House plants for southern window

Somehow, it is believed that most houseplants love the sun and the South Windows are the most appropriate for house plants. Many sites suggest almost every plant pritenyat from direct sunlight. Well, except that cacti are still allowed to put on a southern window. Before you follow such a "reasonable" advice is better to think, experiment and be guided by your own common sense.

First of all, no one will dispute the fact that the sun is a real elixir of life, essential not only for normal growth and development of plants, but also for the formation of flower buds.

The most familiar houseplants come from the tropics or subtropics where the sun is much brighter than in Moscow. Even under the cover of tropical forest, the intensity of sunlight is higher than in the latitude of Northern Europe.

But why a dracaena, which grows happily under the sun in tropical areas of Africa, Madagascar, Socotra, the Arabian Peninsula in rainy Saint-Petersburg suggest to make a shade from the sun?

Adenium can be found in the wild in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, in hot and dry areas of the African continent. This plant has a thick, bottle-like trunk which stores moisture in times of drought. The Cyperus grows along the banks of the Nile, bokarneya - in Mexico, different types of spurges in the hot African climate perfectly survive. Palms grow in deserts, but at home on the South window, they can wait for a terrible danger in the form of sunburn?!

The southern Windows are different, despite the fact that they are directed to one side of the world. A Sunny window can be in St. Petersburg or Baku. You're not going to argue that the intensity of sunlight will be different?

In autumn and winter Sunny South window may be the only place in the apartment, where in the short day will normally feel your potted plants.

The window can be in the first or second floor. Before it can grow a tree in summer, creating a subtle shade of its green leaves, and in the cold — allow all the meager light of the short day. And maybe a window on the 16th floor without balconies and do not have blinds. The first nearly perfect for all light-loving plants, and on the second you need to think what to put.

Why solar Windows on the South side of the plant often dry or look faded, despite a good watering. Why do I have brown spots and dead areas on leaves and flowers?

First, very often, are grown in culture room are not the types that live in the wild and their hybrids. And hybrids often derive from such features as the ability to grow in a dimly lit place, and they do not tolerate direct sunlight.

In thesecond, the spraying and watering the water droplets remaining on the leaves, the sun act as lenses and can damage plants.

Third, by placing on a hot summer day a regular thermometer on the sunlit window sill, You will notice that the temperature rose much above 30 degrees outside. Can show about 45-50 degrees or more. The temperature of the flower pots the same! Especially if they are dark-glazed ceramics. How do you feel the roots in small pots at this temperature? Maybe they just cooked, so the plant is sick?

Place flower containers decorative light pots or keep the plants in pots made of porous ceramics, she quickly evaporate the moisture, but the evaporation pot and earth cooled down. Water the flowers as gardeners watered their gardens – at sunset or early in the morning, not running to work early on a Sunny summer day. Use fabric or mesh for decoration of pots and protect them from the sun.

What plants can be recommended for South Windows? First and foremost, all kinds of cactuses and most succulents. Among the huge variety of spurges can be easy to choose the right plant according to your taste.

Almost all members of the family amaryllidaceae – gippeastrum, Amaryllis, clivia, Nerina - light-loving plants. They bloom in late winter or spring-autumn in the South window. But many bulbs can bloom beautifully and the North Windows in the spring, if they are in the summer and autumn stood on the balcony or in the garden.

In most flowering plants the buds appear only in good light. Pelargonium, balsams, fuchsias in the South window bloom in early spring and bloom until late autumn. Anthurium in the North window may never bloom or bloom only in the summer, and the South all winter delight flowers. Hibiscus blooms only in good light. Loves the sun Hoey, Jasmine. Of orchids on the South window, you can keep a Cattleya, it likes bright light.

Of ornamental foliage plants in good light need all the variegated types. On the South window, they can be rearranged for the autumn-winter-spring, and when the heat gets to move to a shaded place. Unpretentious Chlorophytum, sansevieriya will survive in any window.

What to do if the summer in your South window is still too hot for indoor plants?


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Just move the plants on a side table at a distance of about a meter from the window. Light lace curtains will solve all the problems with the excess of direct sunlight. You can use blinds for light control in the summer.

For large plants, such as monstera, dieffenbachia, dracaena, a variety of palms, rubber plants, place near a South window most attractive.published




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