13 hot countries, where you can swim in the winter

In the depths of winter all thoughts about one thing: how to throw a fur coat and be at the beach. Outsmart the winter is easy: a few hours on the plane — and you are on the shore of the warm sea. We picked up 13 beach countries where good to change the dirty snow on the Golden sand, and tea with honey on a piña colada in the coconut.

Sri Lanka

A visa for 30 days available online

Even two weeks in Sri Lanka you eat lobster from the belly and covered with a bronze tan. The romantic resort of Bentota on the South-West of the island is a rest for body and soul: they lie all day on the beach, thrilled by gentle sun and think as well that invented the aircraft. To limber up, take a trip to see how Ceylon tea is growing on the plantation this property and bathe the elephants orphanage in Pinnawala.

Known in our latitudes, the resort of Hikkaduwa is also a great training base for surfers and beginners. Those who prefer active rest below the line of the ocean, dive to underwater beauty of Weligama in the South of Sri Lanka. I will not see and toothy Moray eels, and a fish arrow, and even giant turtles!

Good to know: the Most expensive for flights to Sri Lanka the month is December, when the tickets are getting more expensive on a quarter of average prices. But in January and February you can save up to 10%. When visiting temples, dress modestly and do not make controversial selfie with Buddha: Sri Lanka to treat religion seriously. If you notice a tattoo with the image of the deity, could be deported.


The Maldives

A visa for 30 days to give on arrival

Stop sighing, flipping through glossy magazines with pictures of gorgeous bungalows in the Indian ocean — will fulfill a dream and relax in the Maldives. One of the thousands of atolls scattered across the turquoise ocean, the holiday will turn into your own personal Paradise. You have to experience once in your life.

A typical day in the Maldives: Breakfast, sunbathing, diving to coral reefs and something new. And the list of "something new" is endless: to hand-feed a Stingray, located at 40-m depth in the submarine to cross the equator on the southern Atoll of Addu, or frolic with giant tortoises Meemu. For a romantic evening, head to the Atoll Vaadhoo with it glowing in the evenings by the ocean. Make a wish, until you run out of ideas: unlike falling stars, bioluminescent plankton is not going anywhere.

Good to know: it is Cheaper to fly to the Maldives in February: tickets are cheaper in December and January by 20%. Don't forget that the Maldives is a Muslim country, Topless sunbathing is not permitted here. And no matter how wanted and not injected, to take home fragments of corals too.



A visa for 30 days available online

In the winter it's hard to get out of the house. But if the path is not in the boring office with a coffee machine, and on the Golden beach of the Indian ocean with sweet tea masala, gather is much easier. Bright and contrasting India will definitely add a pinch of spice to your life. For the restart, and the signature sunsets of Goa head to the beaches to the North of Arambol and Anjuna, which was chosen by hippies and fans of low cost travel. On the southern beach of Palolem, the audience is more serious: they come here, those who are willing to pay for secluded sun lounger with a bottle of ice "Kingfisher", but no one would sing mantras to ear. At the shore is shallow and almost no waves — perfect to lay in a star in the foam of the surf.

Gorgeous beaches Kerala is not so popular among the batch of tourists as resorts of Goa. It's for the best: proclaim the monarchy to the sandy expanse of Varkala and Kovalam and tell myself to forget about all the problems at hand Ayurveda massage therapist.

Useful facts: in Order not to pay for tickets in Goa 72% from their average value, transfer trip from December to January or February when prices are below average. Everyone horror stories about India should not believe, but the minimum safety precautions in place will not prevent: thoroughly wash your hands and fruits and do not drink water from the tap.


United Arab Emirates

Need a visa. Passengers on Emirates can apply for a visa in the UAE remotely.

Since a hundred years ago in the Persian Gulf discovered oil reserves, from the lifeless desert of the UAE has turned into a luxury beach resort. Most of the tourists to settle in Dubai: there will be entertainment for every budget. If you are willing to spend, the futuristic monorail will take you on the "trunk" artificial Islands-the palm Jumeirah, to the white beaches of Atlantis. The free beach of Jumeirah Open can take a bunch of selfies on the background of the hotel-sails — too chic, brilliance, beauty, only without the unnecessary spending. Active tourists will enjoy Kite beach beach where you play volleyball in windy weather launch kites.

The budget Sharjah has a "dry law", so then there's the booze you can save: just temptations will not. In Fujeirah go for interesting diving and a full immersion in Arabic culture, and in Abu Dhabi for velvety beaches and shopping.

Useful facts: from October to April the water in the Persian Gulf on Dubai beaches are cooler than normal: from +18 to +27 °C. But does not need to constantly hide under the air conditioners: the air temperature ranges from +23 to +35 °C. For airline tickets to UAE in December and January you will pay a little more than average prices for the year, and if you fly in February, will save as much as 15%.



30 days without a visa

Holidays in the resorts of Thailand is the best medicine from the winter Blues. Some love the coconut beaches of Koh Samui for a Zen atmosphere, soft sand and the sea with the temperature in your home tub. Others appreciate the ditzy Pattaya exotic beach bars and cheap shopping. These and other declarations of love to the beautiful Phuket here you and fun over the edge in the bars of Patong beach, and romantic sunsets on a secluded beach, freedom beach.

On the Full moon parties on Koh Phangan party people from all over the world off so that Mama do not cry. In the morning you will want to shyly lower his eyes, but it will be something to tell the grandchildren: as the morning danced ankle-deep in the sea, drank a bucket of whiskey and coke and received an ovation bikini contest.

Good to know: it is Better to go for the winter to Thailand in January or February, when the tickets slightly cheaper than the average price for the year. For tickets to the Dec, you can pay more up to a third of their average price. Besides the New year on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan periodically stormy: still hear the echoes of the rainy season. But with the January weather — peach: on the sea calm, and overhead the cloudless sky.



90 days without a visa

Brazil meets hot arms and immediately pulls tourists with sweaters and coats. Throw stuff at the hotel and race on the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Hot latina is not shy to sunbathe in a bikini, even under the strict view of Christ the Redeemer, which looks at the city from the top of Corcovado mountain. Next door lies a luxurious Ipanema beach, surrounded by the mansions of the rich. Its Northern part has staked out the surfers, and the South was chosen by moms with children.

The volcanic island of Fernando de Noronha in the North-East of Brazil is a Mecca for divers. In the clear water perfectly clear, as in fifty meters from you darting sea turtles, barracudas and fish-surgeons. Among Atlantic resorts with a history apart is the birthplace of capoeira in Salvador. If you want to escape from the beach Nirvana, featuring its museums and beautiful churches.

Good to know: If you plan to go to Brazil in February and at the same time to get to the famous Rio carnival, buy tickets at least a couple of months before departure. So more chances to save up to 15% of the average value. Tickets to Brazil in January and February you will buy at the average price, but for the December flights you can pay a premium to 57%.



15 days without a visa

If you want exotics for pennies, fly to Vietnam. Winter in this area appear regular and Charter flights from many big cities of Russia. Most tourists landing in the resort of Nha Trang, where across the road from the fish restaurants stretches of sandy beaches. Lovers of sensation to settle in the center, and the family and introverts in the North, closer to nature.

Winter in the resort village of MUI ne in Southeast Vietnam blowing in the wind — happiness for kitesurfers. In the afternoon the sky over the beach, dazzled by colorful kites, and in the evening, vibrates from waves of reggae from the surrounding surf bars. Romance with shining eyes go to the South of Phu Quoc island, where tropical forests are hiding the beaches from the postcards. Remove a Bungalow on the beach and every day drink in the morning for a mango smoothie to replenish the stock of vitamins.

Useful facts: in December In MUI ne and Nha Trang stormy, dangerous to swim. If you are traveling with children, do not risk and look to the southern resort island of Phu Quoc. Or postpone the trip to January-February, and will be able to save: tickets to Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi or Nha Trang for the New year can cost 1.5–2 times more expensive than flights in the second half of winter.




The visa for 90 days, you can get online

At the thought of Kenya represent crocodiles and giraffes, and not sun loungers and parasols. And for good reason: the beaches in the depths of wild Africa excellent, and weeks in January or February is more than enough to buy a chocolate tan and blend in with the natives. The most gorgeous beaches of Kenya with colorful ocean stretch in all directions from the resort of Mombasa. Full of entertainment: a day to meditate in the shade of a palm, to fight the wind kite on a kite or watch fish through the glass bottom of the boat.

Romance will put a big like sahelcom the island of Lamu, where instead of cars on the pavement clatter the hoofs of the burros. Just a couple of kilometers from the Old town — and you on a deserted beach of Shela, strewn with sea shells. Move the view with a fresh coconut in hand on the ocean and honestly admit to yourself: nice to live not forbid.

Useful facts: In Kenyan beaches only two problems: the strong tides before lunch and pushy merchants. On the first you can forget: think, a few minutes walk from the sunbed to the ocean. But the second more difficult to deal. If you don't want samosas and bracelets have invaded your holiday, choose private beaches at the hotels.



30 days without a visa

Half a day on the plane to Cuba — as if the jump to fifty years ago where people still go to the Soviet "Muscovites" and believe in the victory of communism. Do not rush the course of events — better pour yourself a glass of Cuban rum and offers them a thirst for activity: the Cubans will learn to enjoy life slowly. If you love when all-inclusive, head to the popular Cuban resort of Varadero, where sprawling palm trees and cacti stretching kilometres of white sandy beach. Royal can relax in the luxury resort of Holguin. Sit under a thatched umbrella and the Cuban repeat the mantra "never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow".

Dissolve in time and space well and the famous Cuban dive spots. United bridge tropical island of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, to the North of Cuba, surrounds a coral reef. Divers lucky enough to dive there, legends about the meter groupers and reef sharks. And if you are not afraid face to face to meet with spiny iguanas on the island of Cayo Largo.

Good to know: the Most expensive month for travel to Cuba — December: overpay for tickets 48%. And the best of winter — January: save 19% off the average rates for the year. In Cuba, a bad Internet connection, free Wi-Fi appeared only recently. But for those who want to hide offline, everything is just at hand.



30 days without a visa

If you think you know all Asian resorts like the five fingers, think about the seven thousand Philippine Islands. Everyone who stayed here, excitedly talk about the beautiful sunsets, the shrimp with palm, gambling and cockfights and the pop-eyed tarsiers. These kids, by the way, you can cuddle on the tropical island of Bohol.

The main advantage of resort Boracay island Philippines — an amazing White beach with fine sand and clear, cold water. Peace and quiet, but on the other side of the island, the horizon shrouded with hundreds of kites and triangular sails. Fans of scuba diving Jacques-Yves Cousteau would advise to move towards Palawan, where at the bottom lie the sunken Japanese ships. Day and night covered in corals holds bear watch, scorpionfish, clown fish and sea horses and well worth a visit.

Good to know: Tickets to the Philippines better to take the January or February: the December flights will cost 51% more expensive than the average price of tickets for the year. The season of tropical typhoons in the Philippines is in the summer, although they can strike the Islands at any time — even in winter. If you do not want to be in the news, watch the weather forecast.


Hainan Island, China

3 weeks without a visa according to the tour

Photo: kohseesu, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

While Chinese tourists are busy conquering the world resorts, pay a visit to guests in the main resort of China — on the tropical island of Hainan. Before here exiled the recalcitrant officials, and now on the "edge of light" warm bones chilled tourists. The thermal springs within a few steps from the warm South China sea in a country with a rich culture — it's just a song!

The most enthusiastic impressions brought from the resort of Sanya, where along the sandy coast stretches a chain of good hotels. While local flounder in the shallow waters or wandering the beach with selfie-sticks, arrange a long swim. And then make friends with the local surfers: they will tell of lagoons with good waves, hidden on the way to the capital of Hainan province — Haikou. In Yalong Bay to relax budget is unlikely to succeed, but for a couple of days to go you need: a motley company of marine inhabitants you have never met. But if you want to save money and at the same time to hang out, visit the neighbouring resort of Sanya.

Useful facts: to fly to Hainan in winter less likely in the first half of January. For a week in January-February, the Chinese celebrate the New year. This means that hotels are overcrowded, tickets for planes and trains there, and on the beaches of the dragonfruta nowhere to fall. In 2017, Chinese New year is celebrated on January 28, 2018 January 16, 2019 — 5 Feb.



30 days without a visa

All of winters and holidays is not enough to visit each of the 17 thousand Islands of Indonesia. You can start with the basics and move on hyped Bali after the heroine of the acclaimed film "Eat, pray, love". In Spa centers and yoga schools in Ubud is guaranteed to put things in order in your head. Although many people prefer a full reboot: carouse in Kuta every night and in the morning new strength to grab boards and run towards the ocean.

On the tiny Gili Islands East of Bali madly beautiful and peaceful. Surrender to the mercy of universal laziness: lying on clean sand, swim with turtles and meter drift in the clear water on the funny pink mattress. To dilute the weekdays in Paradise, you can swim to the neighbouring island of Lombok with its menacing volcano and stunning waterfalls.

Good to know: the Most expensive winter month for travel to Bali — December with the overpayment at 35%. For tickets in January and February you will give only 5-9% more than the average. Another important point: no matter how strong the temptation to try magic mushrooms, remember that for drug use in Indonesia put behind bars. Besides fantastic Indonesian landscapes changing minds without any stimulants.


The Island Of Zanzibar, Tanzania

The visa for 90 days will receive upon arrival

On the sugar beaches of the African island of Zanzibar are the first batch of tourists. Here you go: nobody will prevent you to capture 50 shades of blue of the Indian ocean. The most beautiful images are obtained, if to meet the sunset on the Northern beach of Nungwi and to capture on video the white triangles of the fishing boats. Not in a hurry to return to the Bungalow: a night in the coral gardens of Zanzibar, mafia wakes up underwater — cuttlefish, octopus and scarlet shellfish, they are also Spanish dancers.

On the East coast of Zanzibar island there is a continuous romance: the beaches deserted, and in the middle of the sea stands the restaurant on a tiny rock. Closer to the South start spice plantations, where to the delight of coffee drinkers grow vanilla pods and dried in the sun cinnamon. In the lagoon at paje shift secluded villas come lively kite-spots, and there already and to the ancient stone Town on the doorstep.


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Good to know: During low tide in Zanzibar, the ocean floor is exposed for a hundred meters. Going romantic wander along the shore — don't forget about sneakers in the sand remain sea urchins and sharp shells.published


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