Tomatoes on the windowsill: growing


Certainly there are those who only dream about own small kitchen garden, and think that the breeding of tomato it is not for them. But, what if we say that there is a method of growing tomatoes directly in your apartment? Do not believe it, but in vain, because to grow tomatoes on the windowsill. And in order to dispel all doubts about the reality of this venture, we invite you to read the article: Tomatoes on the windowsill: growing.

How to plant tomatoes on the windowsill?

And so if your scepticism is gone, let's talk about how to grow tomatoes on the windowsill. If you want tomatoes you fell then, when valuable to them as high as possible, and get them except in the store is practically impossible, it is, of course, about the winter, the seeds for seedlings to sow in about the month of July. For this you need to stock up on light land with a mixture or a ready soil for seedlings.

The soil should be poor, contain peat, sand, organic fertilizer, all of this should be in the soil in equivalent proportions. And so the soil is the next thing you'll need in order to grow tomatoes on the windowsill, is a special pots, based on the variety of tomato (low-growing or tall) select the capacity of the pot for undersized will fit a pot with a capacity of 3-5 liters, for tall varieties of tomatoes need more containers up to 12 litres.

After your seedlings have grown up a bit, it is transplanted to the pots a little and deepen.

Manipulation of seed.To sow the seeds you will need a normal, transparent plastic cups, they are very convenient for watering and monitoring of seedling growth. Before to plant in him the seeds of tomato, a Cup filled with soil and poured boiling water in order to disinfect. Wait until the soil has cooled, then put in it the seeds of tomato, planted seeds, a little delving into the ground, 2-3 see If you have sprouted the seeds, planted them 1 in one Cup, dry seeds planted 2 seeds in a glass.


How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill?Probably, for anybody not a secret that tomatoes love light, so place they want solar, better on the South side of the apartment. If the tomatoes on the window sill is not provided natural light to the full, they need to provide artificial light source, and for the South side, when daylight is reduced, artificial lighting is necessary.

Watering. Tomatoes on the windowsill

Watered the tomatoes on the windowsill, then when it begins to dry up the top of the soil in the pot, in addition to watering, the tomatoes on the windowsill in need of feeding with organic fertilizers, it is carried out every 14-15 days. In addition, the tomatoes on the windowsill, need the correct temperature, you also need to avoid moisture in the room, you also need to ventilate the room with a regular frequency, the tomato is not terrible drafts, you don't have to worry.

Tomatoes on the windowsill need to remove the shoots that develop in the axils of the leaves, these procedures are performed manually, it is done to increase yield. The growth of the tomatoes need to be tied up.

Our article Tomatoes on the windowsill: peculiarities of cultivation came to an end, as you can see, in this lesson there is nothing complex and the results may pleasantly surprise you, so wish you good luck in breeding tomatoes at home!



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