Eat to live. Part 3

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A few years in my house didn't even have a kitchen (when I lived in Bali), I ate only at the restaurants where good. Quite a long time lived by the principle "everything is possible, when you want".

This is the third part of the material. Read from the beginning: part 1 and part 2

Working in the hospitality and tourism business, I'm on duty, finishing his evening in the scenery of the Haute cuisine. By the way, the food in all the restaurants of my hotel for me as a fellow-Expat, it was free. And this, for a moment, one of the most solid five-star hotels on the island with a corresponding service and the chefs in the kitchen, each of which had the baggage of awards and international experience. I had lunch in the best restaurants of Moscow, had dinner in luxurious establishments of Singapore, having cocktails on the upper floors of the Bangkok skyline. I've tried everything, and believe me, I'm talking about it with pride and with a shudder. The abundance of food brought me nothing to happiness, and even banal satisfaction.

Understanding that the power is in the simplicity of the food, lying literally in the best gastronomic traditions of the world.

Today I discovered that this independence from food, and most importantly — ease in the body and even cheerfulness all day. I was always confused by the advice about the "usefulness" of daytime sleep, don't sleep well during the day, people who live to the fullest and having ten projects developing simultaneously. I am happy that I no longer have this need. Not to mention the falling water or sticking his frustration rolls.

Take out my power system that will benefit you at at the stage where you are. Do not try to change his food too abruptly, it is always a gradual process.

But I also have to warn you of a common pitfall: "my body knows him better." Our body can "tell" us that he is only useful when a sufficient awareness of consciousness. Rather, only then are we able to hear and not to confuse with the settings from the past. And this condition leads to a long life in clarity.

Let's be honest. How you personally "lucid!" Estimate. How many years have you lived in sync with the now moment and enjoy it? No whining, complaints and samourai? How many years are you happy with your life and continue to consciously turn the way that you want? How many years have you surrounded only by those people who are close to you in spirit? This is the most simple characteristics a little more aware state of consciousness. Easier to nowhere.

If less than 2-3 years, I think it's too early to rely on "the body knows" in the absence of a sufficient level of alignment with the now moment and thus with himself. This is conditional numbers, and yet... as long as we are not conscious, we "talk" our habits and beliefs, many of which are shamelessly pulling our entity down tightly dipping in the illusion of his innocence. To get out of this swamp is very difficult. Who would argue with the fact that the body of the smoker wants to smoke, and the body of the addict wants a new dose? Same thing with our food addictions. I do not notice it – a sure sign of deep hibernation.

No radical change in life happens without a change of at least one belief

©Tony Robbins

Some tips for a smooth transition to more fresh food, and answers to your voprosa one time you eat one kind of fruit or is it a combination of different fruits?Mix often enough. But try to eat consistently. At first only the grapes, if you want something more then just bananas, and so on.

I freeze in the winter and often want a simple, fresh but warm food.... Now you do not freeze during "fruit" half of the day?I also Merzlova always was, but now somehow normal. I don't get cold. If tomorrow I will go to chornoliska, of course, I'm hardly on the mountain I'll take my apples, prefer to eat, and to eat something warm, but in everyday life I feel good in this rhythm.

Well there are fruits in the stomach and intestines? (I mean the bloating and proceed. No problem if you eat them correctly (!) – what is not able to do a good half of humanity. Fruits cannot be mixed with other foods is key. That's why, for example, in the morning, people can't even think about fruit. If the evening was thick and heavy dinner, the food which per night is not digested, of course, in the morning, there is a natural revulsion of the body. He warns you from fermentation. People think the reason the acidity of fruit, and it is actually in their style of food. At night their body is not rested, and fought with food. By the way, fresh fruit that is omelicheva the body (too many people do not know this). For example, oranges, watermelon, ripe bananas, avocados, grapes and so on. Almost everything.

There is a table products which oxidize and omelicheva body (N.In. Walker and R. D. Pope), – it clearly shows the strength of the fruit.

It was so easy to give up coffee? (I still think it's difficult)Refused easy. But went to this for a long time.

I once read a story about a Prime Minister of England, can't remember his name now, he smoked a lot and too tired to sit on the hook. And at some point decided to radically question, just left the room where he kept his subordinates, and declared: "From today, your humble servant no longer smokes". Since then, he no longer smoked.

In my case, it helped the Declaration of several thousand of my readers.

If you really were ripe, just put before the fact of all colleagues, children and friends. There is no further escape from the submarine. You'd be amazed how easily infection from you.

What do you think, how critical is the basic food (cereals — fish — vegetables ) — not in 18, but let's at 21:00 (which for me is more realistic yet)?Depends on what time you go to bed. It is desirable not to eat anything 2-3 hours before bedtime at least. So if you go later then that's fine. If you eat fruit all day and a main meal only at 21.00 – it may be too drastic measures. Again, I recommend to start with Breakfast and afternoon tea, and then to live according to the regular schedule. In the first stage, at least.

Still the main thing. Simple tips for beginning your health rise to new horizons.Start with the basics for those who make their first steps.

Most fascinating in this journey, what is one healthy habit that has become part of our lives, beginning to attract another. The desire to lead a more healthy way of life and power begins to grow from the inside, becoming already in need.

1. Eat small portions and at intervals of 2-3-4 hours (enough fruit for 2 hours, other foods need more time). The last meal 3 hours before sleep and more.

Many of us have stretched stomachs, we eat a lot. Reduce your portions. In a week the stomach is slightly reduced and not so hungry. The first three days are the most difficult in such matters. They just need to survive. Suffer. And smile.

2. Vegetables, herbs and fruits must be everyone (!) day and in sufficient quantities, not one Apple per day. Literally every day. Fruits should not be mixed with other foods. You should eat them separately so they are not wandering in the stomach.

Incorporate fresh raw vegetables and fruits on a regular daily basis and in sufficient quantity. They cleanse the body and clear the mind. This is the only food capable of resisting food addiction. The increased food (and reduction chemistry) gives a burst of energy and new energy wave. There is a natural desire to continue your "green" path.

I recommend to start with a fruity Breakfast. Morning – only fruit, and 12.00 – only fruit. Lunch and dinner is traditional, but also healthy food. Increase the amount of fruit in your daily diet gradually, from smaller to larger.

3. Refrain from fast food, canned goods and heavily fried.

Give up completely, fear God. Learn to read the labels on the cans they are very funny.

4. Drink plain water.

At least 1 liter a day. Each day start with a big glass of water.

For those who eat a lot of fruit, the water issue is not as critical. It is not necessary to drink gallons of it, as fruits contain a lot of natural moisture. But your morning glass of water has not been canceled.

5. Exercise regularly again every day.

It is the physical activity of the switches and rebuilds the consciousness in a new way. Immediately after an active workout the desire to eat something harmful appears much less frequently, even notorious pedagogical.

6. Breathe through your nose with your mouth closed.

Get more fresh air and take conscious breaths. Breath, by the way, is able to change internal state (to relax, to reconfigure) much better than sweets or other food if it is on this train.

Separately recommend a look at yoga and think about whether you really need your cigarette and alcohol.

This is the minimum that you can think your way to health open, and there is a long way of gradual "greening" and moderation. I know firsthand how easy it is to say and how difficult to do. But another way to health, beauty and inner mental stability in the long term just yet.

In conclusion, a special Hello to all those who allow food (and cigarettes and alcohol) to turn your internal settings are in the mood, strength and tone. If you are able to identify the addiction, here's a couple of practical recommendations, what to do with it.

1. This should get rid of, come what may.

Everyone who ever lived under the same roof with an alcoholic, you know that the advice in the style of "drinking less" and "only on holidays" — funny and sad at the same time. The only salvation for the alcoholic to stop drinking. At all. Completely. No "slightly" and "sometimes" will not help here. It is a disease and it's serious, if carries, so carries. In the end, those who quit Smoking, quit for good and not allow myself on the weekends. Why? This channel switching. You or no, always or Yes. For others it will not. Once allowed, two it itself will allow a closer stress. Conclusion? Need to get rid of completely from what exactly is keeping you on the hook. Otherwise, the addiction will not go away.

2. In food it is necessary to understand what is causing your overeating and dependence on it.

It is primarily all chemical trash, fast food, fried, sweet, flour, food (restaurant food is very much addictive), as well as excessive spices and sauces. Try to eat your traditional favorite dishes completely without spices, salt and pepper and you will realize that you actually love them. Mayonnaise, complex sauces do not need to eat, you eat more and become attached to food. Leave the minimum, without which it can not do yet. Do not overuse soy sauce. Minimally a simple salad dressing, but it is better without it. Food does not cause addiction, is fresh fruit and vegetables – they should increase in the diet every day.

3. Breakfast only after physical activity.

Morning is a glass of water and sports: exercising, running, whatever. Morning most fertile time – the body cleans itself, do not disturb it. It is useful to eat a few hours after waking, and preferably after exercise. The whole day will be less desire to eat with this approach. No food before going to sleep for 3 hours.

4. The hardest part is the first week, or rather three days at the start, and more precisely – the first day.

You just have to survive the day, followed by the next. This does not mean that it gets easier, but, after the first week, already have something to rely on mentally.

Everything you begin doing for the first time, at first it will seem unbearable hell (like not eating after 6), then tolerable circumstance, then the norm, then you will like it. To change habits that pull you down, you will have to go a long way, and your feet. But it's a great way of knowing who you really are.

Know your way and pass it – not the same thing. K/f Metrizability on the theme: Galina Shatalova "Healing food", Paul Bragg "the Miracle of fasting", Arnold eret "Bessonica diet", Hiromi Shinya, "a Book about the dangers of healthy nutrition," Neal Barnard "to Overcome food temptations", Tony Robbins "Unlimited power" (section on nutrition), Vadim Zeland "transerfing Apocryphal". But I must also emphasize that the basis of my approach lies not any particular book or perspective, but personal experience and many questions to the world on this account, the answers to which I have received in the form of their own insight and numerous of the rake, and examples of people from different parts of the world.


Author: Olesya Novikova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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