6 vegetables You can grow on a windowsill

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In the winter, so you want fresh herbs, luscious berries, fruits and vegetables. Want to, but the hand unconsciously puts ago just taken the package with Turkish tomatoes and cucumbers... I Suppose you know how many of the living-present...

And imagine: the cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers and greens in the dead of winter you can grow from home — on their two or three window sills! And along the way to create a country summer landscape right in his apartment. No, seriously, if you decide today and tomorrow will go to the store for seeds, March 8 you have the bushes already can see the first cucumbers, but grown-up bushes of tomatoes, peppers, and beans will make your windowsill in summer green and joyful!

And let us assure you that it's fun, exciting, important, necessary and very easy! We can of home grown cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and bitter, carrots, beans, garlic, celery, herbs... Oh, how much more!
Well, let's order?..

To agencywebsite house cucumbers — the idea is very tempting. Just imagine: you Wake up in the middle of March, come to the window, tear a couple of young cucumbers, green Bush, and five minutes on the table — a useful vegetable salad... And what a smell throughout the apartment!

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If you have now flashed the thought: "maybe I should try it?"here are some arguments that will help determine:

  • Cucumbers grow very quickly: literally in 7-9 weeks after planting, you can cut salad from their Zelentsov!
  • To grow cucumbers at home are quite capable of not only vacationers, who already "ate a dog" in vegetable production, but even inexperienced in this matter of city-dweller.
  • And shot: you only imagine what a delight bring your friends, colleagues and neighbors young cucumbers on your windowsill! You'll be subject to poisoning substances and Ohoven))
Want to see how it might look? But as in this video:

Stop, stop, no need to flee the seeds that you have harvested for the country beds! Everything is in order. First, carefully read what you need to know and consider when home-grown cucumbers.

1. Suitable cortana all varieties of cucumbers are suitable for indoor growing. You need to choose self-pollinating hybrids. It is best if they are early maturing. Even better — if they spray. And besides — shade))

Efficient and well-proven hybrids:

  • Marinda F1
  • Onega F1
  • Masha F1
  • Connie F1
  • The Legend Of F1
  • Claudia F1
  • Tatiana F1
  • Serge F1
Good reviews also about the sorts

  • Grabovenko
  • Debut 
  • Zozulya
  • Ragtime 
  • Babylon 
  • April 
  • Flight
  • Suitor 
  • Athlete 
  • Goldcrest 
  • NIIOH-412
  • Cucaracha 
If you are just beginning to grow cucumbers at home — choose from these varieties will not regret it.

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2. Required usaviagra, like any other plants, have their own preferences. They:

  • light-requiring, therefore, their cultivation is best suited in Eastern or southern side of the apartment (house). If the light is not enough (and often it is), you will need to arrange additional lighting fluorescent lamps.
  • heat-loving, they need a temperature above 20 degrees (not less than +22...+24°C day).
  • water-loving, so the soil should be always moist (not transfused).

Pomidory tomato — vegetable clearly not winter and not spring. So fresh tomatoes from his garden in April and may is an indescribable pleasure (and pride, whatever you say!).

Many people hesitate to grow tomatoes in an apartment, for fear that they simply will not work. You know, studded with red fruit bushes on the window sill — it is only at first glance, "terribly difficult". To grow tomatoes at home. Raise almost all in their apartments the flowers, but this process is no less complicated :)

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If you have a burning desire to try your hand at growing tomatoes home, listen to the advice of our experienced gardeners.

1. Suitable sortable home garden suitable self-pollinated hybrids. Do not mess with tall varieties — namuchaetes. It is better to choose low-growing (or even dwarf). It is also worth to sacrifice the love of big tomatoes, it is better to plant small-fruited varieties are faster and easier ripen.

On sale today a lot of tomato seed of those varieties and hybrids that are specifically designed for home growing:

  • fit the Balcony the wonder, the surprise Room, Balcony red F1, Alaska, betta, Pearl red, Pearl yellow, Bonsai, Japanese room, News Canada.
  • especially love the use of the dwarf Minibel, Bonsai micro F1, Pinocchio, Florida petite, cherry a Pygmy Lisa, F1, F1 Zelenushka.
  • a wonderful hanging plant varieties that look great in hanging pots, such as cherry, Talisman, Yellow pear, Peruvian home, Ildi…
Tip: you in the store will offer a lot of varieties of tomatoes, claiming that they are perfectly suited for home growing. Listening to this and believing the seller, you still carefully read what is written on the packaging: we need the bags have a special marking "Home vegetable garden", "series Harvest window" or "Recommended for pot cultivation". Now, if you are the sort of sign you saw — safely pay the money)

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2. Required slavewhat for the "homemade" tomato has a few differences from caring for them in the country or the plot.

  • Tomatoes — light-loving plants, so for them it is advisable to choose South, South-East or East side. In winter, the apartment they need the backlight
  • Don't like stagnant air, fear wet locations.
  • But drafts are not afraid, so feel free to ventilate the room where "live" tomatoes.
  • The optimum daytime temperature for growing: flowering and fruiting — +22...+25°C (night — about 17°C) and then preferably 2-3 degrees higher.
  • Irrigation, as in the open field, required a rare, but abundant.
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Tip: if you want the tomato Bush was symmetrically developed and beautiful, turn it daily for 180 degrees relative to the light from the window — then it will increase the green mass evenly on all sides (some owners turn pots with bushes 90 degrees, thinking that will more evenly))

Sweet pepper (Bulgarian)This juicy vegetable is full go to "domestication", it is unpretentious, beautiful and very useful. Although it will have to be patient — the first sweet peppers you will be able to try only after 5-6 months after germination.

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Grow it at home, at the very least, interesting. And profitable including. What benefits? Yes, that pepper is perennial, and shrubs planted today will be for 2-3 years to delight you with their harvest. Invitingly? And then!

If you decide to add to your windowsill sweet pepper, acquainted with the secrets of its cultivation.

1. Suitable varieties As in the case of cucumbers and tomatoes for a home garden you have to choose early-maturing, self-pollinating hybrids.

In the home culture is best proven varieties multi-purpose, used for planting in the open ground, and protected:

  • pepper room Patio-Ivo, which pleases with its bright yellow fruit at any time of the year at the windowsill or balcony;
  • thick-walled peppers improved selection of California wonder with a height up to 75 cm, with beautiful bright red fruit with a ribbed surface;
  • medium early high-yielding hybrid Dutch selection F1 Jupiter with a very large fleshy fruit that changes color from green to red;
  • very sweet pepper varieties of the Ode and of a purple color, a short (35-50 cm) and very productive.
Good reviews received middle-class:

  • Swallow
  • Bulgarian-79
  • The Gift Of Moldova
  • Novorotary
  • Winnie The Pooh

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2. The necessary conditions of a pepper — plant is not very fastidious, he will not "act up" and thank the good harvest, if you follow a few important conditions:

  • This plant is South, so to put it in the sun room, where most of the world. If the light is not enough, you will need to "dosvechivat" artificially.
  • Sweet pepper is gentle, he does not like drafts
  • The optimum temperature for maintenance from +20 to +26°C (at +18...+20°C)
  • Regular loosening of the soil necessarily
  • Pepper needs to be protected from pests (aphids and spider mites)
  • During fruiting pepper must be tied to a trellis.
Tip: to raise on a single window sill (and in the same room) sweet and hot peppers are strongly recommended — as a result of cross-pollination the whole pepper will be bitter (distance of 2-3 meters to the nearby window sill — not a barrier, don't try))

Chili pepper that pepper will never refuse the opportunity to always have on hand shrub with pungent pointed fruit... because to them, any dish with spicy pepper a bit of sugar becomes infinitely tastier))

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But to grow such a miracle on the windowsill is a snap. To do this, only the presence of the sun in a window for 3-4 hours a day, the pot of earth, need seeds. And in 2-3 months you will have gorgeous, studded with medium-sized fruits of the coveted Bush. And bear fruit in one place it is able up to 5 years!

By the way, it is worth to emphasize that all the representatives of "grecopersian" have a high decorative and is sure to become a decoration of your home garden!

I think you and persuade one did not have)) it Remains only to run a few lines of required information.

1. Suitable varieties For home growing are better suited to early maturing seeds of self-pollinated varieties and hybrids. To the delight of thrill, almost all varieties of hot pepper fully meet its purpose)

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This varieties and hybrids

  • Astrakhan 147
  • Elephant trunk
  • Ukrainian bitter
  • Indian summer 
  • Twinkle
  • Queen of spades
  • Sweetie
  • Carmen
  • Supercili F1
  • Oddity
Special reviews received two varieties of pepper:

  • Dragon — a high yielding, very pungent taste
  • Elephant trunk is the most large of all spicy peppers: the length of the fetus reaches 27 cm
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2. The necessary conditions To Bush pepper has grown and developed without problems, from the very beginning you need to fulfill a few basic conditions.

  • To prepare a good soil substrate
  • Plants are best placed on South, Southeast and southwest, where most of the light. The lack of lighting in the winter are sure to make a supplementary lighting.
  • To prevent the drying of the soil.
  • Not pasynkovat, then the Bush will surround and "rich»
  • During fruiting to feed, as it is usually abundant and quickly depletes the soil

To resolveentity beans on the windowsill for everyone. Moreover, it is unpretentious, it comes up quickly, grows on the eyes and does not require special care. This is a self-pollinating plant; in six weeks it will bloom, and two you will take the little pods. They are delicious in vegetable stews, soups, omelets, and just roast. Believe me, you will not regret if you decide to get a couple of bushes beans)

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1. Suitable sortprice showed that at home most profitable to grow early maturing varieties of green Bush beans. But curly varieties should not be discarded. At least, they are very decorative and long bright green vines with large flowers of pink, purple or white colors look amazing. And without a crop too will not remain.

What varieties of beans to choose?

  • proven green beans Fatima
  • good reviews truckers got varieties of Bush beans Triumph sugar 764, Saks without fiber 615, Mask and Selenastraceae 517
  • from curly bean is recommended to choose sort of the Golden neck, or violet

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2. Necessary to slowergrowing for beans just enough to provide her with regular watering, hoeing and fertilizing, and to follow some simple requirements:

  • Capacity for growing Bush varieties should be of no less than 2 litres, and for climbing varieties, 30-35 liters.
  • Bush beans are more photophilous, it is best to have Windows on the southern and South-Eastern side of the winding can "live" on either side. Supplementary lighting in the beans usually not needed.
  • Curly beans need rope (wire mesh) support.
  • The yield beans increases fertilizing with superphosphate and potassium chloride.

Markovity never heard that carrots can be grown on the windowsill? Yet how can! In a simple flower pot or container you can get a very decent crop. Most varieties will begin collecting fresh carrots already after 3.5 months after planting. That is, as most gardeners soon begin to sow carrots, you will already have! Carrots, of course, Moody, but the main thing — to know a few secrets, and then you it's gonna "make friends»:

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1. Suitable Artemenkov the remarkable fact that the roots, even just born, is already suitable for consumption. So to grow it — it is a win-win))

  • For growing in the home best suited mini-carrots of types of Parisian carrots — this sort of Parmex, Sophie, Granddaughter. It grows over 80-90 days and does not require much space — it was completely fine with the pot or container.
  • You can also opt for early maturing varieties of Amsterdamska
  • And kids will love the round little roots Round baby

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2. The necessary conditions should Start with easy preparation and well-drained soil. This is extremely important: the easier it is to get oxygen into the soil, the fuller and healthier the roots will be.

  • Depth of tank (container, pot, pot) should be large enough so roots can develop normally.
  • The ambient temperature should be maintained within the boundaries of +13...+24°C.
  • Carrots do not like direct sunlight
  • Regular watering is required (more often than outdoors). If a drainage holes!
  • To retain moisture in the soil need to mulching
  • Do not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers, the risk of getting a lot of greens, not carrots.
Tip: to grow carrots can be cropped in plastic bottles. Cheap, and convenient, and mobile))

Home garden with zelenuyu and what is a garden without greenery? Onion, parsley, dill, lettuce, Basil, mint... Without these indispensable plants there is seldom a windowsill overwinter))

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If you are a lover of greenery on the window, I suggest you read the article on our website
And finally, we propose to admire the home garden of Hope scherbininoy. The same branch of the villas can make any of us... is wanted

The more snow, the whiter scenery, the more we miss the bright colors of the past summer, in fresh biting sound of a jet from a hose, a whisper of herbs in its country. Hands long ago missed the earth, and to the favorite raised beds, Oh, so long... more for two months…

But we can regain a piece of summer and garden. Everything: the desire and... the window sill! Let me reiterate: if starting right now, by March 8, we already can have their own cucumbers!

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