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The modern Bicycle is not so simple as it may seem. Advanced materials and original technical solutions make them easier, safer, faster — but harder. According to the inventor Josh Bechtel (Josh Bechtel), it's time to pay attention to the complexity of the design. Bechtel, intends to start production of the Bicymple, bike without a chain of transmission.

To ride this bike to pedal, driving the rear wheel directly, with no intermediate devices, chains and sprockets. This decision, once fairly common (judging by the dumb movies), and now found only in the circus, in three-wheel models for kids, allows to significantly simplify and reduce the cost of the entire structure.

The lack of chain caused a change in the other components of the bike. From the triangular frame was only a crossbar connecting the two vertical swivel fork. For greater rigidity it is made of two parallel tubes. Front fork is controlled by the usual steering wheel, rear fixed seat. The lack of a separate sprocket with pedals and drive chain made it possible to bring closer the two swivel wheels Bicymple, making this bike extremely maneuverable.

Thus, the main positive qualities of the bike without the chain is simplicity of construction, maneuverability, lightness and miniaturization. Now the drawbacks. According to the inventor, they are not very significant and more than offset the simplicity of design and ease of storage. Like it or not, it's hard to say definitely without trying to practice what it's like to ride on the Bicymple.

The chain transmission has long been practically replaced the direct drive because of less strain on the muscles. It is obvious that to go to the Bicymple in the mountain will not be easy. Landing in the saddle of the new bike seems to be inconvenient and unnatural. In addition, it is unlikely the cyclist, accustomed to the traditional design, will be able to effectively manage two swivel forks. However, the rear fork can be fixed, which at first might come in handy.

The first option Bicymple was presented to the public in December 2011, since then messages about new periodically appeared online, in print publications, and invariably accompanied by angry critical comments.

However, Bechtel believes that in addition to critics many people in accordance with his ideas. As far as his opinion is true, will show the result of the fundraising on the website Kickstarter, which began on 24 December 2012. The inventor is required is quite modest on the American scale the amount of $20,000. We must assume that this is a realistic goal. Before the end of the company for quite some time, but already found a sponsor, who promised to invest in the company more than $16000


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