27 reasons to move to the country

For more than a year we live out of town. More precisely, in travel we almost always live in villages, and it turns out that experience for more than three years. But earlier in St. Petersburg, we lived in apartments, almost always in the center. And just over a year ago decided to live closer to nature. Rented a house. And may he not yet his own, but he has already helped us understand how and where we would like to live.

And more and more of my friends choose this way of life. Someone bought a house in the village and went back to a simple life. And now live – do yourself providing, selling honey, keeping a large farm. Someone builds houses in tribal settlements, someone already lives there. Someone just builds a house out of town and moved. These are different ways of solving the question, with different costs, different participation resources. But the bottom line close. To live closer to nature.


In my experience most often this need moving occurs when you already have children. With one child you can still live in the city. With two possible, but harder. With three very difficult. Anyway, according to my feelings. I never for a moment regretted that we are now far away from civilization – although not so far away – an hour and a half tubes of St. Petersburg, and here he is town.

And I saw a lot of advantages of living in the city. I want to share with you.

1.City life is unnatural

God did not create the city we have created them ourselves. And together with the cities – a lot of problems like sewage, industry and landfills. Minutes in twenty or thirty from our home to the huge city dump. She's not just huge, she is unreal huge. Look at her – and creepy. So we will soon come to reality from the cartoon "the valley", when the whole earth will be littered with our garbage.

The village of the garbage creates. Something burned, something rot – and used in the economy, something recycled. Is that plastic, but it's in the village is minimal. After all, they bought water and milk in bottles.

Produces more food than is necessary. They are thrown out. Created around the packaging, which is really not needed and creates waste. And so on.

Of course, we live not quite in the village, we go to the shops, do not grow food. But for example, recently ordered milk in glass bottles, which then change to a new bottle. Milk real farm.

Everything that can burn, we burn in the fireplace. All that can use we use. And continue to optimize your accustomed to an urban lifestyle.

2. No neighbors, no one bothers you

When you have children, you can be really annoying their neighbors. It stomp much, the yelling at night, running around early in the morning. And all because the walls are thin, hear everything. Like it or not, and live as one big family. And we have to endure.

My childhood friend down there lived a family that she would peck on the battery. If we ran, if we jumped, if we laughed too loud. Even if we did it in the afternoon and on weekends. It doesn't matter. Had to toe the line.

And later, when my husband and I just started living together, we were very lucky with the neighbors above. The flood, even then. And the daughter's adolescence, which is every weekend and almost all summer partying directly over our heads. Screaming music, teenagers under the influence. And the police were called and tried to negotiate. We have already had a small child, dances on head of us is not very pleased three hours of the night.

Otherwise, there are more prosaic. Repair. Drill. Saturday, morning. Familiar?

When you live out of town, this is not. All the children in your head are yours. In the drill, too. So, it is possible to agree and not to worry.

3.You can't bother anyone

In addition, the neighbors can disturb you, and you might disturb neighbors even if you don't want. The baby's cries at night. Or come back from vacation with a big difference in time – children of midnight run, can't lie down. And at the bottom of grandmother any with insomnia.

I know one mom whose kids Wake up very early, at five or six in the morning. And in order not to disturb the neighbors, it just suits them and leads to the street – and on the street-then darkness again. And walk up to a "decent" time. And it seems to be good – the fresh air. But not to relax not to relax.

When you live in a house on earth, you can't bother anyone, even if you sing all around in the shower. Even if the kids are running and shouting, screaming and stomping.

4.Juvenile justice and grandmothers

When our second son was a year, he loved to stand at the window. Many children love it. Of course, I always sat beside her. And the window was set to ventilation mode so that it does not open accidentally.

Once I stepped away for a glass of water, the child stood at the window, one a few moments. And after half an hour came to us juvenile. Imagine it turns out that grandma is on the contrary a long time we were being watched. And seeing that I moved, took a picture on the phone, called the juvenile and showed them the picture. Well that women was adequate – I showed them all and told. They're gone. But it's not normal, right?

Well, the grandmother cares so about the children. Someone can be, this concern will save. But I what such close attention to my life from a nearby window? And binoculars across the street?

5.You are no flood and no flood you

Anyone who has ever sunk someone knows what a horror. Especially if you're on the ninth floor, and under you – another 8 apartments. And if in these apartments expensive repairs, it can turn gray from this news. But in the city you can always be the guy who drowns, and someone drowned. Often responsible can't even burst overlap, and you already hate the neighbors and require reparation.

In the house most often you know where the pipe. And even if something happens, only drowned himself. Even though I'm not sure that it happens. Children can ride in the bathroom without fear that the neighbors below will begin to drip from the ceiling that you will agree, is important.

6.Nobody sees

For several years we lived in the city center in the courtyard by the well. This means, in shorts, even at night not to walk. You never know who you'll see! Dressed in a dark corner, God forbid that. Dress up in the bathroom immediately, because suddenly you're in a towel – and there are neighbors watching!

It is sometimes even strange to wear something special – the neighbors might see and not understand, why am I in this dress around the house and walk around. To walk in a beautiful nightgown, too, as something not very much. I remember I was in school, we lived on the second floor, and once one would-be Beau climbed on the tree outside my window and quietly the whole evening, watching what I'm doing and how.

In General, the feeling of living like in an aquarium. Or a reality show. Even if you are not watching, the feeling is there, always watching. Yes, and you, too, sometimes standing at the window and watch as a neighbor is cooking a meal, as a neighbor looking for his socks and sniffs them as someone's child writes in the flowers... that's just it you want anyway?

7.Fresh air

Hard to argue with the fact that the countryside to breathe differently. When I live out of town, in the city it becomes difficult to breathe. Fresh air gives a very much – reduced load on the body, he does not need to withdraw toxins. Besides the fresh air improves mood, state of health, there is optimism and color.

And most importantly – this fresh air you have the window, at a distance of one step. You don't have to go to a Park through the city, jostling in traffic. Just open the door and go out in the yard. And that's all.

8.Easier to walk with the children – especially in winter

In summer in the country to play with the kids even easier. They go back and forth, even to wear no need. Winter is... Oh, this winter!

Well, let's see how to take three kids for a walk in town? First to wear older (even if he puts himself, still need help – where I have it where it is, to fix, to fasten). Then they start to wear average. Senior at this time is already sweating, nervous and says, why are you taking so long. Once dressed average, they start to sweat alone, and mother has long been sweating from all these fees. They can start to whine, unable to rush his mother to try to leave without her (and the city is unsafe). At this time, the mother quickly dresses himself and Junior. Which usually loves to dress least. Anyhow dressed – out. In the end, go all sweaty already, mom's already on edge, the children are already tired. Still need to reach the site by going through five intersections. And then dragged back.

When you live outside the city, everything is easier. Who dressed the one already out. Immediately went out and walks. Turns out this line – the child was dressed-came out. The mother then less pressure and whining gets. Although it will still wsocket, while all will gather, will find all the mittens, you will find that the boots did not dry from the last walk. But it's much easier.

9.Children walk alone

Continuing the theme of walking, when you live outside the city, you usually have some land around the house. This means that children are unable to walk without you, and you'll, for example, to drink tea by the window and watch for them, staying warm.

And in the summer, again, children can be outside and you're not worried about them. Because they are almost home – just need to get out of the window to feed. It is very convenient and saves mom a lot of strength.

10. Always walk the walk and not run to the shops

When we live in the city, often walk with the children combined with the purchase of food, drugs and anything else. I remember one boy who plaintively asked my mother: "Mom, let's today take a walk on the street, not shopping."

Outside the city you usually have this is not possible to run from everywhere. And usually, the walk becomes a stroll, which can not but rejoice.

11. The walk takes the child with something useful

In children walking on the platform. Carrousels and other amusement. Overall good, but what skills in children such trips develop? May be, except that the communication with other people, which is also controversial.

When you live outside the city, then walk normally in nature. Through the woods, across the garden, on the lawn. And often in a natural way, the child begins to do something useful. Cleans the snow, for example. Or harvests. Or watering the beds. And it's not annoying, it would be his pleasure.

Even if he is purposefully working out of town during the walk he closely acquainted with nature and not with what color the swing. The swing can also be, and it's great. But in my experience more interesting for children to spend time in activities as similar to an adult. For example, mowing the lawn with dad. Or growing carrots with my mom.

12. Children see how parents work

The city child is usually vaguely represents what work. He does not really know what parents do, how they work. And very hard he is not very familiar. For him almost everything is taken out of the store, and mom and dad somewhere to earn money, which you can buy everything. Formed the consciousness of the consumer, for whom money is important.

But when you have a house, you constantly have to work a lot at home. For example, to mow lawns, remove snow, trim the bushes, clean up leaves, burn garbage, something to fix. All this happens in front of the child. That gives him a great example and a reference point.

13.The wise use of energy

When you live in the city, you can not optimize their life. Every day to shop for groceries at a store for example. Outside the city, especially if the store is not very close, we have to save their time. To store cereals, pasta and pieces that do not spoil. So they're always in large quantity in the house. Other products to buy once a week in sufficient quantity. To think through in advance menu, you need ingredients to make lists.

Standing in traffic jams, waste of time to get from point a to point B. I Always have to do it on the car? When my husband needs at the center, he arrives by car just to the subway, and then relaxes in the subway. It's faster and saves power. And when we lived in the center, even where it would be possible to reach on foot, usually traveling by car.

Outside the city, less temptation, so it's easier for you to handle. The same stores, candy, entertainment. Much is eliminated by itself. And now you are on Saturday is not stuck in the Mall, as usual, don't waste money on very important stuff, and receive guests at home, the harvest of apples or just a walk in the woods. Such output energy becomes larger.

14. Other sleep quality

On earth always sleep differently. To blame, and fresh air, and magnetic waves of the earth itself, and the closeness of it (the higher the floor, the usual worse sleep). The reasons are many but one conclusion. Sleep is always deeper, longer, healthier. But sleep allows the body to renew, to replenish energy reserves. Sleep is very important for us. And how important it is for kids!

15. Land as a source of female power

The earth itself has a powerful therapeutic effect. Especially for women. Do not have to dig in it, especially if you do it's not really love. Even just to sit on it, walk it, take care of her is a potent source of female power.

In the Vedas described seven mothers each person, and the earth is one of them. She gives us everything for life – fruits, vegetables, grains, materials for the production of fabrics, flowers, wood. Its nature is fertility, as ours with you.

16. The garden

I didn't think I'd say this, but still think about how to break a small garden. The origin of the vegetables in the store we were unclear. More precisely, clearly, but we don't admit to that. Than I watered them, how and why is a dark and sad story. And when you're feeding it to kids and allergies, and disease. Not to mention the fact that no good.

With their land, there is much to grow your own. And if the country is labor-intensive (you have to ride, something to carry, to lose a weekend there), then when you live out of town, all a little different. You do not have to go. You can every day for a little something to do, not to the detriment of their health. As long as pleasure.

This savings of funds, and a certain independence from the city and benefits, and eco-friendly food and fun. And if you do it with children, not forcing and not forcing, then the benefits will increase tenfold.

17.Space more

Area of the house is usually bigger than the apartment. This makes it possible to allocate each child their corner – at least an angle and sometimes the room. The children in the house usually occupied in different parts of the world, and there is no seats from each other on the heads. Sometimes friends come to visit us are surprised that kids like three, and they are almost inaudible. So, come sometimes the case, but then again, somewhere anywhere.

When more, it becomes easier to breathe. More space, wider thinking. Although I've been in this place for the rationality of space, so that it is not too much that it was used. And that after all is to remove someone.

We can live in the same room, even all five of them. And sleep and generally live. Can, and it does not change our relationship. But when space is more easy to live. So the eldest could make a noise when the little is asleep. So dad could work at home when children don't sleep. So the mother could sit with a computer and no one to Wake up with keystrokes. That was where to run, where to jump, play.

18. You can live like you want

Generally it is surprising, but it is the rural life gives the opportunity. Because your life no witnesses, observers. Nobody tells you, you badly dressed child or too warm. No one thing will explain to you what a bad mother because your kid is eating sand. No one, again, is not to look in your Windows audit. Remember about the juvenile justice system, and again rejoice that grandma with binoculars for your kids are not being watched. No one will bring you tons of promotional paper. For cities you already lost, uninteresting. And for the better.

You can choose the environment of their neighbors, friends who are willing to come to your house "so far". You have the freedom. Freedom from other people's opinions and their dependence on him.

19. Discharge from hospital

I have this item I want to highlight separately, although not for many it is relevant. After discharge from the hospital, the first month usually you go to the doctors and nurses. They come usually when the child was only asleep. It is, of course, need to undress, to show, to feel. In parallel, they can scare mom diagnoses, to reproach poor care. Or just to spoil the mood of the review – for example, ask the mom of three boys: "Poor, wanted a girl, perhaps?".

Most often they are campaigning to vaccinate a child and say that you don't have a head on their shoulders. Most often they just prescribe antibiotics. And generally the use of patronage for me personally questionable. The first days with the baby – it's such a pleasure when you do not want to analyze anything. I just want to be with him and all.

When we lived in town, was that the clinic was transferred information about us automatically, and we just home from the hospital – on the doorstep is already a doctor. It is impossible to refuse. More precisely, it is possible, but difficult. And here's a whole month to go, then call, if not come once a month for inspection...

When Luke was born, we were living outside the city. And in the hospital, learning of this, I was told that I'll have to call the clinic and ask for patronage. "Excellent!" — I thought. And he was not one to call. Child for a year, and even his health card no. And on this subject I no of lectures reads, writes no letters, no phone calls. I'm glad of this fact.

20. Independence heating and hot water

Imagine in the city the heating yet, and you have oven. And you decide when the heating season begins. You decide when it ends. And if at some time he can start again. Remember that the city is already hot, but the battery still smothering heat. But when it is cold, they like ice and waiting for something.

No seasonal shutdowns of hot water. If the hot water in the house is what makes her boiler. At any time of the year. If not, then it is not always the case. And you also do not worry on this subject.


In the countryside, your eye rests on the green, and down to another concrete box. This files most often outside of your window different natural colors, and very little gray. Even in St. Petersburg. Green, yellow, white, red.

The countryside is always more snow in the winter, and in Metropolitan areas is usually grey mud, and no more. Beautiful countryside and autumn, and spring, and summer. And the best therapy for eyes and body in General is to contemplate nature. To admire the natural colors, breathe in natural scents, hear the natural sounds. To live in harmony with nature.

22. Children's health

Out of town children are really less likely to get sick. Even in St. Petersburg, where the average skin color of a baby blue-white-transparent. When we lived in town, kids were sick almost all winter with short breaks. Increasingly, the eldest son, as he has the most sickly. Out of town even he is hurting. And has a normal complexion. Yes, they have snot. But snot is better than the next city the flu virus or something.

Out of town less viruses, bacilli, urban plague that breeds and multiplies in the large number of people with weakened immune systems. Namely, life in the city immunity weakens. It is a vicious circle of urban ills. And Yes, we will ourselves almost sick.

23. Rethinking life and priorities

Out of town it becomes obvious that much of what created civilization – nobody wants. Not only unprofitable, but harmful. The same tube or entertainment centers. The same circles of early child development, where children pour the cereal or pour water. All the same they do with the success of the house, outside the city, where there are opportunities to do so. And no need to go anywhere, and mode to adjust for these classes is not necessary.

Proximity Barber shop, pharmacy, kindergarten and convenience store actually cost us dearly. Research the cities inhabitants live 10 years less than those who live out of town. Ten years of life! And if you add that part of life that citizens spend in traffic jams, important things at work – get a few years of life extra.

Many begin to see differently, to overestimate. And already at least year give the skates instead of the iPad. Somehow this happens without thinking.

If the family lives out of town, most likely, the woman is not working and is not wound every day to the office for a salary. Because otherwise what's the point? Who will take care of the house? And for those who do the building, if nobody is there? The woman was in his soul, and the appearance of the house is able to give her that feeling. She's not scrubbing floors, not the chef, and the soul of the house, his heart, his center, his Creator.

It is worth to leave their homes in a residential area. To look at all of it. To see another life – a simpler, more harmonious. To remove from life all that is superfluous.

24. The city makes you hate people

This is probably one of the important points. Life in the city compels us to hate each other. Even if we are good and compassionate, the metropolis turns us all good quality, turning into a zombie. Zombies who are bad to each other. Traffic jams, crowds in subway, a lot of people around. Here and push there on foot will come. All of us needs something. Someone money, someone's time, someone's attention. And you're just passing by.

Endless race. Each other race, for some strange purpose. Jogging the escalator, he rides not fast enough. All their interests, all each other hinder, each other annoying. The easiest way – off. That is, the body goes, and no one inside. But if you accidentally turn on – will not find it. A perfect recreation of the inhabitants of the metropolis generally – nobody to see and no one to talk to. How, then, to be the family that's waiting at home? After all these emotions and touches them, whether you like it or not.

To remain in a state of love to the people in the metropolis daunting. Maybe, but you need to spend much mental energy on it. Whereas in the countryside the love of the people revived itself, slowly, slowly. And then, and fragrant blooms, and not only drains power, but also gives them.

I prefer people to love, after all. So you live out of town.

25. Easier to keep animals

We have a dog. For children is a joy, a friend, a lot of emotion and love. But to walk in the city – hell. She can run (once was lost, frightened by the fireworks), she can bark at passers-by, to crawl under the car, she has no place to do their business, made by the same need to collect a bag and clean up. It is clear that to walk with it had my husband. Therefore, walking was the most rare and short.

Now walk only with her children. Themselves. Without a leash. Accustomed to responsibility. Easy and fun. She happily worn, lying in the snow, they follow her. For a long time. Often. With pleasure. And at the same time the lawn is fertilized:)

26.You know their neighbors

I remember once we lived in a house where there were 25 floors and 30 front. Each floor has 6 apartments. And in the Elevator, you will never meet twice the same person. It's sad. You don't know who you're behind the wall, who's under you, who are over you. In order to meet you need a good reason – a flood or a drill. Otherwise, the neighbors remain dark figures, yelling at each other in the evenings or monstrous play the piano.

In any small house you can all remember, and therefore to make connections. I was so weird that I greet from the moment we moved in. I remembered Soviet childhood in the kitchen where you know everyone and have to say Hello to all. Where can you go to ask for salt, if needed. Where sometimes and tangerines in the new year will bring them. Where people took money from each other, the animals divided the repairs to the porch were doing together. Although not all relations were good, but the relationship was.

Now in high-rise buildings there are no. And the countryside is so simple – fewer people, faces all the familiar names I remember family know. Want to make friends, want chat, you want – just say Hello

27.You can live with.

Not survive in a concrete jungle where everyone is for himself, and to live. To live in harmony with nature and yourself. With his family. To work. Love. To learn. To live. If you want to.

It is not all advantages, and only those that are particularly dear to me. But even they had 27 for a few pages of text. It's time this list and finish.

Of course, such a move need internal readiness and transformation. Need something to solve with the work, because if work in the office, going over there and stand in traffic jams – something else fun. As an option – work from home, flexible schedule or work out of town, this also happens. Or – another option – working the land, growing food, keeping of cows and selling dairy products, honey. Because people want to eat organic food.

Need something to think with kindergartens and schools, mugs and sections. To carry up and down again, not so easy and not so useful. As an option – rural schools (they are very spiritual) or home schooling.

We need to think about their hobby, and about communication. Of course, the countryside of communication you can find a lot, but if you will accept it? If we are talking about a kin's settlement is one thing, but if a simple village? As a variant – to move and build with friends, like-minded people (the same generic settlement), look for hobby groups in the country (they must exist!).

We need to think about how you want to live. How do not want to – understand. And as you want? How do you see your country life? What values are you moving and what are your goals?

Yes, life in the countryside need a car. One is enough per family. I not drive and do not intend to. I don't need one. But the husband is necessary. Without a car to live out of town will be difficult. But again a car is needed as a means of transportation and not as a status indicator, not in order to be like everyone else or steeper. So it can be easier. The main thing – functionality.

Now in the country to live simply. Can you live with amenities, hot water, electricity, home lend Internet and it's not as scary as a blind village. And the city you can be in hour or a little more. In case you get bored.

Often a house may be cheaper than an apartment. However, then, most likely, it will be far from the city. And in tribal settlements and even sold acres of land at a cost per square meter in the metropolis. To build a house can also be very cheap and very interesting (now a lot of information about it). In the villages many of the houses are given a gift. The possibilities are many.

In my opinion it is worth a try to make your choice. Maybe you will like it, and you'll never want to go back to concrete boxes with views of smokestack factories. I always considered myself a city-dweller, but now I'm very happy to live in nature. With nature. In nature. In harmony. What you all want! published

Author Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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