Herbs on the windowsill all year round

To grow herbs at home all year round. The main thing — to protect the sprouts from drafts and extreme temperatures. Herbs growing on the windowsill of your home, will benefit a bit of warmth and comfort and a modicum of freshness the summer.

The USE of herbs is invaluable in that it provides the body with essential proteins, as it contains large amount of amino acids vital for the body to build proteins. With herbs, the body gets insoluble fiber.

The greens, giving the body alkalizing effect helps to neutralize the oxidizing effect of heat-processed and animal foods.

The chlorophyll contained in herbs, nourishes body cells with oxygen, which helps to maintain the pH balance, stimulates the development of useful and slows the growth of pathogenic bacteria in your body.


Before sowing parsley seeds need to soak and sprout. Parsley photophilous plant. Winter greenery it is recommended to put on from the cold window glass. When growing parsley it is necessary to watch that the soil doesn't dry out or too wet.

When the first sprouts, parsley should be thinned. When thinning leave only strong plants, at a distance of 4 cm from each other. With proper care for parsley, the crop on the windowsill, you can get through 6 weeks.

Tearing is recommended from each of the plants half of the leaves that it recovered. For growing on the windowsill suitable varieties of parsley: "Sugar", "harvest", "Borovinskaya". Winter for planting root used types of parsley. Root crops should be selected not long, with a minimum thickness of 2 cm They are planted in boxes, sloping rows of 2-3 cm in the row.

The favorable temperature for the cultivation of parsley on the windowsill 22-24 C.


Cress on the windowsill is grown in shaded corners, it is recommended on the North or North – East side. Planted in boxes or pots. The container should be filled with soil to 10 cm Seeds into the soil down to a depth of 1 cm For 10 cm 2 area of planted ground 2 gr. seeds of cress. After sowing the soil should be watered abundantly. Seeds germinate in 5-7 days, and 2-3 weeks then the leaves. Grow well in the home varieties of "Ordinary", "Pepper", "Deciduous", "Curly".



Dill — undemanding plant to grow it is very simple. Dill can be sown in the boxes randomly with other plants. Fennel seeds, just gently cover the ground. The first seedlings you can get through 2 weeks, a month full grows greens. Dill requires a lot of light. Therefore, boxes with herbs it is better to put on the bright side.



Spinach at home and need to grow on the Windows with southern, Western or South–Western side. Sown in January – February. Before sowing spinach seeds must be soaked, then dried.

Spinach seeds not particularly deeply buried in the soil, with the expectation of 1m2 / 20-30 seeds. For spinach the most favorable soil – humus, loam, sand (2:2:1). Favorable temperature — 15-19S.

Spinach requires adequate but not excessive watering. The room must have fresh air, good lighting.

Fresh herbs you can get through 1-1.5 months.

Try to provide themselves with vitamins all year round themselves, and began to grow herbs on the windowsill.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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