 90 cm in length and 20 cm in diameter, the fruit is divided into large lobes and contains a juicy pulp fibers.
Taste: similar to pineapple, but milder.

3. Passion fruit

Plants of the genus Passiflora, a fruit is sometimes called the “fruit of passion”. Inside the fruit passion fruit soft and juicy with lots of seeds.
Taste: sweet and Sour.

4. Lychee (litchi Chinese, Chinese plum)

Oval fruit with a dimpled skin red. In the middle of the fruit is a large seed, which the fruit like the eyes of the animal.
Taste: refreshing sweet taste with a touch of wine.

5. Cannon

Tree family Sorrel, which grows in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. Fruits – tropical stars, starfury yellow or brown color, crispy and juicy.
Taste: there are two types of sweet and sour and sweet.

6. Mangosteen

Tall evergreen tree up to 25 m with a pyramidal sheets. The fruits are round 3-7 cm covered with inedible peel and the edible segments that are rich in antioxidants.
Taste: unknown to me

7. Kumquat

The fruit of citrus plants, orange resembling a small orange from 3 to 5 inches.
Taste: reminiscent of tangerine sour, sweet edible rind.

8. Durian

Evergreen trees, with the roots of the legs, the family Malvaceae.
Fruit with a diameter of 20 cm and weighing up to 4 pounds, hard shell with powerful spines. Has an unpleasant smell of sewage, this fruit forbidden to eat in the hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia.
Taste: the “divine” (and other descriptions I have not found)

9. Pitaya

The fruit of the pitaya grows on a climbing Liana-type cacti. The fruit, weighing 150-600 grams, pitaya, you can make juice or wine, or used to flavor other beverages, flowers of the pitaya can be brewed as a tea.
Taste: sweet delicate taste and creamy pulp.

10. Kivano (horned melon)

Herbaceous vine of the Cucurbitaceae family, long plant reaches 3 meters. The fruit is oblong, yellow, like a melon with spikes. The pulp is jelly-like green with white seeds.
Taste: cucumber and banana


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