15 houseplants that improve the air in Your home

Beautifying your home by purchasing furniture and décor items, we usually don't think about the fact that the air quality in our home can change not for the better. All because of a variety of substances, which are able to allocate our new clothes. Appliances, laminate, linoleum and even an ordinary paper towels may contain traces of formaldehyde in contact with the air in our house.

Will help in the struggle for air quality in our green room favorites. Many plants can purify the air at home, gathering dust, smoke and other particles and heavy compounds hazardous to health.

What kind of plants? Here are a few types that are easy to care, beautiful and is able to significantly improve the air in the house.

1. Chlorophytum

Settling in the room, Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum) is getting it easy: collects from the air carbon monoxide and many toxic substances. To remove formaldehyde from the air and oxygen he has no equal. To many Housewives it seems too simple, but should add an interesting planter or hang it on an unusual support — you will understand that it is not as simple as it seemed at first.

2. Ficus Benjamin

After Chlorophytum ficus Benjamin (Ficus benjamina) the best part of air purification from dust and toxic compounds emitted by furniture and plastic items. An interesting feature of this plant is that in the process of its growth, you can curl the roots in a variety of bizarre shapes.

3. Spatifillum

Flowers Spathiphyllum (Spathiphyllum) the hostess is often called "the veil". It is not only beautiful, but also very hardworking. Takes mold spores from the air and cleans the air of trichlorethylene and formaldehyde.

4. Geraniums, aka pelargonium

Despite the fact that geranium (Pelargonium) can adversely affect allergies, we can't leave it without attention, because it is able to cope with disease-causing germs and bacteria in the air. The thing in its essential oils, which, in the absence of contraindications, a beneficial effect on the human body. Geranium improves sleep and calms the nervous system.

5. Sansevieriya or "Teschin language"

Do not get tired to repeat: it's just an extraordinary plant. Believe it or not, I forgot it in the summer on the balcony for a month. The temperature there reached in the daytime more than 35 °C. it Seemed that the chances of rescue were not, but sansevieriya surprised vitality! I poured the dry process plants and moved it into the shade, and then found green with a piece of the rhizome. To celebrate, I fueled it with liquid fertilizer, and after six months, he became more beautiful than ever.
It is scientifically proven that this plant absorbs nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde. For the nursery, kitchen, and any room is a good acquisition.

6. The bamboo palm, aka chamaedoreaChamaedorea (Chamaedorea) is a very beautiful plant in the home garden will definitely be the Queen. It removes from the air the formaldehyde, besides, it moisturizes, whereby breathe easier.

The name of this palm tree originated from 2 Greek words: dorea, which means gift, and chamai — dwarf. In fact, this "gift" of course not so dwarf (at home reaches up to 2 m in height), but very useful and beautiful. Look at this widespread species like chamaedorea fine (Chamaedorea elegans) and Hamartia high (Chamaedorea elatior).

7. Gerbera

Not heard that gerbera (Gerbera) — the plant is useless and must be purchased for beauty. Although gerbera is among my favorite colors, I thought so, too. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it absorbs benzene from the air. It also improves sleep: gerbera us absorbs the exhaled carbon dioxide and emits oxygen instead.

8. Cypress

Cypress (Chamaecyparis) takes from the air the dust and negative ions emitted by electrical appliances. And in return gives us the positive ions, thereby discharging the air. Makes the air noticeably cleaner, fresher, and nicer.

9. Lemon and orange trees

Citrus — the perfect air purifiers. The air in the room, where there are lemons, free from germs and bacteria. The essential oil of this plant is very useful, they calm the nervous system, and the air seemed saturated with freshness. For many people, very troublesome to clean, and someone is growing just like that, without much effort.

10. Begonia

Begonias (Begonia) grow in many homes of our country, and for good reason! They attract dust and make the air more moist. You only need to spray the plant of pulverizator to a new portion of dust like a vacuum cleaner, absorbed by the plant. In addition, begonias kill most fungi and microbes from the air. They also help to cope with the radiation of electrical appliances. And beautiful flowers as a bonus to this number of useful properties.

11. Laurel

The European Laurel (Laurus) — is not uncommon, and here we have — a true marvel. Just woven from the Goodies. Air clear from dust and germs and helps in various diseases. Despite the apparent simplicity, the plant is amazing in its healing and cleansing properties.

12. Dieffenbachia

People with frequent pulmonary diseases dieffenbachia (Dieffenbachia). It is able to destroy a mycoplasmal infection, causing a variety of unpleasant diseases. The plant also captures and destroys toxic substances (toluene, xylene) emitted from paint coatings for floors, walls.

13. Dracaena

Dracaena (Dracaena) also a great "nurse" of air. At one time in our kitchen with Windows on the Yaroslavl highway there was a small dracaena. Thanks to her, the room did not feel any foreign smell from the street was not gassed. It perfectly picks up from the air not only benzene, but also trichloroethylene, flying with exhausts directly to the apartment.

14. Aloe

Aloe (Aloe) is, probably, all, and is not even in vain. And if not — certainly worth a acquire. Will remove almost all compounds of formaldehyde released by furniture, and the disease so generally indispensable! Will help a cold or runny nose — enough to bury the nose a few drops of juice for prevention and treatment. Volatile aloe Vera help to relieve physical fatigue and stimulates brain activity.

15. Scheffler Finally talk about spider (Schefflera). It is a real gift for the smoker or for his non-relatives. Not only "smokes" together with you, inhaling tar and nicotine, but also neutralizes them.

The plant is very beautiful, belongs to the largest genus of the family Araliaceae. And to grow spider bright yellow-green in color, will need a lot of scattered color.
Whatever plant you purchased, the main thing that you liked each other. When buying you should consider how the plant is poisonous for children and animals, if any. published

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