How to choose the right plants for North Windows and other sides of the world

Bringing in a house plant, we don't always think if he likes that side of the world, which out our Windows. Spontaneous shopping, gift friends, and here we stand with a pot in hand, thinking where to attach the new one. And not always it ends well for plants. Meanwhile, for any window there are many plants, which in such conditions will be comfortable.

Well, if the house has Windows facing different directions, then the question of meticulous selection is not necessary. Worse is the case, if the direction is only one, and that — North or North-West, where survive not every plant. But here there are a lot of different possibilities and options.

Plants for the North, North-East, North-West стороны

There is a perception that the Northern areas it is hard to find a beautiful flowering plant. I hasten to assure you, it is a profound mistake. North window is always ambient light; in the winter there is a certain lack of daylight. Therefore, it is recommended to put flowering plants on the window sill, and decorative, good tolerance to light shade — at the window. Frequent inhabitants of the Northern areas become Saintpaulia (violet), a hybrid begonia Lauren or Elation, passion fruit. Near the window can be the representatives of the palm: howea, monstera. As well as ficus, dusty Miller, fern, nightshade and many others.


Find out more about the best plants in North, North-East, North-West side in the article "the 12 most popular plants for the Windows of the kitchen on the North, North-East and North - West direction."




Plants for South стороны

When choosing plants for southern window, it is worth considering that in summer the sun will be in abundance, and it will be hot, so plants needing diffused light, will have to be protected from direct sunlight light lace curtain or mosquito net. But in winter, during periods of lack of daylight, these Windows will for many plants salvation. On the window sills with this direction you can put the most resistant to heat and direct sunlight plants: cacti, succulents, hibiscus, adenium, passionflower, aloe Vera. If the plant is light, but direct sunlight it is contraindicated, it can be placed near a window, not on the windowsill. Plants, loving ambient light and a lot of heat, I prefer Windows South-Western, Eastern and even Western areas.





Plants for the southwest стороны

Warm, South-West direction with a delicate sun, passing into the midday heat and bright light, well suited to plants with a decorative colour or heat-loving cacti, succulents, and often vigorously flowering plants.

To get more information about the most popular representatives of sills South-West side in the article "the 16 most popular plants for the Windows of the South-West, the East and West kitchen." Unlike the kitchen the bedroom the same direction is higher temperature and humidity. But many of the plants for meals can live in peace and in the living room or bedroom.

Southwest love: dieffenbachia, for which the light — warranty decorative leaves, Azalea, begonia, Anthurium, Impatiens, zebrina, Chlorophytum, Hoya, chrysanthemum, sansevieriya. For flowering plants, light is the factor in the success of flower buds.





Plants for the West side

The window of the Western sides are warmer Windows of the East. On the Western sills shade plants, which can burn or get burned, as well as fans of the ambient light. Here you can put the asparagus, Jasmine low, Cissus, hamerkop, sansevieriya, dizigoteka, eucalyptus, date palm, aechmea, begonia Rex, billbergia drooping. These plants thrive on the windowsill.

When placing the plants a little farther from the window should estimate whether there is enough quantity of the diffused light they receive. Close enough to the Windows of the Western direction in the space of the room can feel Azalea, Anthurium, Spathiphyllum, dizigoteka, bromeliae, asparagus, cyclamen, schefflera, philodendron, Chlorophytum.





Plants for Eastern storonychne this direction lit is much worse than the South. In the morning when the sun rises, its rays are not so scorching, so the plants do not need to be protected from direct sunlight and to worry about possible burns of the leaves. The East window was chosendermansky angustifolium and dracaena, asparagus, ficus, African violet, ivy, Myrtle, aucuba.

So, if your house has a new plant, now you know where better to put it, and if you're thinking about the purchase of new green pet — use the following information to understand how well it will feel on your Windows.

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