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The Persian Gulf region clearly demonstrates why he is becoming a better place for renewable and clean technologies in the world. Recent pilot project in Qatar aimed at growing cucumbers using seawater and solar energy is a unique enterprise. According to the latest report, published scientific and technical analytical journal "Alternative Energy World" (Renewable Energy Magazine), a project of the Green forest of the Sahara, the aim of which is none other than the solution of the great problems of humanity of the 21st century, namely, dependence on non-renewable energy resources. As energy source the developers propose to use the largest desert in the world – Sahara.

The project was built by the Norwegian firm of the same name, represents the station where you will grow vegetables, using renewable energy sources. The project was recently inspected by government officials and officially launched for greening the deserts of crunchy vegetables in the shortest time. Cucumber is a staple in the diet of people in the middle East.

The latest report said that Qatari officials and delegates who visited Doha (city on the coast of the Persian Gulf) with the negotiations on climate change were optimistic about the possibility of growing vegetables in the arid desert of the Persian Gulf.

According to the website of the project Green forest of the Sahara, new "factory" of cucumbers is about 10 thousand square meters and located in the vicinity of the industrial city of Mesaieed. The main task of the factory is to create a profitable and unique methods of using green technology "company for large-scale greening of the desert, thereby encouraging the use of deserts, seawater and carbon dioxide to produce food, freshwater and energy."

The first fully operational pilot plant project Sahara built in the state of Qatar (the state (Emirate) in the North-Eastern part of the Arabian p/o), in cooperation with leading companies for the production of fertilizers Yara and Qafco.

Qatar is one of the leaders of the Persian Gulf region in the field of advanced green technologies. Prospects for the use of wind and solar energy are transformed into working projects almost every month in the country and abroad.

With the help of this project the creators want to show the ability to use seawater and alternative energy to grow vegetables. If successful, this project could become a role model for other countries in the region, especially where desert terrain and a shortage of agricultural land limits the food production. How it works according to the project:

The system uses concentrated solar power (CSP), however, is lavished water cooling towers of a typical CSP plant, in the project Sugar system is used cooling water and the roofs of greenhouses for withdrawal of excess heat.
The heat from the CSP mirrors generator feeds the desalination system of sea water, getting distilled water for watering plants in greenhouses and out in the desert. The excess heat is used for heating greenhouses in the winter and to regenerate the desiccant used to dehumidify the air. The role of the complex of Qatar, first of all, to evaluate the possibility of using CSP in the country, in order to provide vital information to other projects.


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