The radish on the windowsill: growing in summer and winter at home.

To have on your table fresh juicy radish at a time when the window lyutuet cold, not only pleasant but also useful. Small size, red "holiday" coloring the root appearance to lift the spirits on a cloudy day and replenish the body with vitamins and minerals.

Even better and more useful if fresh, this delicious vegetable can be eaten from time to time, buying it at high prices on the market, and every day, getting the necessary amount of harvest from an ordinary box on the windowsill of his apartment. Someone may have doubts about the feasibility of growing radishes in the home. The right question requires clarification.


Is it possible to grow radishes on the windowsill?

If you want to, Yes. Time to get the harvests are low, costs are purely symbolic, not more difficult, than the usual flower in a pot.

Besides the cultivation of radish on the windowsill did not mean to place all the boxes, making room in the vegetable greenhouse. Just select a month for one room or use insulated balcony to have fresh vitamins in winter. Although the space for planting is not as important as certain conditions on the selection and preparation of planting material, land, care.

What begins the fight for the harvest?

Choose seeds for winter landings

To start remember the main!
To buy seeds should be checked to specialized, though small, stores. Maybe a penny more expensive, but no problems. "Market" point – space is unpredictable.

Know how to grow radishes on a windowsill in the winter is important, but even more important is knowing how to sort the fit from the seeds. Make first choice the visual. When buying look for the appearance of seeds.

Quality will:
approximately the same size;
— natural brown color;
— without a trace of gray touch;
— no musty odor.

Virtually test a landing material in your home. For this, the seeds fill with water, allow to stand for swelling, and look at the result. Landing take swollen, descended to the bottom. Anything that swims is being deleted — it's a marriage.

An important factor in the choice of seeds for home growing – the quality of the planting material. We need early maturing varieties (Mature in 20-30 days), does not require a special exclusive conditions.

Of the most famous can use these:
Deka – do not throw away "arrows";
Dabel and champion – are not hollow;
Dawn, Carmen, Early red, Quart – unassuming to the lighting and watering;
Grade 16 – day leader for timing of harvest. For two weeks, and on the table is served.

Preparing the seeds, soil, containers

The process of seed preparation for winter of landing begins at the stage of verification of their quality. On the one hand, we do culling, and with another – increases the germination rate. In fact any grain thrown into the ground just sprouted, give shoots much better and faster than dry.

To determine the quality and culling the good from the bad seeds we filled with water. For soaking in preparation for planting they should not do that. In water the seeds have a chance to die. Sprout only in well moist without excess water, the rag.

And again. To ensure simultaneous germination of all seeds planted radishes require pre-calibration of the grains. That is, sorting by size. And good to make prevention of planting material to hold the seeds in the solution of potassium permanganate. To grow better, be sick less.

Nothing complicated here, now on earth. The easiest option is to gain land, say, in the country or under the house. Something will grow, but we need a crop of healthy, not a single sickly seedlings. Therefore, the soil under the cultivation of radish on the windowsill so we should take the "right". It is quite possible to buy a way out for the lazy, or are mixed yourself. The second is more economical but requires certain components. Here are a few examples of possible soil for growing winter radish.

The first option is garden soil, humus, sand in equal proportions.
The second variant — garden soil (1 bucket), ash (1 Cup), shell and half the egg.
The third option is a mixture of earth and peat in the ratio of 1:1.

Used land may have unwanted "tenants" — bugs, worms, other insects that can destroy crops. Before cooking ground alone it is desirable to conduct processing of soil temperature (steamed).

In each of the substrates, to increase productivity and accelerating growth of young shoots can make some amount of mineral mixtures. Sold in stores, instructions for use for each type of vegetables included.

Seeds selected, the ground prepared – it's time to pick up Tara. The best containers are boxes made of wood. Wood breathes, and with it the soil. But it's not a rule, but as the best option. It is quite possible that the majority does use plastic store-bought container or separate containers. In the cultivation of radish total field boxes do or buy with the width of the window sill of the room, with a minimum depth of containers 14 inches.

The next stage is plant the seeds of radishes in the ground

Process, accessible to the layman, in practice it looks so:

1. In the land of make holes, if it's single cups, or grooves, if it is boxes, to a depth of about 1.5 inches.

2. Pour the deepening of warm water.

3. Distribute seeds across the groove at a distance of approximately 3 cm from each other, fill the earth and watered again lightly to slightly compact the substrate.

4. Cover container with glass or polythene, which is not too bad, and the expected germination. For the full germination of radish on the windowsill the temperature on the balcony or in a room maintained at 18-20o C. This is the ideal.

3-4 days after the appearance of the first "joy" (green shoots of radish) remove the cover, sprouted seeds sent to a place where the temperature will be at the level of 8 ° C. This is for school. 3-4 days stood – taking back in a comfortable growing conditions.

Go ahead — create the most favorable conditions for the development of seeds


If we want radishes juicy, not hollow, and rapidly maturing, we need the plant to provide the necessary amount of light. Is not complete at the time the light except green forcing anything on the "beds" do not see. Small light day add artificial lighting. Using standard incandescent bulbs (not cold light) can not only provide the seedlings with light, but also to raise the room temperature several degrees. Importantly for winter growing roots on the balcony with lowered temperature.


Even if we choose the varieties are undemanding to growth conditions, to monitor the soil moisture is still needed. Harvest, you know, on dry land will not be large. But an overabundance of water, as well as the lack of it, to no good result. Water the seedlings with no supplements. Minerals in water and the required for growing a full crop on the windowsill in the winter, this vegetable is sufficient. If really want to have a record harvest, feeding do valid. The amount of fertilizer is determined by the instruction.

If we decided to grow radishes in the boxes on the balcony with the use of feeding in the number of "obzavedites neighbors", to offer fruit to the children is not necessary. Chemistry is unpredictable.


Radish culture, does not tolerate heat. When the climate is artificial, let it be moderate. So, if you have a choice to place the boxes with the seedlings, we choose a balcony. The temperature there is lower than in the room. Is there any possibility to put the boxes with seedlings over the radiators.

That's all, if we talk about the basic components of cultivation of such simple but valuable in content of root in an artificial microclimate. Now we know how to grow radishes on a windowsill in winter, exerting the least effort. But it should be noted that this type of crop is suitable not only for winter. In the absence of the land, we can grow root crops in any time of the year and in unlimited quantities. Because the conditions of the contents of the boxes with the substrate will depend only on us and our desires. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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