11 reasons to put on your bike kit electrification eczo.bike

A group of Russian engineers has developed eczo.bike, set electrification of the bike, which helps to drive on steep hill featuring a powerful Central engine (2kW) and ride long distances, up to 100 km on a single battery charge.

Bike with motor — ambiguous phenomenon, which according to some cyclists, killing the whole point of this two-wheeled transport. However, despite the skepticism of the supporters of “pure” pedaling, electrobikes and elektrokomplektas for conventional bicycles is increasing.

We will tell about what benefits you can get, turning your regular Bicycle into electric bike.

1. To go further — up to 80 km away. You live in a big city and still thinking whether to go to work by bike through the city. Put electrokit and you can drive 15-20 km to work and back easily, not even breaking a sweat.

2. Easy to go uphill. Even the steep hill can now be overcome without overclocking and without effort. This is true in cities with difficult terrain and on rough terrain.


3. To arrange a bike tour. Now you can go from one city to another, to go on a long Cycling trip, even if you do not have sufficient physical training. Removable replacement battery will lengthen your route twice.

4. Spend more time with the other half. How often the bike becomes a cause of discord in couples where someone wants to drive and climb the hill, and someone is not? Electrokit brings together and makes joint riding in a really pleasant pastime.

5. Feel the speed and drive. Even if you do not have sufficient physical fitness or have health restrictions. The wind in my ears, sinking heart with delight you available now when you turn the throttle. Want to enhance the effect pedal.

6. The bike in my pocket. The app turns the bike into a full-fledged gadget. You can track the location, monitor the tire pressure, lock the motor, to carry out the cruise control while riding.

7. Do not be afraid that the bike is stolen. A three-tier system protection lets you not worry about the bike with the kit: the position of the bike always tracked through the app, the kit is included only with the password, the firmware of the onboard computer can be erased remotely.

8. To charge anywhere. Removable battery life much easier with a bike. It can be charged literally anywhere: at home, at the office, in a cafe.

9. To ride a bike in the winter. Cold is not a reason to clean the bike away in storage. Heated battery helps extend the season.

10. Care about the environment. Electrokit respond to the ideas of conscious consumption: the old bike out of landfills, and improved and used on. The electric bike is greener than a car.

11. Preferred elektroskutery. Total the bike with a set of electrification and elektroskutery only one motor. The rest of the bike with the engine retains all the advantages of a regular Bicycle: you can ride on sidewalks and parks, it is easy to bring in and store there, you can leave at any Bicycle Parking.

Now a working prototype undergoing tests in Moscow, preparing for mass production with significant improvements. In the new Cycling season the bikes with the kits can be seen in Russia and Europe. Serial production is scheduled to start in may. published


Source: geektimes.ru/company/eczobike/blog/281944/


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