Dismantling: reform our education and US intelligence services

"TOMORROW". Robert Ley, a senior official of the Third Reich commanded. "Innovation - your main instrument. Under the brand name of experiments and borrowing foreign experience bravely dealt a blow with a crowbar. " More than twenty years in the country there is a reform of education, who is behind it really?

Olga Chetverikova. The more we begin to know how there is our so-called education reform, the more composed picture that the project was preparing for a long time, designed in great detail, with strategically and tactically. It is no coincidence that much of what is happening today, borrowed from the German plan "Ost" - a vast project, which including touch and the education system. We know very well that US intelligence has used those developments that were with German intelligence, who worked on the eastern front. So much of what is now being implemented, is very similar to just the details of the plan.

"TOMORROW". On the basis of developments Helena appeared CIA.

Olga Chetverikova. Yes, he took a direct part in the creation of the CIA. Today, it is the more serious and more dangerous, now involved has the latest technology, which did not exist before. Because of these, calculated on the full human disorientation, technology people often do not even realize what was happening. But we need to talk about how the intelligence agencies involved in the reform of our education - or rather, the abolition of education as such. The implications of these so-called reforms are so destructive that they even people far from politics, are beginning to understand that we are talking about something more serious than just on the restructuring.

"TOMORROW". But people close to the policy, for some reason continue to turn a blind eye to it.

Olga Chetverikova. But people close to the policy, or are involved in this or that way and think yourself this new world. That is, someone involved deliberately, knowing full well that we are talking about the destruction, while others involved, because he thinks that in this way he will join to this new world, because this world can only be so and not otherwise. < br>
We must begin with the fact that, firstly, today are very important processes in the public life of the world community, which is primarily manifested in the United States and without understanding that we shall not understand what's going on with us. We have repeatedly stressed that we are talking about the total privatization of all spheres of public life, not only property but also the social sphere. Privatization of the state, which is carried out by transfer of state functions to private entities - is a very important point, we can say the key. It is carried out by different methods. The most common - a public-private partnership, a process that in the United States is in full swing somewhere in the late 90's - early 2000s, there is the state really actually turns into a simple instrument of transnational corporations, which are beginning to usurp the functions. who previously served as the state apparatus. That is, in the past he had always served corporations, but today we are talking about the fact that instead of government institutions starts to operate a branch corporations themselves, which actually means the ultimate blurring of the boundaries between public and private sectors.

The second very important process that is going on in America - a blurring of the lines between military and civilian sectors. One US military-industrial complex, which we have previously studied very seriously, which now, by the way, is not converted into a single community, of a monster, which blurred the boundaries between financial, military, intelligence and educational spheres of the United States. Therefore, any company operating in the US national defense, any corporation can actually become quasi-education, because it is a private company are government contractors, and take on the functions of the state.

The next important point for us is that in the intelligence community is organically included American universities. They were carried out before the development of fundamental science, but today, due to the fact that change the principles of operation of the military-industrial complex, they become more and more important role. Because by itself the American higher education system is seriously different from our educational system, and most of the American universities - it is private organizations, private corporations, which are managed by their boards, boards of trustees, which includes wealthy graduates of these universities. They are, on the one hand, the selling skills (diplomas), on the other - is performed for money study commissioned by government agencies and private corporations as well, for example, on the order of the DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Agency projects, which is the Pentagon agency. And a very big part of universities working on these orders, that is, the military-intelligence complex. This should be very well understood. Americans in their new development strategy stressed that today the war is going on in many areas, most important of which, in addition to information-psychological, they consider the scope of behavioral confrontation, when changing the values ​​and cultural norms, which are formed at a deep, irrational level and laid in the education.

"TOMORROW". Therefore, reform is so important is the educational sphere ...

Olga Chetverikova. This is an area that they can not completely control. Since the Soviet system of education was different deep rooted in the traditional culture, so easy to rebuild it was extremely difficult, so it gradually rebuilt. It is the field of education and religion are now paying attention to the key for them is the area of ​​the war, it is a sphere of confrontation. This is our education is perceived as one of the areas of social policy, we do not have the Americans.

Today, we see that in the process of education can be totally rebuild the consciousness of people, young and actually re-shape the minds of children of preschool age. And given that our pre-school education is now included in the continuing education process - and that children from two months to seven years, when our education is put under control, we are well aware that in fact we are losing our children. Because it is one thing to rebuild the consciousness of adolescents and young people who still have some kind of already accumulated knowledge of traditional culture through songs, through stories, through literature, through the Soviet films, and another thing - pre-school education. That laid in two or three years, it then remains as a matrix.

Therefore, the education sector is becoming a major field of confrontation today. And American universities play a dual role in this. Firstly, it is through the leading American universities is carried out integration of our universities globally and educational market; second mission - a total restructuring of consciousness, and it is in American universities developed such programs, which are then implemented using a variety of methods, here in Russia. That is the first problem - is the integration of our global educational space, which should operate on a transnational business, rather than the Russian, and the second - a translation of the people on a completely different system of values, alteration or creation worldview. And here we enter again into the sphere of religion, because we are well aware that we are talking about how to prepare the people to accept the global management system and the supreme ruler of the world.

And if we talk about being introduced today the system of values, about the outlook, which is the basis of economic and political activity "owners" of the world, we honey agaric arrive at the most, what we have already said many times - this is transhumanism. Why we are talking about transhumanism? Because today is the so-called economy of the West, after a few stages - first, second, third and other technological orders, went to the so-called sixth order. If we try to still understand its essence, it turns out this is a very terrible thing: before the development of technology and the economy worked out to create favorable conditions for human life, that is aimed to change the human condition. Today's technology is aimed at changing the man himself and his essence. We are talking about changing the bodily and spiritual nature of man - it is to this end uses the latest technology - NBIC technologies: nano, bio, information and cognitive. Of course, in the process they create even more favorable conditions for the life of the few, but the key direction - a change in the person as such, and its transformation into a biological object and the main source of profit

. "TOMORROW". And universities are stepping this education.

Olga Chetverikova. It is about the dismantling of education, because now instead of education implemented by the person filling the system certain competence. The very same education abolish. All of the 90 years it changed gradually eliminating one thing after another. First we entered the federal standards, which replaced the competences of knowledge, then entered the exam, then the Bologna system. Then they started to privatize and to transfer certain of paid services. All this was done gradually. But the final stage, in which Russian education should be translated in the global, steel instruments in recent years. It is, of course, primarily about the adopted in 2011 "Innovative Development Strategy of the Russian Federation" to 2020, which represents a very important milestone.

Innovation - this update, and a key focus of this upgrade was the education system

. Education in this document is given to the focus, and the first version of the "Strategy ..." what is necessary to create a renewed man, devoted an entire chapter - "Innovative people." It is said that it is necessary to form the person who must become adaptive to constant change, be a producer of these changes have an entrepreneurial spirit, and so on. E., That is, in fact, we are talking about the formation of the new man in the new principles, and to do this it is necessary to from pre-school age, from early childhood.

Then it says that our education is necessary to move to international standards to attract international foreign specialists everywhere to use English and all in the same spirit. That is the international factor is given focus.

"TOMORROW". A priority in the teaching of the English language is given.

Olga Chetverikova. Yes. In high schools project "5-100-20" is being implemented since 2013, according to which a third of the programs in the depths of the universities should be in English, and effective contract, according to which the payment of teachers is related to how actively they use English they write in a foreign language textbooks, lectures in a foreign language and foreign universities. Some universities have even language training graduate students at a level which previously gave the Institute of Foreign Languages. We are talking about the fact that the program "5-100-20" English status virtually the same as that of language high school in which a foreign language is taught as a main subject. Graduate students in these universities to pass the exam in a foreign language, have even published an article in the postgraduate collection in a foreign language. In other words, his scientific work has to be in English, and this condition and technicians, and physicians.

"TOMORROW". For foreign observers it easier to select the right people and their work.

Olga Chetverikova. It's like that. In accordance with the innovative strategy of the program "Development of Education" for 2013-2020 years were taken. and the concept of the target program of education development for 2016-2020 gg., approved in December 2014. It stipulates that the main thing - is the formation of competitive human capital, that education must be competitive on the global education market. And no mention of the formation of an educated and developed personality, serving the Fatherland, on the formation of the Patriots. There are such words and concepts do not even have. The basic tool of the active embedding us into this global market, and is the project "5-100-20", which provides for the inclusion of five Russian universities in the top 100 universities in the world according to the world rankings. The project is implemented in accordance with government regulation (March 2013), which provided for the establishment of the Council for the selection of these universities on a competitive basis. I want to emphasize this decision the government and the Duma, the legislators on this very badly informed, if at all informed. Then the government decree is approved and the composition of the Competitiveness Council, which includes six representatives of Russia, including Livanov, Gref, and seven foreigners - among them the head of the Skolkovo Tech Edward Crowley, who is a professor at the University of Massachusetts and a member of the NASA Advisory Committee - Office US federal government, working in close ties to the Pentagon. In fact, this international body and began to manage the project.

The contest was held, were selected 15 universities (and this is the best, mainly technical universities of strategic importance), which began to receive government support due to their transition to international standards, in which the main component - a certain percentage of foreign experts and foreign students, the corresponding program, organization and management system, and so on. d. Thus began a total reorganization of our universities, and the last meeting of the competitiveness Council, held in October, just confirmed that we are talking about changing the Russian mentality. So, speaking there is a member of the Board, Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University, said that "the good news is that universities, even just participating in the competition, change your thinking, regardless of whether they win or not." Because in order to participate in the competition, it is necessary to make changes in accordance with the ratings criteria. Further, the same Livanov said. "Working in these institutions vary considerably, they speak a different language, they make other decisions. It is not for the sake of ratings. We are talking about a major institutional change. " A deputy chairman of the board Andrei Volkov said: "It is clear that the project is" 5-100 "becomes more prominent, and growing interest on the part of universities»

. That is, for them, the project should be a model, which will be transformed by the other universities. In October 2015, the project included six more universities, and it seems that the case goes to the fact that it will be joined to the other, and the rest that do not fit into the standards, will simply be abolished. This is accomplished by combining regional universities to support the universities in which is their complete reorganization, liquidation of entire areas, the reduction of the teaching staff, and so on. D. According to the comments of representatives of the HSE (Higher School of Economics), who participated in the development of education of the target program Concept for 2016 -2020 gg., 40% of universities and 80% of the branches of universities will be abolished. It was further stated that there will be a network of innovation centers for secondary school teachers and 95% of pre-school education must move to a new method of teaching. And who will not comply with the new requirements - that will leave

. Then we see the following: in 2014 at the initiative of the HSE universities of "5-100" project to create an association "Global University", which adopted its constitution, which says that this NGO, does not aim to make a profit, but being able to deal with business. Managed by a non-profit organization by the Board, which is selected collection, and the head of this council is the rector of the HSE - Kuzmin. In addition, the Board may include representatives of four ministries: the Ministry of Education, Finance, Labor, Economic Development and the Federal Migration Service. How all this is justified in terms of the legal - is, of course, you need to disassemble the lawyers, but it turns out that everything is created without any involvement of the legislative authority, that it is very poorly informed. And we are talking, again, about the best universities, that is, those who must provide training for our military-industrial complex.

"TOMORROW". That tomorrow will ensure the competitiveness of the defense industry itself ...

Olga Chetverikova. Туда входят стратегические вузы, которые, оказавшись в Ассоциации «Глобальные университеты», встраиваются в глобальный рынок образовательных услуг. В каждом вузе создаётся свой международный отдел или отдел по международному сотрудничеству. И если раньше такой отдел существовал в Министерстве образования, теперь эта функция передана самим институтам, координируемым из единого центра, который должен всё унифицировать. Сейчас создан единый центр по набору зарубежных студентов, к 2020 году программа предусматривает, что не менее 10% преподавателей будут иностранцы, 15% студентов также будут из-за рубежа. Мне, к примеру, рассказывали, что уже сейчас в Дальневосточном университете ликвидированы некоторые факультеты, вместо которых созданы исследовательские институты, где треть программ преподаётся на иностранном языке. Чтобы снизить процент студентов, поступающих из России, завышаются требования к результатам ЕГЭ, в силу чего растёт число иностранных студентов: монголов, китайцев и других. В некоторых университетах ректора выбирает международный совет…

«ЗАВТРА». Если некий международный совет выбирает ректора в российском государственном вузе, то, по сути, через финансирование берётся под международный контроль определение направлений исследований.

Ольга ЧЕТВЕРИКОВА. Да, в финансировании этих вузов всё активнее участвуют частные и корпоративные фонды, агентства международной помощи, двусторонние и международные организации. То есть создаётся некая транснациональная образовательная бизнес-структура, которая превращается в канал по перекачке наших мозгов и наших технологий на Запад. Весь этот процесс курируют три структуры: ВШЭ, Сколково и Агентство стратегических инициатив (АСИ). В Сколково этим проектом непосредственно занимается созданная в 2006 году Московская школа управления Сколково. Достаточно зайти на её сайт, чтобы увидеть, какие программы они уже реализуют. Например, в рамках форсайт-проекта «Образование 2030» к 2020 году должны быть созданы новые профессии – энергоаудиторы, сетевые врачи, ГМО-агрономы, IT-генетики, биоэтики, сетевые юристы, дизайнер виртуальных миров, архитекторы виртуальности, дизайнер интерфейсов, IT-проповедники, проектировщик мира интерфейсов, организатор интернет-сообществ, эксперт образа будущего ребёнка, специалист по детской безопасности, архитектор трансмедийных продуктов. В сфере образования: модератор, тьютор, игромастер, ментор стартапов, разработчик инструментов обучения состояниями сознания, координатор образовательных онлайн-платформ. Финансовый сектор: менеджер фонда прямых инвестиций в талантливых людей, мультивалютный переводчик, оценщик интеллектуальной собственности и так далее…

«ЗАВТРА». ГМО-агрономы проанонсированы, значит, запрет на ГМО у нас в стране в будущем отменят.

Ольга ЧЕТВЕРИКОВА. Не знаю, будет ли написано в дипломе «ГМО-генетик», но компетенция такая утверждена. Этим форсайт-проектом «Образования 2030» занимается именно АСИ. Дмитрий Песков, один из активных его участников, раньше работал в фирме «Метавер», которая и разрабатывала проекты образования будущего. И в одном из интервью, появившемся до создания АСИ (создано в 2011 г.), Песков говорит: «Это не классическое образование, это форма баркемпов». То есть это неформальная конференция, когда те, кто хочет, сами собираются, всё это потом выкладывают в интернет, то есть делается так, как придумано в Силиконовой долине. Дальше он говорит: «Это похоже на то, что делает Сердюков в армии». Тогда ещё Сердюков был министром и разрушал наше военное образование, и Песков это приветствовал, потому что, как он выразился, «То, что сгнило, то надо убирать». По их планам, меняться должна вся сама система образования. Университеты будут работать по принципу венчурных фондов. Вместо преподавателей будут проповедники, экзамены заменятся метаиграми, защита дипломов будет в виде презентаций, а сам диплом как документ не должен существовать, так как студенческий билет выдаётся на всю жизнь. То есть человек начинает это образование и дальше может выбрать университет и учиться, где сколько нужно, потому что он обучается на протяжении всей жизни. Главное – свести вместе студента и бизнес-инвестора, чтобы проект, который разработал студент, мог реализоваться в каком-то бизнесе. Образование станет асинхронным, в университет поступают командами, разрабатывают какой-то проект, защищают его, затем его выкупает инвестор и всё – можешь переходить в другой университет. Такая модель существует в Институте сингулярности, созданном компанией Google и NASA и реализующем трансгуманистические проекты.

«ЗАВТРА». Они «заточили» образование строго под создание и отбор экономически оправданных изобретений, мировоззрению в этом образовании нет места.

Ольга ЧЕТВЕРИКОВА. Exactly. Об этом откровенно заявил профессор Московской школы управления «Сколково» Павел Лукша во время официального открытия форсайта «Глобальное будущее образование». «Классическое образование не удовлетворяет нуждам постиндустриального общества… растёт запрос на получение не набора общих знаний и умений, а строго определённых навыков». То есть всё, что не приносит дохода, как наше гуманитарное, историческое образование, к примеру, то просто не нужно. Отсюда такое отношение к русскому языку, при котором в школе оставили два часа в неделю. Естественно, не нужна история, не нужны гуманитарные предметы, которые учат думать и формируют сознание человека, его мировоззрение. Только через историческое мышление и через историческое образование мы можем осознать, кто мы есть, понять себя, понять само общество, смысл и содержание общественных процессов. А вместо этого нам навязывают трансгуманизм, который нацелен на изменение человеческой природы, телесной и духовной, который формирует постчеловеков, киборгов. На этом этапе всё и смыкается, упразднение образования – это трансгуманистический проект.

Думаю, крайне важно здесь подчеркнуть, что одним из ключевых механизмов перестройки сознания и демонтажа нашего образования как такового является онлайн-обучение. Когда обсуждали концепцию дистанционного образования в 2014 году, то объясняли, что если будет введено дистанционное образование, то многие вузы буду упразднены. То есть убираем вузы классические, вместо них вводим это дистанционное обучение. И Песков, кстати говоря, сказал очень важную вещь. Он сказал, что образование в будущем будет двух видов – дистанционное и человеческое. Дистанционное будет дешёвым, а человеческое будет дорогим. То есть, значит, элита оставляет себе классическое образование, человеческое, а для серой биомассы введут дистанционное обучение.

Но самое главное в другом. Недавно Эрик Шмидт, глава Google, сказал такую вещь, не очень понятную, что интернет скоро умрёт. То есть интернет уже неэффективен для осуществления связи между конкретными людьми, и поставлена задача – создать нейронет. What it is? Если интернет позволяет соединять людей с помощью ноутбуков, смартфонов и всего прочего, то нейронет – это прямая связь между мозгом одного человека и мозгом другого человека. Вживляется чип и этот чип даёт возможность людям непосредственно общаться, даже на эмоциональном уровне. Далее создаётся целая сеть, управляемая из одного центра, которая даёт возможность уже непосредственно и полностью контролировать сознание того или иного человека. Создание и внедрение нейронета предусматривает разработанная в России программа мер по формированию принципиально новых рынков, которая называется Национальная технологическая инициатива (НТИ). В её разработке участвует, хочу это подчеркнуть, Министерство образования и науки. Нейронет – это одна из наиболее активно продвигаемых программ, которую в первую очередь будут применять на наших детях, так как подчёркивается, что она очень эффективна для использования в процессе обучения, и, конечно, речь идёт о дистанционном обучении. Это новейшее достижение, которое ставит крест на каком-либо классическом образовании и вообще на образовании как таковом, потому что вместо образования создаётся просто инструмент по контролю за сознанием через чипирование, то есть подготовка человека к принятию всемирного электронного государства и мирового правителя, если говорить языком геополитики.

«ЗАВТРА». Вернёмся к плану «Ост» в качестве итога. Советский Союз был побеждён не силой оружия, а, скажем так, когнитивными средствами, и то, что происходит сейчас, – это их очередная модификация, в которой выбрана социальная группа – дети, выбран инструмент – образование. Дальше нужно просто спокойно «образовывать» их лет десять, а когда вырастут люди, обучаемые через нейронет, страна будет лишена своего суверенитета бескровно, естественным путём, через обучение и смену мировоззренческой парадигмы, вот только одуматься нейронет следующему поколению уже не позволит, потому что такая программа устанавливает не только связь между людьми, но и контроль за этой связью из одного транснационального центра.


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