House plants: magical properties

House plants: magical properties. Photo:


Not all flowers home harmless. If you want to get married, don't need to keep in the apartment of the violets, but cyclamen, amarallis certainly purchase. It is not recommended to breed plants vampires who are able to take energy. If you still want to grow them, do not put in the bedroom and the nursery.

If the dream of a family life did not manage to come true, think maybe violet doesn't want in the house lived a man? Like the Camellia, which is also considered a flower of loneliness. Couples with children, these flowers will bring more happiness. Violet thanks to his magical energy will not let depressive mood in the house. Instances of blooming lilac shades, can clear the house, removing him from the negative energy.

Introverted and shy people should be planted in a flower pot a Camellia, it will help to get rid of complexes, become more confident, to believe in its appeal. To attract the opposite sex like a magnet placed in your home of the Chinese rose.

To preserve the passionate relationship between the couple will help the creepers and lianas. And single people should avoid these plants.

Orchid will enhance the mood and clean energy at home. Photo:


Put in the bedroom spatifilium, that's why it is called a plant of love. If a single woman wants to find a soul mate, let post in his bedchamber Anthurium. It is believed that it attracts men and Chinese rose. Therefore, these flowers certainly put at home.

The Orchid also belong to the group of flowers of love. This elegant plant will enhance the mood, clean energy at home, like Impatiens, which is popularly called Vanka wet. It will help the home atmosphere to be positive and will clear the air.

Violet thanks to his magical energy will not let depressive mood in the house.


Has magical properties and potted white Lily. It must be positioned so that the light from the moon fell on the buds. Then he would feed them at night and during the day the plant will give your magic powers a woman who is the mistress of plants.

In addition to useful, from an energy point of view, house plants, there are harmful. So, majestic monstera is a powerful vampire, and dieffenbachia. These flats creeper is able to take people's energy. Particularly their negativity in small spaces, where to put these plants is highly undesirable. It is better to place in larger offices, health care facilities, where every day is a lot of people. Here these plants can be even useful, as will be clear space.

For the house, choose plants with positive energy. Photo:


Ferns is also desirable to place the house, if there is a great desire to breed such plants do not put them in the bedroom, nursery, and where family members spend a lot of time. It is better to make a winter garden or placed on the glazed balcony, heated in winter.

Cacti are the best way to get those who has a calm nature. Very active people can become aggressive, being in the neighborhood with a homemade needle plants.

When in breeding colors, it is important to know what appearance of the plant can be cultivated in a particular area. So, Feng Shui does not recommend to put in the living room, the bedroom, the ones that have leaves and flowers with sharp and ragged edges. It is believed that these flora are able to emit negative energy. published



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