Air-33 — light, folding electric bike with a power reserve of 56 km

Kickstarter is a fundraiser for lightweight and folding electric bike. 15 kg the creators have put a lithium battery, providing a driving range of up to 56 km and a speed of 32 km/h, LCD trip computer with 3 modes of travel: fully electric, hybrid and completely mechanical and system, compact folding. The developers claim that has created the easiest and most comfortable folding electric bike in the world. At any moment it can be folded and take along, like a cart, but at home it takes up minimum space.

The bike hides the battery in its frame and is closed there with a key, preventing from thieves. Full charging takes 3 hours from the usual outlets and a 2 with a special kit fast charging. The company offers two batteries: at 250 watts and 350 watts.

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Yet, the ongoing campaign on Kickstarter, there is a possibility to grab your copy with a good discount. Cheap $799 have already discussed, but you can still buy those for $899. Retail price bike $2,549 for a model with a more powerful battery. The company promises to deliver the bike anywhere in the world.

Among direct competitors, the new bike can recall the model for $455 from Xiaomi. However, it applies only in the Chinese market. Previously, the most lightweight and compact folding your electric bike Elektron called Tern and Bosch.

By the way, do not have to sell your old mechanical bike to bike. A complete set of attachments from the Russian engineers that turns any Bicycle into electric bike, providing even greater range and speed. published




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