How to choose the right uninterruptible power supply for private houses

Unlike urban residents temporarily left without light, the owner of the suburban housing is well aware that the electricity problems can be much more serious consequences and lead to substantial damage. One of the objects that require elaborate and secure power supply system, a heating complex.

Modern heating boilers, whether it is gas or solid, are technically complex devices and components such as the control circuit, electronic ignition system and circulation pumps require a continuous supply of electricity. A good helper to ensure the quality of these components is the electricity uninterruptible power supply.

Why UPS rather than diesel or gasoline generator? Firstly, the UPS is much cheaper to install, they require special installations and constant maintenance. Secondly, for the protection of these components do not need more power, more important to observe the sinusoidal voltage, high precision voltage and current frequency and continuity of supply of electricity. Continuous, uninterrupted power supply or battery life in this case, you can adjust the optional external battery.

Selecting UPS for such tasks is not very rich, in any case, manufacturers of boilers and heating equipment exactly ten times more. Especially interesting is not just the appearance of a new UPS models and new products, pay attention to the country house of the owner of the problem. This year, the Taiwanese company POWERCOM, one of the leaders on the Russian UPS market is not only interested in the subtleties of the organization of protection of heating systems, but also offered a very interesting series - INFINITY

. At present, two models will be available - INF-500 and INF-800, which power 500VA and 800VA, respectively. This line-interactive UPS with perfect sinusoidal output voltage, built-in stabilizer and the ability to connect any external 12V battery. In fact, it is three devices in one - a stabilizer, inverter, when the connected batteries, uninterruptible power supply. The principle of external batteries is quite simple.

When disconnecting the mains voltage the device switches to battery and converts the DC voltage of 12 volts AC - 220 volts, and the appearance of the normal stress on the network automatically switches to battery mode. The maximum charge current is 10A, which allows the battery to charge the large capacity fast enough.

Ability to connect multiple batteries in parallel, in turn, allows you to obtain the necessary battery life of the UPS and your heating system in the absence of electricity. The exact time of autonomy already calculated depending on the power of your system, the capacity and the number of selected cells. When connected in parallel, the voltage remains constant, and the battery capacity is added. Each of us may have different requirements for this indicator, someone will be enough to provide a runtime for two hours, and someone will calculate and insure for a system that provides up to eight hours of battery life.

When choosing an uninterruptible power supply is also important to pay attention to the characteristics of the input and output voltage. To ensure the quality of the electronic unit and the power boiler circulating pumps, of the input voltage range for the UPS should be wide at the exit - to issue "pure sine." Uninterruptible Power Supplies Infinity Series meet these parameters and can work both in the UPS mode, with the ability to power the load from the battery, and the stabilizer mode without a connected battery, taking voltage and 150 and 275 volts, the "filtering" it and giving an exact figure - 220

. Additionally, I would like to mention a few nice features UPS INFINITY:

Indicator Battery Polarity Fault on the rear panel allows you to not reverse the polarity and to avoid damage to equipment and battery when connected.
Having two evrorozetok (most models of other manufacturers, as a rule, only one).
USB-port instead of the aging RS-232, provides more opportunities for management.
Informative LCD-display - they also can boast only a few models of uninterruptible power supplies
. Description and specifications of the new UPS INFINITY series is already in the manufacturer's catalog.

Additional bonuses when choosing POWERCOM items include manufacturer's good reputation and its long history of work in the Russian market and knowledge of the characteristics of our networks, as well as a broad service network. Advice and assistance during the installation of this equipment can be obtained in almost every city of our country.


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