HEALING PROPERTIES houseplants or what color of the desired and which SHOULD NOT BE IN THE HOUSE ?!

It is believed that houseplants are fraught with incredible magical powers. There's even a science of using these forces - a magical herbalism.

In ancient times, plants are worshiped. The spirits and wizards lived in hollow oaks, among the flowers and the sound of their whispers. Our ancestors knew that plants have magical powers, and they used this property to change their lives for the better.
Why do not we try?

FLOWERS vampire that is not recommended have in the house:

In general, any vines. - They generate quarrels and gossip attract a variety of diseases. Take positive energy.
Even in the office - is undesirable or install the wire frame to the stems lay on the frame range.
But creepers useful front of the house from the outside. There they act as guardians, who are not allowed into the house of a negative.

Ivy - This plant vampire. The house can not hold, it has a masculine energy, and virtually survives the men from the house where he is.
Monstera - the plant is a vampire, and very powerful. Avoid to put it in the bedroom or nursery. If the home has small children and the elderly, Monstera first will eat them. Better her in the house did not keep.
Dieffenbachia - also plant a vampire. Causing loss of energy. In small rooms do not be put. Designed as monstera for large rooms with a very large "cross." There, they will be even useful, clean space.
Ferns - considered "vampires", they are undesirable for the house, but the negative capacity fern can be neutralized. To do this, put the pot with a flower in place energetically unfavorable. At heart, he will have to location close to the TV.



"Flower of Love" (Spathiphyllum) - the name speaks for itself.
"Male flower" (Anthurium) - attracts men to the house.
"Chinese Rose" (hibiscus). In general, any rose - the flower of Venus, the goddess of love) - lures men.
Orchid - it can also be called the "flower of love", also clears energy, improves mood.
Red geraniums - strengthens the union between a man and a woman.
White lilies, any house plants with white flowers - the flowers (like all women) are under the patronage of the Moon. Luna gives magical powers to the woman. White flowers should be put on the windowsill that they got the moonlight at night and fed them.


"Vanka-wet" (Impatiens) - a very positive flower, cleans the air and energy.


Citrus - improve appetite.
Geranium - cleans the air and energy.
Violet - Violet can be characterized by the color:
Red - increases energy tenants;
pink - stimulates the love power;
Blue - opens the creative flow;
purple - stimulates spiritual activities;
White - clears energy.
Therefore, it is desirable to select the violet color to fit your needs. Violets can be placed in any room.

Chlorophytum - cleans the air of toxins and emit positive energy.
"Pike tail" (sansevieriya) - a very positive flower purifies the air.


Dracaena - a guarded room, the energy indicator, if it is ill - there is a problem tenants, the house is better to clean. It feels the energy of the house.
Fikus- radiates positive energy.
Myrtle - cleans the air and space power.

The office

"Money Tree" (Crassula) - it is necessary to put in the east, "lures" the money in the house. By the way, also it is an indicator, but your financial condition. If the leaves fall off, wait for problems with money - the cash flow is blocked. This tree grows and thrives only in positive cash flow of energy in the house. It is also recommended to put in office.
"Dollar Tree" (Zamioculcas) - the same function as that of the Jade, the attraction for larger amounts))


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