How to choose a voltage regulator to give

Increased durability and even the safety of all electrical appliances depends on the quality of electric current in the network.

Unfortunately, on summer residences and country houses are frequent changes of such parameters as voltage, associated with network congestion. Some reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Old electrical wiring is not designed for modern equipment.
  • Connecting welding machine or other power unit from a neighbor.
  • Inclusion in the district during summer, a large number of systems of ventilation and air-conditioning.
  • Emergency on the line or transformer substation.

As a result of regular power surges in the network, the lifetime of the appliances is reduced, and a significant leap can cause failures of the device. To protect household equipment from unstable electric current in the network, the industry produces a voltage of 220V.

What is the voltage regulatorthe voltage regulator — an electrical device designed for converting voltage fluctuations to a constant value of 220V. Designed a device in a metal box, which provides input for the power supply from the network, and output for distribution of the electric current stable in the country. Also the device comes with a control panel and various sensors.

The modern device current stabilization are divided into three main types, each of which has its own characteristics in operation, reliability and cost.

Types of stabilizers:

Relay. Characterized by rapid response to voltage fluctuations, have a small weight and volume, which is useful when installing the device in the country. The price of the device is relatively small, but the reliability and durability of component parts smaller than the counterparts of other designs. Electromechanical. Work smoothly, without jumps. Accessories the transformer is expensive, and the build quality is more strict. Also the unit can withstand substantial loads of up to 90 kW. For these reasons, Electromechanical stabilizers have been successfully used both in the home and in industry. Triac. Have the highest response speed and accuracy in constant current. But the cost is significant, which may be a serious obstacle for the purchase.

The choice of stabilizer to giveto choose the right stabilizer, should be guided by two main criteria: the type of stabilizer and power.

When choosing the type, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature of these problems in a network 220V. For example: if fluctuations are negligible and are within 10-30V, (pomeshivanii bulbs, the unstable operation of electrical appliances), you can select relay stabilizer. It would be the best decision to give.

In the case when surges are in the range 30-80V, and as a result do not run into the working devices and dimly lit light bulbs, you need to think about buying a reliable Electromechanical Assembly.

Ideally, changes in a network 220V it is better to measure with a special device or to invite a specialized firm. The second option is safer, but more expensive.

Further, after selecting a device type, you must slowly and competently to calculate the capacity of the device. To this end, the sheet of paper to fix all appliances in the house or in the country.

It is important to consider in devices that have a motor, power is not consumed, and launchers. To calculate this parameter the rated power must be multiplied by the coefficient. For each device, the coefficient is specified in the passport or in a specialized dictionary. The result is a list like:

The total figure, in this case, is 12 300 W, which corresponds to the selection of the transformer for the house, with a capacity of 15 kW. Of course, not all appliances will operate simultaneously, and it can be taken into account in the calculation. As a result, the required power of the device and its cost will go down. But in this case it is necessary to lay a power supply is to add 20-30% of the forecasted load.

Current models of stabilizersthe Choice of stabilizer to give – a crucial step, because the device will depend on the stability of all appliances in the house. For this reason, it is better not to save, buying strange and cheap product and choose trusted manufacturers.

For example, the positive feedback received, the relay model voltage stabilizer, power 5 kW, LUX Resanta ASN-5000N/1-TS offers you the reliability and overload resistance. Of the shortcomings can be noted the audibility of sounds from the relay switching.

Relay model with a capacity of 10 kW, RUCELF SRWII-12000-L has a high speed of adjustment and accuracy, is equipped with a convenient wall mount.

Relay stabilizer, with the capacity of 15 kW, the Energy of Voltron PCH 15000. Resistant to temperatures up to -30C°, which makes it an ideal choice for cottages and country houses.

Choose the right stabilizer 220V reliably protect against breakage of appliances from possible power surges in the network and prolong the lifetime of appliances. published




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