Methods of earnings in ekoposeleniy

As the trend of recent years, more and more residents of big cities, successful and wealthy, leave their houses and the familiar "concrete jungle" and make a step towards nature, leaving the earth, in the kin's domains and ecovillages, to build their own houses and cultivate the soil. In this regard, the question arises: such an ecological romance is fine, but what means do they live? We decided to bring you a selection of activities that brings profit and pleasure, while not requiring regular visits to the "civilized" world.


1. Activities related to nature and plants.

The cultivation of plants as food is the most natural activity for everyone who lives "on the ground". Modern technologies allow to obtain from the territory of the family estate, and even simple private "estate" or house products for subsistence and for sale. Given that organic products have a good demand and appreciated in Europe, the surplus could be exported. Growing food is of particular importance for ekoposelentsev, even if they can provide themselves with some other job. Organic food grown in his family estate — a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle ekoposelentsev.

Cultivation: vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, greens

Cultivation: mushrooms

Cultivation: crops.

The cultivation of medicinal plants, tea, natural sugar substitutes.

Production of vermicompost. Year-round PR-in allows several times faster to revive soil fertility.

Greenhouse agriculture. Year-round production in all kinds of vegetables and fruits, herbs, flowers.

Production of biocompost, soil mixtures.

Careful harvest of renewable forest products – nuts, berries, mushrooms, resin, birch SAP, moss, medicinal plants, etc.

The cultivation of valuable microalgae (Spirulina, Chlorella)

The cultivation of flowers, ornamental plants



Breeding and Pets. Breeding of animals for slaughter, especially the mass, is not consistent with the ideology of harmonious symbiosis of man and nature. Therefore, it is assumed the maintenance of the animals with the aim of obtaining dairy products, eggs, wool, transport, the protection of estates, the fight against harmful insects, rodents, etc.

Perhaps breeding and fishing


Dairy farming

Production (extraction) of essential oils from nuts, seeds.

Cultivation of aromatic plants for the production of natures. perfumes, fragrances, flavours, etc.

The cultivation of plants for the manufacture of yarns and fabrics (nettle, flax, cotton, etc.)

The collection of wool Pets.

The collection of precious minerals, healing clays, mud, and sapropel.

Harvesting clean water from natural sources

The breeding of elite breeds of horses, dogs, and other animals.

Harvesting, growing forests


2. Processing, preservation and storage of food

We need research, development and commercialization of the best methods of storage of products, especially affordable electricity.

Drying, preservation of fruit and vegetable products

Production of juices, drinks

Bakery, bakery.


The production of milk and milk products

The production of natural candy

The production of pasta

Quick freezing of berries, mushrooms and other products. Food storage (glaciers, underground, freezer boxes)

The production of pcheloprodukty

Production Kulaga

Manufacture of Breakfast cereals, nut mixes, granola, snack.

Club dining, diner, pancake, tea, etc.

Production of natural teas, medicinal fees.

The production of biscuits

Manufacture of products based on germinated seeds.

Manufacture of semi-finished products (mixes for soups, dumplings, etc.)

3. Activities related to information technology

21 century is the century of information technology. The desire to live in harmony with nature does not oblige to isolate themselves from innovative and useful knowledge. And the way of life in ecological settlements is not contrary to the century of Informatization. Working on the computer is preferable to any industrial production does not pollute the environment, does not consume materials that do not require significant material costs for equipment, premises, does not produce noise. The results of work easily replicated. Good design can be exported and for many years to be a source of income. The Internet allows to establish operative communication with the software clients, to avoid transport costs in the transmission and promotion of the results of work. The settlers who provide themselves with the necessary means of subsistence, have the opportunity to engage in large, long-term developments. In General, such a form of freelancing — a great way of earning and development. And here variants are possible.

software development on PC;

art, design work on a PC;

create games, educational software, encyclopedias;

create cartoons, videos, music;

translation of technical texts, books from foreign languages;

electronic versions of libraries, poetry and art collections and much more.

development of architectural design projects of furniture, houses, machines, etc.

freelance, remote work via the Internet

the development and promotion of sites

3D modeling

video graphics, photo editing-video.

management of online store


4. Art

A quiet life surrounded by nature, the material prosperity, advanced culture and spirituality of the settlers, a healthy bio-energy, the aesthetics of family estate — perfect conditions for working actors, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, etc.

Creative workshops, art Studio.

Music Studio


Organization of events, festivals, theatre, etc.

5. Crafts

Basket weaving;

Carved wood; bone


Sewing organic clothing, costumes.

Art painting of fabrics

Carpentry business.


Stamping, casting

Stone processing



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