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Hello, Geektimes! Recently we talked health geeks as not to sour in old age, if really do not have time to play sports or go to hall. Today we will talk again about health, but about the human and on the computer. To be precise - about how to protect your computer from surges and other electrical short circuits.


Of course, experienced users to not have to explain the need for voltage regulators and uninterruptible power supplies. And even more telling, for what and how they work. However, no one is born with the right knowledge in the head, and in general the repetition - the mother of learning. So to address this important topic is never superfluous. So, this plan - we briefly consider the situation in which the computer can "catch" a lot of stress, what and how to protect themselves from this and what are the protective Soup.

Why happen surges
Before you understand how to protect against surges of electricity, you must first understand what it is and why there is.

The reason for the surge in the dry technical language is called "phase shift." What was going on - in the Russian Federation for homes, businesses and institutions is most commonly used three-phase power system: three phase 220 V with a phase shift of 120 degrees, and the "zero" wire. Between any of the phases and the "zero" during normal operation keeps our usual 220-volt voltage (it is called a phase), and between each phase - 380 V (line voltage). But sometimes it happens that any one phase voltage sharply jumps or breaks down "zero" (case rupture or increased resistance), and this leads to imbalance. Thus, in the power supply it occurs simultaneously arbitrarily high voltage, which is able to literally burn the wiring and household appliance (even if it is not so high - the life of the devices will still be shortened by such "bumps»).

Why is this happening? The reasons are many. The most common for our edges: crash on large enterprises, consumed a lot of electricity; simultaneous operation of heaters in an apartment house in the cold; substandard electrical configuration after replacing; accidents on the lines (for example, falling trees on power lines); Overload of transformer substations, etc.

In fact, the very architecture of the modern (and old sample 60-70s) provides default grids that power them can and will "ride", but even the most advanced and protected physically can not stand the "reset" voltage a large plant or a complete break "zero". Thus, even modern apartment buildings are not protected against phase unbalance at 100%, so I have to protect yourself. This can be done by means of special devices - network filters, voltage stabilizers, or uninterruptible power supply.

The most affordable and accessible device for surge suppression and small electrical surges. Most models will not be able to save from the serious phase shift, but most "ordinary" cases, it will be enough to power supply of your computer is not blazed a clear flame. Surge quenched surges specific integrated circuits, and in the more advanced models have a fuse for blackout connected equipment in the event of a significant phase shift. If you do not keep the computer is on all day and night for the sake of service or other necessity, but not often see surges, the network filter will be enough to work calmly and do not worry about the health of your computer. In addition, he will serve at the same time and fitting (coupler).

One of the most popular models - SVEN Optima . Nothing fancy, but it works and people are happy. Cable length and body color can be selected more than konfiguratore.Trebuetsya outlets? Pay attention to SVEN Optima Pro . Well, if you want more serious piece - take APC SurgeArrest , you will not regret.


A more advanced version is suitable not only for domestic but also for office and even industrial applications. Stabilizers are capable of delivering smooth power to the connected equipment at any drops and interference, and when the jump above the limits are automatically disabled. A key advantage of the stabilizers - that one device can serve just a lot of computers and other home and office equipment at a substantially higher degree of reliability compared to the surge protector. Stabilizers differ mass of different parameters, but the most important - a range of input and output voltage, power rating and number of outlets. That this model can safely choose for home use: up to 2 kW, a small number of complaints and returns, and the price is attractive.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Designed primarily to provide the correct shutdown of the computer when power is lost rapidly, however, and protect against voltage surges. In essence, the UPS is a stabilizer having an own battery. Depending on the battery capacity uninterruptible power supply can provide from 5 minutes to an hour of battery life of your computer. UPS is especially true if you're unlucky and you live / work in an environment quite decrepit electricians who regularly "happy" power surges and outages, or neighbors regularly test room railgun.

If you want to protect your home mini server, gaming or graphics station - boldly take APC Back-UPS : it can withstand up to 700 W power consumption and precise enough to store all important documents. Well, if you need a "most-most" of the UPS to protect, for example, an expensive studio with the equipment - it note on his older brother .

Other preventive measures
Turn off the computer from the AC outlet in case of storm. B> Yes, even if you have a stabilizer. And do not be afraid, it seems someone funny. Perhaps you will laugh last, when comedians go to shops to buy new power units instead of burned. In addition, due to thunderstorms in the running computer can burn a network card if skaknёt voltage equipment Internet - would not have believed if I myself once this has happened.

Turn off the computer from the AC outlet in the event of prolonged absence from home. B> Another trivial, extending to the paranoia of the older generation, brought up on the imperfect Soviet household appliances. But still - if you're planning an abyss from home for a few days, not too lazy to turn off the computer and pull out of the socket. You never know what.

Maintain good condition of the wiring in the house. B> To the bare no hanging, twisted and broken and wires! There are obvious problems? Do not skimp, call an electrician if necessary let replace the problematic elements of circuits (for save consumables is not recommended).

100 percent protection from dangerous power surges do not give nothing but high-quality UPS, stabilizer or a surge protector, along with electrical wiring to minimize the risk of normal quality. Remember that their purchase will cost you much cheaper than replacing the expensive technology (or, ugh, ugh, the loss of precious data) in case anything happens. Choose the type of equipment and specific model to fit your needs - and enjoy your life. Thank you and see you soon.

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