To wait or to LIVE

The longer I live, the more I see two categories of people. Some live. Live as they can. Not always right, not always appropriate, not always perfect. Yes there is not perfect. Get married, have children, doing something. Wrong. Get up and go on. Live now, here. How can. But live. Their desire to live is not to rake in a spoonful of all the fun and to go for their dreams and goals. To do something, to try, to attempt.

And there are those people who are waiting for something perfect. Perfect life, perfect man, the ideal circumstances for having children, the perfect vocation, perfect housing....

Waiting, waiting, here she is eighty, and the Prince no. And the problem is not that she was expecting.

Wait — this is normal, especially for women. But to wait for the ideal is the same as to avoid any meeting.


I know these women — they wooed not less than five normal men, and they are all wrong. Not ideal! This eye turns in, this is strange socks, this Granny in Uryupinsk, this for some reason, never been married, which is weird, and this ex-wife and children... And now years somehow not 20 or 30, and the further the ideal all the more sophisticated. Ideal as a template, in which they are trying to squeeze every living man. Every year the pattern becomes more, sometimes contradicts itself, it all is important, nothing to throw away. But none fit. And no wonder.

Someone is waiting for husband to Wake up and begin to do something. They expect this in different ways, but most of all – telling her husband about what to do, when and why. Themselves are not changing at the same time. In the house and no dinner and comfort, but have a wife-chainsaw with an armful of torsunova about men's responsibilities. And she really expects that he will take responsibility, get up early and do this and that. She knows him and how to do it. But if she knows what to do with it? Or her excuse – first, let it start, then I? But there will come a day like this?


And some are waiting for the perfect job — his business life. Such a significant, huge and madly beloved. So don't do anything!


Nothing at all! Wait! And in the end just consume what somebody else makes. Lying on the couch, sitting on the neck of parents, and the girls often and even at home doing nothing. I know those who call themselves homemakers, because it is not working. But home is a nightmare, my husband eats anything, he also has brains and endure. And all because she is waiting for. Waiting for your perfect big business throughout his life.

Someone is waiting for the perfect moment for the birth of children, something calculates, waits, lays many years. Anyhow because what child doesn't need necessarily need a rich, pious to him was not a problem, and after the death of your soul cared for. And played the piano and had a black belt in karate. Therefore, defers, defers. Yet save up for an apartment, then a bigger apartment, then you need a car to drive to karate, then still need to work up to hitting. And then it may be that the husband for this is not very suitable – not ideal. Or can take the time when conception could happen very easy.

Someone is waiting for when you will travel. And so now does not go anywhere. Even outside the city. The city is too small. Need right away, and in a five star hotel. Waiting for the perfect season, perfect ticket, the ideal travel companions. And not going. Even a passport does not – what to do if still not going anywhere!

Someone, waiting to fulfill dreams, to do what you like. So now does only what it hates is not doing anything for themselves. Goes to work, sleeps and eats. And that's all. Puts dreams in a drawer. Periodically reviewing your Hobbies and what I could be. But does nothing. Dreams of playing the piano, but never imagined it not buy. Wants to draw but the home of the writer – only a ballpoint pen – and the truth, why, because paint can't walk at all. Wants to dance, but even at home does not. Wants to work with children, and works exclusively with securities. Dreams of education psychologist and studying for math, because more money will bring.

Somebody dreams about his own house. So it was cozy and beautiful. And lives in a rented shack. And a cottage, it is not because it is small and not his own. And because of it, don't care. It does not buy lovely curtains, do not repair, do not invite guests, even the Windows are not washed, because its not the same. Here when will be your home to buy himself a dresser of their dreams. And while I'll live in a shack with no drawers.

Ever... It is a cherished time when people who are waiting for an ideal that will perfect wedding and the perfect baby, perfect job, perfect home and everything they ever dreamed of. They dream of, not less. Or even more.

Dream, but are afraid. Afraid to go for their dreams. To make real steps. Small steps every day. Find a dance Studio, to find time to buy shoes, sign up, buy a ticket, to go for the first time, second, third, convince yourself to go to fourth... It's the little steps that lead to the fact that once you dance flamenco – and she is proud of.

Ever, many women lose weight, postroynet. It's so easy to procrastinate, isn't it? The figure's not going anywhere. Got her a year, and eat yet more potatoes cake. But to be slim is again a lot of small steps. Not to eat cakes, drink more water, move more, go on a proper diet – again, according to the steps to take care of your body... it Takes six months – and you have a body that you like. And it would be possible to do this five years ago! But for some reason only now. And it's better than five years later.

Someday everyone is sure to be their big thing, for which they were born. Some huge and significant. To put the monument, and in the book of records brought.And small things to do why? Therefore it is better to do nothing. Nothing. But if you think about any huge business consists of a million small ones. You are just doing, doing, doing – and together they are going into something huge. Significant.


And the most important thing we can do every day – just small good deeds. But wait a huge and most important thing, of course, easier.


All the standby people are afraid to make a mistake. To choose the wrong person, have not that child, not to raise it, to spend time not on the job, But isn't the life of rubber, endless? Or she is not important at all, it is possible to spend in vain, just waiting for something? Or is it the best time in life for any business is right now?

Waiting for some perfect people hide behind faith. They say, God knows everything, and he will give me all the perfect. God knows. And God will give. As much as we deserve. And to earn that dream impossible.

Impossible to doing nothing, to get what you want. God is not sorry for what he has. But He knows that if we do nothing, then everything is useless. We are not ready to accept even the best. As those who win the lottery and squander all money for a few months.


Let's still live. Now. With the one God gave. Work where God has given. To live where you get to live today, and to create comfort. To do what you like, for the soul — even if it's not your job but a hobby. And be happy with what we have. Not perfect, but ours. So is the present.


Ten times better to be wrong, but actions can lead us to happiness.Whereas inaction we are sure will lead nowhere. Even in order to win the lottery, you need to raise your butt and buy a ticket. To get married, in your busy schedule of home-work-home need to find opportunities to meet and communicate. To give birth to a child, it is necessary to make attempts of conception (the immaculate for the last two thousand years, I remember that happened once). To learn to play the piano, you need to learn the notes and practice every day a little bit. Again and again to do small steps. To show God that you want that you are ready that you go forward and not MOPE in the waiting.

Of radhanath Swami in his extraordinary book "the Journey home", told about one case.

In the Indian village appeared a tiger. And the local people locked the doors, fearing a terrible predator. And he lived on the street. Along with another sadhu. They had nothing to lock, escape was also impossible. If a tiger came to him – the chance of survival is zero. A little nervous, Swami was preparing to go to bed, and suddenly saw that his friend lays next to a stick. Stick small, tiger will not be saved. What sense in it? This question he asked his friend. What sadhu smiling said,"can Save us only God. But we have to show him that we are ready on their part to have something to do". The night passed quietly, the danger has passed.

To live. Act. Be prepared to do everything that depends on you. To gratefully accept what is already there. What else can strongly change your life than the art of small steps?


Live! Life is so interesting, varied, unexpected, spectacular and fleeting. It would be very unfortunate if at the end of this journey you will realize that and lived all his life in expectation of something, instead of just live in the here and now.


Live my imperfect life in an imperfect environment with imperfect people. And accept that you are also imperfect – and that's fine in our world. And since all are imperfect, and mistakes to make is not so scary. And worse, any mistakes can only be a lack in your life – the very life as such.

Live as it turns out, as you can. Dream, make attempts, small steps.And pray. Pray, be open to God's plan for your life – it always has and it always better than even your wildest dreams.

Live, do small good deeds every day. Little things for which we are created. We have so much that little good thing from everyone – and the world would be quite different.


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With this you just have to live...


Live. While you wait for the right tram, life passes by. It may be that you are standing at the trolley stop, where the trams never have. As you essentially ride on the tram or it's important to get to your destination? Are you ready to go instead? Are you ready to try out other modes of transport? Are you ready to buy a ticket, despite the fact that you have a tram pass? Or at least ready to find the tram stop to go on it wherever you need? published


Live. Love. Learn. Create goodness around you. That's enough. For happiness – just enough.


Author: Olga Valyaeva




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