7 unexpected ways to fight air pollution


In the greatest cities of the world the level of air pollution is steadily increasing, and with it the health risks. Constantly inhaling a lot of particles with another portion of the air, any person runs the risk of significantly reduce their age, and the effects are just catastrophic even for unborn babies. In China, where pollution is kept at a shocking level, low air quality impact, even in food crops, adding even more menace to the situation.

In March, the world health organization released a new forecast on air pollution, which States that in 2012, the impact of low-quality atmosphere died prematurely seven million people. This startling figure is equivalent to one-eighth of all deaths worldwide and more than two times higher than the preliminary forecasts. Who data confirm that today, air pollution is the most serious environmental health hazard.
So what are we doing to protect themselves from air pollution? In many cities implement projects to lure people out of their cars and offer them more environmentally friendly methods of transportation. Agency for the protection of the environment of individual countries to undertake industrial enterprises that create the most pollution, forcing those who receive from it the income, to pay serious amounts of money for their actions.
But such activities are complemented with other parties. Many designers and engineers believe that the technology can also be an effective sword in the battle for improved air quality. Offer to meet with the most promising ideas.

Billboards Scientists from engineering and technology University in Peru are on the way to the transformation of each of the Billboard, blocking the sky, into an effective tool to combat air pollution. The prototype of such a device was installed in one of the most polluted parts of Lima. Billboard mixes air with water, using basic thermodynamic principles to actively dissolve the pollutants (such as bacteria, dust and germs) in water and production of fresh air. The creators say that the only Billboard is able to do the work of 1,200 trees, purifying daily 100 thousand cubic metres of air in crowded cities.

Air filter NASA you Might be surprised to learn that indoor air can be much dirtier than on the street. The result of 12 years of active scientific research NASA recently introduced Airocide – bespaltnoe air-purifying system that are proven to remove the worst pollutants from home air. So, tests by NASA have revealed that the device Airocide can remove virtually 100 percent of volatile organic compounds – harmful gases produced products that we use in everyday life.

Concrete that eats smog Recently, the Italian chemist Luigi Cassar has received international recognition for the invention of an innovative cement coating that neutralizes the pollutants and improves the air quality, at the same time giving the city a nice appearance. Additionally, air pollution is a danger to health, it also changes the color of the buildings. To solve Luigi Cassar developed a cement mixture that contains special substances photocatalysts. With the help of sunlight they break down pollutants into less dangerous substances, which are then simply washed away with the rain. Thus, a new substance clears both the concrete and the surrounding atmosphere.

Buildings in terms of construction the air pollution control buildings, it should be noted that in the future we will certainly go much further photocatalytic coatings. So, in eVolo competition for the best design of a skyscraper, held this year, was presented a few concepts to combat air pollution, among which is the "Hyper" filter. Design, which have in large cities among the enterprises and cars crowded the streets, absorbs CO2 and other harmful gases releasing into the atmosphere of pure concentrated oxygen.

House plants Probably, we all know that common household plants help to improve air quality in the premises, but the new gadget activates the cleansing potential of your plants. Device Air Andrea naturally purifies air by drawing in its quiet running fan and they are blowing the leaves and root system of the plant. After that the air flow is filtered in water and soil and returned to the room. "This living filter accelerates the removal of harmful organic compounds and toxins with the help of active vegetable system, whereby there is a continuous cleansing and filling the room with oxygen," — say the creators of the device.

SuperDrive a Few years ago, the Peruvian company Tierra Nuestra debuted with air purifying technology called "SuperDrive". The device absorbs the outside air, then under thermodynamic pressure combines the toxic elements from the air with water and the resulting pumping clean air. Among the by-products of the process only some volumes of dirt and water that can easily be drained into the Sewerage system. SuperDrive cleans about 200 thousand cubic meters of air per day, eliminating polluting gases such as carbon dioxide, as well as germs and bacteria.

Unmanned aerial vehicles Faced with pressure from environmentalists and its own citizens, China recently announced a really unexpected method of combating air pollution is the spraying of chemicals from unmanned aerial vehicles. The Chinese state Corporation in the sphere of aviation industry uses drones, paragliders for distribution of chemicals, causing air polluting substances to fall to the ground. Thanks to a special wing of these devices is capable of carrying three times more cargo (up to 700 kg) than the regular version.

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