Review of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 or the like to clear the air of the metropolis?

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 — the second modification of the air purifier from Xiaomi. This device is a line of products of Xiaomi smart home, so of course it has WiFi and it can be controlled with the application. However, the app serves more to convey information about the environment, and the main function of the Mi Air operated with one button. But let's take first things first.


I think we should start with the fact that officially, the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is not available in Russia first and foremost created for the Chinese market, but when I posted a photo in Instagram Mi Air — it turned out that many of my friends already know about its existence and been thinking about buying it, so the first days I spent describing to friends the first impression. And, looking ahead to say that Xiaomi again pleased.

This is not a small gadget, half a meter tall and a quarter meter wide, so there were fears for shipping from China.


However, the delivery of bypass mail with "Priority Direct Mail" that is the courier to the apartment in Moscow was free (which is rare for such a large parcel), so the risks are significantly reduced. And soon I got my box.



The package is quite simple: cleaner, cable, filter and manual.


Another story came with the cable that came with three plug outlet which I even adapter not found.


However, rescued another standard connectors in the cleaner (which is inserted into the food) was painfully familiar Jack and the decision came instantly.


Not difficult to guess that this is a common cable that you stick in the power supply of most laptops. (I.e. recommend to order the cable for $1.62). And finally, it worked.


Cleaner looks very presentable: good materials, light colors and thoughtful minimalistic design — doing their job. Below is the hole through which the sucked air, and the lid is a big fan.


The cover is the main button to control the cleaner. The purifier starts operation, and if you press it longer exits. As it is designed to switch one of three modes:
— Auto (analyzes the air and he increases or decreases the speed of the fan)
Night (working in the most quiet mode is almost silent)
— Favorite (possible to program manually the speed/noise with the application)



It's all good, but what makes this cleaner?The main feature of this device is not the design and comfort and air cleaning from harmful gases and small particles.

Purifier can conduct through up to 380 cubic metres of air every hour and it will be enough to cleanse the air in the room to 46.6 square meters. It can independently and in real time to monitor the environment and automatically adjust the speed of operation. To the status of the air knew not only he — the front panel indicator lights that can illuminate red, yellow and green depending on the condition of the air.


Practical properties the manufacturer claims:
— Removal of smell after Smoking
— Remove dust from the air
— Removal of formaldehyde

In General, leaves only clean air that is healthy all the inhabitants of the home or office.


As for the filter, it's very easy to get by opening the back cover of the purifier. On the inner side of this cap, you can read the instructions for replacing this filter.


By the way, when the time comes to change the filter (after 6 months), then it will inform the indicator on the rear panel. And in the app you can always see how many days until the filter replacement.

Applicationin order to connect to Mi Air you need to download the MiHome app (Android or iOS). After downloading the application, you need to connect to WiFi which gives the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 in The add a new device, following the steps proposed by the application. In the end you will have a new application that will be called the way you named your Mi Air — Dronke Air


Going into this app, we will see main interface and the conventional number of air state.


In addition to control basic functions (on/off/toggle modes) — you will be able to see the temperature of the air in the room, humidity, and assessment (there may be humid to excellent), your location (if allowed) and how many days are left to work the filter.


Useful additional functions:
1. Protection of children (that is, all the buttons on the filter will stop working if activated)
2. There is a detailed instruction with pictures in the section about the device
3. Firmware update for the cleaner with one button (2-3 minutes per updated, given the reboot of the device)
4. Timer automatic on and off (it is possible to drive the air only when someone is home)
5. Turn off all alarms, if irritating
6. Off light indications, so as not to interfere

And some minor changes. The app is updated frequently and periodically there is something new.



InsightsTo appearance absolutely no complaints. This is a very beautiful device that is able to decorate any home. But it is important to find the right place to have enough space on the sides and front (10-20cm) to suck air in.

As for apps, sometimes it still can meet the characters and absolutely impossible to find a Russian word, but it does not prevent to use a Mi Air. To understand interfaces enough knowledge of the basics of the English language, but everything else is very simple and intuitive.

Can't say for sure that with the help of this gadget health will improve significantly, however, the absence in the air of dust and a General realization that the air in my apartment will be passed through the filter gives hope that this year we will be better to breathe. First noticeable effects (perhaps not related to the operation of the device, but simply due to other factors) — in the bedroom now not so stuffy and sleep was comfortable. But, in any case, outside the summer comes and so will a lot of road dust in the air and Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 is designed to save us from it. Soon we learn how intensely clogged our filter, but it is now clear that either it clogs our filter, or our lungs. Perhaps the better filter. :)

And last, bought the filter at GearBest for $162.99 considering the free delivery by a courier up to the apartment.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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