10 most common myths about fruits and slimming

It remains quite a bit to the long-awaited summer and even more anticipated seasonal fruits, the appearance that people wishing to lose weight are looking forward to replace their breakfast, lunch and dinner. What? After all, in the fruit contains so much useful to our body fat, they are delicious, sweet and sure to help lose weight. But is it really? We invite you to find out whether you can lose weight by actively leaning on all your favorite fruits.

Myth №1: Fruits are best eaten on zavtrak

Most nutritionists really believes that is best to eat fruit in the morning. Fruit breakfast will wake up the body after a night's sleep, start the metabolism and charge the body with energy. Good fruit and as a snack between meals, but before going to bed them better refrain: acidic fruits like apples or oranges to grapefruits, stimulate the production of gastric juice and increase appetite and sweet contain too much calories and strive to be deposited at the waist. < br />

Myth №2: the fruit can not be eaten on an empty stomach

This statement is only partially true. People with problems of the gastrointestinal tract is really better not to eat fruit on an empty stomach, the excess allocated to acid does not corrode the stomach wall. But those who have health is all right, it is better to eat fruit half an hour before a meal - it promotes better digestion and helps the body absorb vitamins and nutrients. But what exactly is not necessary to do is to eat fruits immediately after the main meal - come into contact with food, they are not digested and begin to ferment and turn sour.

Myth №3: fructose is safe for the figure than sucrose

In fact, fructose is not so safe for our figures, as it seems. It is to 1, 5 times sweeter than sucrose, and consequently, to achieve the same sweet taste it requires somewhat less. But the problem is that fructose immediately after splitting the liver is converted into fatty acids, which are then deposited in the folds of our sides. In addition, fructose itself is quite high in calories, so to lose weight using it is unlikely to succeed.

Myth №4: for weight loss can not eat sweet fruits and berries

In fact, no bananas or peaches or grapes or other sweet fruits and vegetables in moderate amounts do not interfere with weight loss, and even help, saturating the body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. But you need to follow a few rules:

  • during weight loss have sweet fruits only in a small amount of not more than 1-2 times a week;
  • have sweet fruits only in the morning;
  • is not fruit on a full stomach;
  • Do not mix fruits with hard to digest foods.

    Myth №5: Fruit useful to figure than hleb

    In fruits and berries fructose after cleavage transformed into fatty acids and, respectively, in the fat. Especially dangerous for the figure of a combination of fruits and berries with fat dairy products - eg, strawberries, bananas and cream with Greek yogurt.

    But complex carbohydrates, which include bread, by themselves do not form a fat, in addition to their digestion requires much energy that promotes weight loss. But this, of course, is only whole wheat bread instead of buns and loaves.

    Myth №6: Fruit diet helps pohudet

    Banana, grapefruit, apple, pineapple, and even watermelon - the Internet is full of stories about a miracle diets that effortlessly allows for a week to lose 5-7 kg of excess weight. In fact, any mono-diet, including fruit, it is a huge stress to the body - they are extremely unbalanced, which means that the body does not receive the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

    Myth №7: sweets better to replace suhofruktami

    Dried fruits are different. Dried apples and pears, for example, do not contain fat and may well serve as a non-nutritive snacks during the day. While prunes, dried apricots and raisins, part of calories may even argue with sweets and cakes. So, if you do not want to gain a few extra kilos, comply with the measure - one dried apricots or prunes trick, ground and added to the morning porridge, the figure does not hurt, but a dozen such necessarily postponed at the waist.

    Myth №8: pineapple - the most effective zhiroszhigatel

    His glory shall bromelain Pineapple fat burner - an enzyme that is extracted from the stem of this tropical fruit. That's just really bromelain has no relation to fat burning, the main task - the splitting of complex proteins into simpler compounds of amino acids. Although pineapple - very useful fruit, treat it as a panacea for weight loss is not necessary.

    Myth №9: frozen fruits and berries useful konservirovannyh

    It really is. If fruits and berries frozen industrial method in a vacuum, that they actually saved the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. But with home freezing more difficult: in the freezer fruit and berries often turn into a tasteless puree or unfit to eat popsicles. To foreclosed homes fruits and berries have retained all of its beneficial properties, it is recommended to take advantage of our tips.

    Myth №10: Fruit juices are useful for the figure

    Packaged juices, containing a lethal dose of sugar not only promote weight loss, and even, on the contrary, it is easy to help you gain a couple of extra kilos. But in the fresh juices also rely not worth it: in spite of the undoubted benefits for the body, the lack of fiber turns any fruit or berry juice in the "liquid calories". So from time to time, you can treat yourself to a glass of fresh, but it is better not to make it into the food habit


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