Overview of the Geneva Motor Show 2013

Geneva Motor Show, taking place in these days in the heart of Europe, sets the style and fashion dictates to the giant car market in the territory stretching from the Atlantic and (after Russia's integration into the global automotive industry) now to the Pacific Ocean. It was in Geneva in the early spring for the first time show that on which many of us will go through a year or two-third. By law, the genre of the exhibition, mass product here peacefully side by side with the most exclusive and technology solutions, and tags (in euros, of course) may include both modest four and an impressive seven digits. Unites all one: the desire to automakers in that whatever was to surprise potential visitors and the whole world and bring them under its banner. In this case, Geneva 2013 discovered several new trends. Where is the automotive world, what cars we see on the roads and in showrooms soon - this Drom.ru journalists versed in six huge pavilions Palexpo fairgrounds before the official opening of the already 83 minutes on account of the exhibition.
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Surprising - carries
Global manufacturers within the Geneva show rely on one or two premiere, effectively stressing them against the background of other "extras." Accurate data on the organizers of this writing, not sounded, but the order of numbers like this: 65 global and 130 European premieres. Manufacturers salon to hide their innovations to produce the maximum effect on the audience, and pre-organized "leak" information only add fuel to the fire. But everything is not unique. For example, did not expect a lot happened facelift crossover Dacia Duster. But Chevrolet drove to Geneva not only promised Roadster Corvette Stingray Convertible, but it closed in coupe version. Counting Prime difficult and because of the difficulty of identification: if a new body shop can still be considered a modification of such (as, for example, it was with a new wagon Volkswagen Golf Variant), is it a full-fledged version of the premiere with the new motor? But, then again, a lot depends on the engine: how it changes the car? For example, sports modification hatchback Volkswagen Golf GTi Peugeot 208 GTi and hardly claim to be "premiere screening." But the Porsche 911 GT3 may well be worthy of special attention - because this version is not only unique in its engine performance, but also has an improved chassis and changed appearance ... And premiere premiere of discord: some of the featured models at all for the first time demonstrated at public (for example, the new mini-crossover Peugeot 2008), and others until the last moment remained in the dark about their appearance and even the name (a new generation of crossover Suzuki SX4). Is it possible to consider the premiere of a car that is almost ready for mass production, but for some reason, the number concept? But such models in Geneva, too, were many: it megaekonomichny, but hardly claims to large-scale production Volkswagen XL1, and "dark horses" showroom - wagon and crossover created from scratch mark Qoros.




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