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Economical tourism requires creativity, and this applies not only to accommodation and travel, but the travel schedule. Fans of cheap stay well-known options such as accommodation in the affordable family-run hotels, using local transport and even the refusal taxis in favor of bicycles or walking. Such a choice also carries benefits for the environment and the local economy. But it is possible to save finances and by visiting tourist attractions in the offseason. Vietnam in the summer is not as rainy as you might think, and even Cape town in South Africa is cheaper during the summer in the Northern hemisphere. Offer to find out about eight places that Thrifty travelers can visit in the offseason.


The capital of Latvia Riga is a unique city with a magical old quarter and many modern and historical attractions. Latvia is more expensive tourist destinations in Eastern Europe, but is a great choice for those who want to learn more about Northern Europe and save. The country is quite small, and tourists can rent a car for the weekend to travel many wonderful places. Winter visitors may have to cope with snow drifts and low temperature, but they will be able to enjoy the classic winter sports such as descent on the bobsleigh track of the world level not far from Riga or sleigh ride or a dog sled through the countryside. In Latvia it is cold in winter, but quite bearable, but because the travelers with the appropriate winter gear can enjoy reasonable prices and lots of delights of this fast-paced Nordic nation.


This small West African country surrounded by large French-speaking Senegal. The Gambia provides beach vacations for Europeans and Africans, but it also boasts a number of cultural attractions, as well as available wildlife and attraction for eco-tourists. Most travelers arrive in the cool and dry season from November to April or may. However, according to tropical standards, rainy and damp summer is not so unbearable and humid. Places such as sanctuary to Makasutu, is a huge cultural and eco-tourist attraction, giving visitors the opportunity to see the Gambia from the side, not associated with beaches. Due to the small dimensions and the tourist infrastructure is a great place for those who want to get acquainted with the wildlife and culture of the continent. More adventurous travellers can head inland, where no crowds of tourists even in high season. In the national Park river Gambia, you can visit the virgin forests and see creatures such as baboons, chimpanzees and huge crocodiles.


For a long time Vietnam has been popular with backpackers and budget conscious travelers who filled the beaches, cities and historical places of the country during the dry season between November and March. Now this is not a budget place as before, but Vietnam remains relatively cheap throughout the year and especially in rainy and hot in spring and summer seasons. At this time, periodically there are rains and storms, sometimes lasting only 30 minutes, leaving the rest of the day warm and Sunny. Seasonal low prices enable hikers to save on travel, and people with higher requests to book a room in a four star hotel at two star price. In places like the Mekong Delta in the rainy season there is the danger of flooding, but for the most part the rains are more easy of a nuisance than a serious obstacle. With the rise of prices and inflation of the last decade, Vietnam can hardly be considered a cheap place for backpackers, but in the off-season, travelers can still enjoy low prices.

        Cape Town, South Africa

City gem South Africa is a popular place during the warm summer. Of course, due to the location significantly South of the equator summer there is winter in the Northern hemisphere. This means that those wishing to travel in the summer in the North, when the prices in the countries above the equator reaches its maximum, can enjoy cheap off-season holiday in Cape town. Tourists can watch whales during coastal tours, as it was in June, the humpback whales migrate off the coast of South Africa. With the decline in prices for tours and hotels comes more cool and wet weather. And those who plan their journey at the end of August, you can even enjoy a variety of shades of the local wild flowers. Cape town hotel prices peak over the Christmas and new year period, and their fall occurs in June and July.

        Gold coast, Australia

Aussie resort Gold coast in Queensland is renowned for its beach culture and warm climate. The weather is not always cool in the off-season, as during the year the temperature is not very changed. But there in the winter, this beach Paradise is visited by few tourists. Between April and October, it is winter in the southern hemisphere, on the beaches and hotels of the Gold coast prices are considerably lower than during the high demand. Most travelers visit popular beaches such as surfers Paradise, but some heading into the Gold coast, local nature reserves. National parks Rages and Springbrook is an attractive place for nature lovers, where you can be alone and in the high season and in the offseason.


While Southeast Asian States such as Thailand, Vietnam and even to some extent Cambodia, have achieved great success in the tourism industry, Laos meets relatively few visitors. Its capital Vientiane is more like a small town than a metropolis. Summer low season brings in Laos a lot of heat and rain, sometimes really heavy, but the mountain regions are mostly not suffering from the unbearable heat. In the morning and in the evening tourists can plan to visit places like Buddha Park in Vientiane (pictured above), to avoid the sweltering daytime heat. Between may and October it rains almost every day, but, as a rule, are a shower for an hour, after which it becomes dry. In Laos, the prices are still relatively low compared to other places in Asia, and therefore have the opportunity to enjoy cheap travel even in the high season from November to March.

        The Central coast of California

Perhaps this pyatisotletny the coastline is the most beautiful part of California and it is known for its unique types. Central coast California is popular among urban residents who come here in search of a quiet weekend. It is also a famous place for wine lovers, excellent landscapes and beach holidays. From November to March it's cooler and dojdlivoe than in summer, but amazing coastal views, miles of pristine beaches and other natural attractions are also available and in the offseason. Prices at hotels in the low period of demand is much lower in some coastal villas they are below 50 percent in comparison with summer time.

        The province of Algar in Portugal

Northern regions of Portugal can appear cloudy and cool most of the winter, but the province of Algarve in the South of the country boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate throughout the year. In the summer the beaches and towns of the region are filled with tourists from different parts of Europe, but in the winter there are far fewer people. At any time of the year you can enjoy activities such as kayaking, Hiking in the rugged parts of the coastline, Hiking in nature reserves like RIA Formosa, as well as visits to cities in the region with a rich history. Prices in the off-season is almost ridiculously low compared to summer demand cost, and Thrifty travelers can well spare at this time of year.

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