How to earn in crisis in the village — a personal experience

If you live in a rural area, any case not lost, because you live in nature, which is teeming with wealth. This is a real wealth because life the need for them will never disappear.

Offer 8 kinds of gratuitous use of the gifts of nature with the aim of earning.



If you live in a mushroom place, then this is what you need. Here much depends on the year and your location. There are woods, in which literally hundreds of mushrooms. In half a day, starting with the 8-7 o'clock in the morning and before lunch, people manage to leave the forest for 5 baskets on the nose. Filled to the brim with mushrooms. If to it to attach to relatives, the day you can gather 100 kg of mushrooms.

Every region has mushroom purchasers who right on the spot cook mushrooms in huge tanks and send to the factories. If you are lucky, the case for small — to fuse them mushrooms. If they are raw there is no one to sell, then again look for that someone may need mushrooms. If truly no one, then preserve the mushrooms themselves, though this is a laborious process, consuming much time, but marinated and pickled mushrooms can be taken later at a decent price in stores.

Very well this case will fitthe mushrooms, especially white. If they grow, you grow such incredible volume that it is time to take into the forest of hair. Mushrooms are very easy Salada, salt them in wooden barrels (the presence of which would do well to think in advance), and then, in the winter, come into the store and offer bochechka pickled mushrooms. You can just give them to the implementation, and later, when they sell out — get your reward.



Everything is easier with the implementation. If the region is wine-vodka distillery (and of course he is, because where the Russian people without...), feel free to call back and find out what they need. Usually something is necessary. Very popular is the mountain ash, it is easy to assemble and a lot of it. Pass the berries can be as raw and dry. If you are unable every time to get fresh berries, you collect a whole mountain, dry, and then for time take. Dried berries are more expensive per kilogram, but in the "dry" their kilos a lot more than "fresh".

To say there is not, but in every third village has a sign "Zagotpunkt". If you have no zagotpunkt, then look it up in a nearby village or in the regional center, they can offer a lot of interesting. Though the majority of their procurement is garden berries (which is also excellent earnings!)


The collection of medicinal herbs

Implemented all in the same storage places, or in pharmacies. In this case, option a win-win. Healing herbs are everywhere! I even dare not to list them because herbs are not only poisonous, the other with a few exceptions for you. You can work for the buyer and can simply just dry herbs in huge quantities, and then make some of them different teas, fees (e.g., anti-parasite: wormwood, tansy, oak bark, etc.) and to sell retail to the public.

You can still buy linen cloth and to sew pillows with medicinal herbs inside. Knitting brooms In any forest is birch. It usually happens like this: one person cuts the branches, the other knits from them brooms. For a day's work turns a lot. If it makes a group of people, then even more! Brooms buy firms which they are dried and packaged in individual packaging. If you such firms do not find what brooms you buy any public bath.

In addition, there are many SourceList, characterized by their originality. For example, the collection of algae , etc., but these should be engaged only in case, if you have a distribution channel. As well, and all the rest.

 Breeding crayfish

It is quite a profitable business. In order to breed crayfish at home may be a few prerequisites. For example, the presence of a pond or lake near the house, the presence of the room in which you can install aquariums for cancers to be able to breed them not only in the South but in the North.

The first method of breeding crayfish is installing aquariums for them in a heated room. This is to ensure that they do not hibernate. When cancer falls in the natural conditions of hibernation, it sheds only once a year, after he turns two years. Therefore, crayfish in natural conditions in the North of the country are growing quite slowly. The breeding of crayfish in the aquarium contributes to the fact that they molt once, but in 2-3 months. So after a year of this cancer can be sold for a good price. The shell of cancer, which is placed in the aquarium, two molting acquire a blue color.

Blue cancer are very highly regarded and often is exported, so you can easily imagine how much profit can bring the breeding of cancers at home. Those entrepreneurs who are engaged in large supplies of crayfish, use another method of earnings. This method of earnings was the result of the fact that very few people who live in Central or Northern zone of the country, how to prepare for cancer. Because of this, cancers are not sold retail, it is better to sell directly wholesale what I know entrepreneurs who carry out the breeding of crayfish. The ability to eat cancer, also inherent not for everyone.

Therefore the earnings is to conduct workshops on the topic: "How to eat cancer for a beer" in places that sell beer and crawfish.

For this you can make paid entrance to the school, organize an advertising campaign. The popularity of this master-class depends on how artistic is the master. The providers of such goods, as well as entrepreneurs who carry out the breeding of crayfish will be able to get a high enough profit.

The third way concerns the breeding of crayfish, it is to engage in professional trapping of crayfish, and then they sell independently or in fried form, as a finished dish, or in a live. The breeding of crayfish may be another way. It consists in taking a lease of a pond or lake where crayfish are imported. The job of the entrepreneur is to carry out the trapping and feeding of crayfish, which will go on sale.

The chickens

I want to present to your attention a small business plan for breeding chickens at home. To plant will not only for themselves but also for their friends, neighbors, etc. To implement business ideas, we need a country house with a small yard and people residing in this country house. Well, of course, the chickens themselves. In the courtyard of a country house should be a chicken coop.

If not, then build it will not be difficult. In southern areas it is just a shed made of planks, the door to people, the door for the hens (small window just above ground level with a small bridge to it), a few baskets with hay (for egg laying) and perch. In Northern areas, the house will warm, possibly with the addition of it directly to the house. Chickens are sold at any farm. But in the same way in all localities (especially in the spring) post ads about selling chickens. With the purchase of bird problems should arise. The maximum that can be asked for the chicken the most ordinary chickens egg breed is 100 RUB. let's Say we buy two dozen. It was 2000 RUB.

I will give all profit calculations to a minimum, and costs to the maximum, to get a little closer to the real numbers. The hen will start laying eggs around the fifth month. Until then it will live on your software. But in chicken there are several positive aspects related to their cultivation at home. It is the ability to search for food independently, and the ability of the hatching Chicks. Consider their independence a closer look. If our hens provide a small yard and periodicals freedom to move, the bird will look for and find food herself. It will be grass, seeds, worms, insects, etc. Therefore, cinnamon would only need in the evening feeding. It will include vegetable waste from the table, purchase grain, cereals or feed.

Again, dive in to math: one hen night needs 50-100 gr. feed.

Then 20 hens will eat 2 kg of food for the evening (assuming that you will not add to the waste from the table, crush the grain, and will feed exclusively factory feed and that chicken will lay one-third of the feed at the surrounding area), at 5 months, they will need 300 kg of feed.

At a price of 10 per kg of feed will RUB 3,000 ie 5,000 rubles to start our small business. I think in 5 months you can provide 3,000 rubles from its own budget to feed the chickens. Or do you find them food for free is not difficult, but we do not take this into account. By the end of this marathon comes about 16-18 chickens, if you buy young animals on the farm (well, they are not tenacious). About 4 are cockerels.

In General, if you sum up this farming, chicken young, the result will be approximately 10 chickens hens and 1 rooster. The other roosters, of course — in the soup. One hen will carry you one egg in 2 days. Ie we will get exactly 10 heads 5 eggs a day. A week — 35 eggs. Of course, you get more, but let's say we sell 3 dozen a week. At a price of 50 rubles per dozen village eggs will receive 150 rubles a week. Our investment will pay for itself in 8 months. This is a good return on investment. Subsequent investments to zero. Hens will hatch Chicks, you need only to lay eggs hens, which are already hatching their offspring.

Do birds they are independent, but not very, very careful... One man can easily care for 30 chickens easily. Getting 500 RUB per week net profit and providing your family with egg and chicken.

The vermicultivation

Production of vermicompost and worms — this idea — a kind of continuation of the article about the sale of manure. I sold compost from cow manure, not yet decided to increase the profitability of their venture. Here I will not talk about what a great fertilizer vermicompost, and some nutritious food Californian worms. That is what it is. A bag of compost in the city is 50 RUB.

A kilo of vermicompost for about 10 RUB. I drove for 4 bag of compost with them in the trunk of the countryside to the city and repulsed the gas money. Now, if I implemented 4 bags of vermicompost, I received 1000 RUB clean. I bought matochnuju culture of red Californian worm (Eusenia Fetida). A thousand pieces costs 500 rubles, I bought two teachi.

That is the California red wormand not the usual rain — because he never goes to sleep for the winter, he's eating (means and produces vermicompost) 10 times. According to the technology, vermiculture Finance I made a simple plastic boxes with slatted bottom under the fruit and vegetable. These boxes are conveniently placed to each other. In the box I put a layer of manure podprevshee few inches, then a layer of ordinary earth with a thickness of 1 cm every two weeks put a new layer of manure and new soil.

After 3 months, get a whole box of vermicompost in the order of 5 kg and increased the population of the worm. When the vermicompost was ready, I put on top of the old box with a new nutrient medium, the worms crawled to the top. With this technology vermicompost to Finance a lot of trouble. Need a large number of crates in a separate room.

In addition to regular podsypanina of manure and earth, if necessary to obtain a good crop of worms, the compost needs once a week to loosen the worms need air. Moreover, not all the worms crawled to the top drawer. However, it is the most productive method, if we were to do business on vermicompost, this is the only way.

It was much easier to make a compost pile of boards on the ground. The pile was filled with 1 m3 of manure and run worms. Six months they were doing their job, and then I separated the worms from the vermicompost. Spread a piece of linoleum, he dumped a bunch of vermicompost. The worm does not like bright light, wind and dryness, so slowly crawled down the pile. I took every 30 minutes to remove the top of the heap, before the advent of worms, until, finally, the linoleum was left with a tangle of worms. However, significant labor cost to keep track of the fact that worms do not crawl on the linoleum. The disadvantage of this method is that the vermicompost obtained is not quite pure (not recycled until the end). In the winter the worms in the pile have died from the Russian cold.

I precompositional the entire dung heap of about 10 tonnes for 2 years without breaking a sweat. Money, unfortunately, to count failed and a large amount of vermicompost was used on his farm. Now I do not sell of vermicompost, because I did it, first, for the sake of experiment, and secondly, for the liberation of the backyard from waste products of cows my parents.

Almost all worms die in the winter, so in winter I keep a reserve stock of worms in the house, and every year starts from scratch. Whatever may be said about their simplicity, but by themselves they are to live and work in our benefit will not be necessary to create conditions. Especially if we want to harvest not only from the vermicompost, but also from worms. The worms I fed to poultry, from which she was incredibly happy. Now all the manure and litter at our farm is composted with the help of these worms in one big pile. Every spring run the backup from the house of worms in the pile.

To fall in a pile of their population increases over the winter killed almost everything. Composting is rapid, the heap is not growing. Vermicompost, due to the fact that it can be made without limitation is used in its economy everywhere. Sale of manure My parents keep the village a few cows. Manure is folded in piles whose length is constantly increasing. Especially in the winter. Summer for manure come local villagers and gardeners with wheelbarrows, recruit as necessary for thanks. And manure piles are growing and growing.

Manure does not have time to disperse with the speed with which it arrives. Before the manure arrived on trucks. But now the people are not the same, they lazily load the body by hand with shovels, they are losing potential profit, it is easier to buy this manure from a local barn, where the manure they put directly into the body. Well, let... more for us. More to the point. When I decided to get rid of "mountains of gold" I had a goal — to gain money for them. I often go to her parents in the village, and he lived in the city.

In the village of manure and no one gift is not needed, but in the city the gardeners manure their weight in gold. To bring the car of manure we have at the moment is 4000 RUB. But, the vast majority of farmers cannot afford this luxury.

And then I find out that our neighbor buys the manure bags of 50 RUB. for PCs. the Farmer brings her a UAZ manure directly into the garden a couple of bags. And she's not one purchased in holiday array, and several of her neighbors-pensioners. Ie, it takes 10 or more bags at a time. And it is right to pay 4000 rubles at a time, not everyone can, and buy a couple of bags of manure once a week — no problem.

Maybe I would have gone the way of the farmer, if I had a Car, but to load fresh manure into the trunk of cars that, you know, bad taste. And the output is a simple in the form of compost — manure polupereprevshie dark color, smelling of the forest floor. The compost I found at the beginning of the heap (the old manure) at the bottom of the heap. I put an ad in the local newspaper, which, in my opinion mostly read gardeners.

Text* ads was: "sell the COMPOST from cow manure in bags, 1 bag — 50 RUB., free delivery". And the result was not long in coming. Called mostly retirees, were interested in. We have a small town, I, without prejudice to the purse can bring a few bags in almost any country free the array, not the main one, and best of all 4 (just a trunk). Less than 4 bags at a time I did not carry. Yes, and did not, have always been willing, grandma was shopping. If I told you that news 3 bags I'm not entirely beneficial, the seniors were in position and ordered for 4.

In the trunk I made the film in two layers, and the stacked bags. Consumption and handling of such goods no influence was exerted. Diesel fought back. Dung piles decreased. I was happy with. However, it did not last long, because the compost was only on the edges of the collar and at its very beginning. Every time on arrival to throw manure with a shovel, to accelerate the maturation of compost. The number of clients grew along with the volume of work shoveling manure. If once a month to shovel fresh manure shifting layers of hay and straw, for 1-2 months you can get quite acceptable compost.

This continued until I came up with to produce manure vermicompost with worms. Don't know if this could be a business, but I got the opportunity to free travel to parents in the village. Although, if required to quickly come to them or as fast to go back to the city, then there is certainly not to manure. But I have had several clients who I was able to get some manure, even in their absence, and pick up the money later. I was rescued when I had to get into town, time for the coordination of delivery with clients was not, and because of the lost opportunity to earn a strangled toad.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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