How to choose a walk-behind tractor and attachments for the garden

Each person that handles the ground, I want to facilitate their work. Large selection of tillers, allowing placement of functional equipment, allows to find the required for the specific economy. It is sufficient to understand the functions of individual species and to compare prices in order to make the right choice.

Selection of walk-behind tractorwalk-behind tractor, a universal mobile unit, which due to hanging (removable) equipment capable of performing various works in the garden, field, plot:

  • plowing;
  • mulching;
  • weeding;
  • hilling;
  • fertilization;
  • shipping;
  • cleaning of territory from garbage and snow.

The choice of cultivator will depend on the size of the area being treated, the type of fuel required width and depth and prices, which largely depends on the manufacturer of the equipment.

The choice of tillers depending on the size of the plot

For plots of different sizes it is advisable to use tillers with more or less powerful engines. They are usually classified by weight.

Table 1. Classification (suspended) and the choice of tillers depending on the size of the plot

Square footage Capacity engine HP Width, cm Depth, cm Weight, kg Tillers to 15 acres 2.0 to 25 to 40 to 10 to 12 kg ultralight to 60 acres 40-50 to 4,0 20 up to 30 kg easy to 1 hectares 5.0 to 40 to 80 to 30 to 60 kg average 1-2 hectares of 6.0 90 to 30 to 100 kg semi-1-4 hectares of 9.0 or more 100 or more 30 to more than 100 kg heavy-more than 4 hectare is not effective Tillers fall under the GOST 12.2.140–2004, however, no classification so dividing them by class — conditional, and may be different in various sources.

The choice of tillers depending on the manufacturer and the pricesIn each conditional weight class has a lot of proposals from various manufacturers. As table 2 shows, this division is very conditional, so the choice should pay attention not only on price but also on technical features, individual for each model (including those that were not included in summary table). Prices in the table from online stores in April 2016.

Table 2. Some models of tillers with the price and performance

Manufacturer Model Type Price, thousand rubles Technical specifications Capacity HP Width, cm Depth, cm Weight, kg Honda, Japan Solo 501Н benzo. 23,7 1,3 24 25 12 CHAMPION, China (USA) GC243 benzo. 7,1 1,7 24 22 18 CHAMPION, China (USA) sun 4401 benzo. 11,0 4,0 38 25 30 Triunfo, Portugal 30 TB benzo. 18,0 4,0 30-60 30 37 CROSSER, China (UK) CR-K10 benzo. 17,8 5,0 55 — 44,5 POULAN, USA PRO FT900 benzo. 21,0 6,5 30-65 30 48 Honda, Japan Texas Lilli 572 H benzo. 32,6 5,5 33 30-56 52 "IGO them. V. V. Chernyshev", Moscow, Russia KROT MK-9-01 benzo. 19,0 5,5 35-60 — 53,2 "NPTS in gas turbine construction "SALUT", Russia Salyut-100 gasoline. 30,5 6,5 35-80 25 78 Husqvarna, Sweden TR430 benzo. 47,0 4,3 43 15 90 "Kaluga Engine", Russian Federation Ugra NMB-1Н13 benzo. 42,9 6,0 60-80 90 36 "Kaluga Engine", Russia OKA of MB-1Д1М10 benzo. 28,5 6,5 90 32 90 CRAFTSMAN, USA 29703 RT17" 850 benzo. 38,1 7,0 43 15 91 Husqvarna, Sweden TR530 benzo. 64,2 7,0 53 20 93 "Red October – Neva", St. Petersburg, Russia NEVA 2K-7.5 Benz. 35,5 7,5 84 25 98 "Reduktor-PM", Perm, RF Cascade МБ61-25-02-01 benzo. 36,0 6,5 93 32 102 "tool Academy", Perm Virgin MB-400Д diesel 40,4 4,0 46-77 105 Garden Scout, China GS 135 DE diesel 75,9 9,5 135 30 142 "Smorgon aggregate plant", Belarus-Belarus 09Н benzo. 89 9,0 — - 176 CATMANN, Germany G-192e diesel 12,0 PRO 135 90 325 25 As the table shows, most of the tillers — petrol.


Attachments, as a rule, complete with a walk-behind tractor is not for sale, because under different objectives need different functionality. It will have to be purchased separately. To make the right purchase, let's consider the possible types of attachments and take a look at price ranges when you purchase a particular accessory to the tillers.

Implements — terminologyAdapter — a device allowing to work on the tillers comfortable. He is a truck consisting of a frame with seat, clutch unit and the pair of wheels. The adapter can be attached additional attachments.

Lugs — metal wheels with protruding plates-protectors intended for plowing, weeding and hilling. Width can be a standard or extended cords. To enhance the impact on the ground for easy walking tractor attached with special weights. These wheels can ride only on the soil, on asphalt they are deformed.

Potato are of two types — simple and vibrating. The first is a knife to lift the soil with a metal tail for the shedding of the earth. The second is based on the principle screen. The principle: the earth crumbles, the potato remains on the surface. It is possible to connect the device, dropping the tubers aside.

Cultivator (cutter) — a device for loosening and mixing soil and fertilizer. Can be in the form of nozzles or individual cutters, distinguished by type:

  • rear — to install axle — preparation for plowing;
  • soil attached in front of the cultivator for cultivation;
  • additional — to increase the amount of plowing;
  • "crow's feet" — very durable, for working the land and plowing under potatoes.


Lawn mower for cleaning grass. Manufactured in two types: rotary (disc) and blade (segmented, finger). Rotary is more powerful then the knife easier to handle complex reliefs — between trees, bushes, etc.

Shovel (blade) looks like a knife-blade of the bulldozer and is designed for snow removal, garbage, leveling the soil at the site. The knife is mounted so that debris or snow athribis left or right and align soil — moving right — angle installation. The equipment can be equipped with a solid metal or metal with grommet with a knife, used for different purposes.

The plow — equipment for plowing, especially on virgin lands. More productive than the cultivator, since the device contributes to a deeper penetration into the soil with less effort. Along with the usual models that meet current and rotary plows. When working with the reverse no need to go back to the beginning of the segment, as it can plow in two directions, using alternately (when driving forward and backward along the length of the segment) right and left plows. Rotary is a complex of two to four shares. He plows and cultivates at the same time.



Hiller is also a kind of plough, having a V-shaped ploughshare. Forms a furrow for planting and hilling potatoes.



Pololike is designed for loosening soil between the rows and remove weeds. Are a set of knives or blades in the form of welded construction, mounted on the reducer shaft.



The trailer is designed for transportation of goods and may have different capacity, tipping or fixed body. Some models are equipped with brakes and an optional seat.



Snow plow attachment is intended for cleaning as loose and Packed snow and can be of several types: brush, knife blade (metal or rubber nozzle) and rotor (screw). In the latter case, the snow is very spectacular crashes through the funnel and is removed outside the clearing.



The rotary brush is designed for fast and qualitative cleaning of territory. And to cover his head maybe the asphalt and the earth, and grass, and snow that has not yet grasped in the present.

There are other types of attachments for tillers.

The cost of attachments

Some types of attachments compatible with various models of tillers even from different manufacturers, others unique and suited only to a specific unit. In view of the large diversity and for the correctness of the analysis of prices, selected attachments for cultivators "Neva", production "Red October — Neva". Prices are shown in table 3, taken without reference to a specific model tillers, obtained from online stores and the latest in April 2016.

Table 3. Prices on attachments for cultivators "Neva" (compatible with many tillers of the same classes — "Oka", "Ray", "Cascade", "salute", "Ugra", "Belarus", various Chinese models, etc.) published


Attachments For walking tractors Price, $ Adapter APM-350 with a body — 19900 Adapter APM-350 without a body — 17600 Lugs 425 mm type MB 2160 Lugs 425x200 mm type MB 2720 Lugs 460x160 mm type MB 2720 Lugs 500x200 mm type MB 3120 Grouser 600 mm type MB 2880 Digger (Type 1) "Neva", "Oka", "Cascade" 1000 vibrating potato Digger RAC-1 Oka, MB-1, "Neva", Cascade lawn Mower 15300 KM-0,5 "Terminator" rotary type MB 12300 rotary Mower "Zarya" hinged "Neva", "Cascade", "Oka of MB-1Д1(2)" 13000-14400 Cultivators "VIRGIN" type 1, 6 teeth "Cascade", "Tselina", "Neva" 1970 Set of cultivators type MB 2140-2720 Shovel (blade) LM-100 with the handle of the Neva, Oka, Lander, "Cascade", 5290 Hitachi Shovel (blade) LM-100 without the handle, Neva, Oka, Lander, "Cascade", Hitachi 4400 Hiller HE-2/2 1060 Hiller OND (double row) without a hitch 2300-2930 Hiller disc TYPE 2 (sliding) 2640 Hiller double row

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