The evolution of the style of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - couple that despite the rumors are still together. For the past 14 years, they are known as one of the most beautiful and extraordinary in his style and pairs them "stylish evolution" is co - varies Johnny and Vanessa changes. Virtually every joint output Depp and Paradis think through for yourself, so if they miss, they do it together, as in the good old times.


This year treacherous Johnny pitched girlish heart Kate Moss and began to meet with the French singer / actress Vanessa Paradis, whom he met during the filming of "The Ninth Gate". There are two versions of their first meeting: according to the first Johnny saw Vanessa at an event from the back and even understand that she - the girl of his dreams, and according to the second Depp had to take pretty tipsy Vanessa home, so how to get herself she was not state, and to see the wonderful man he decided to somehow hook. Which of these options is up to you to believe, but the fact that neither he nor she angels - a fact. In 1998, they were dressed to match each other, dull and somehow, though I admit that the caps were very Johnny to face and fit even more wide-cowboy hats (well, it's probably because of age, he was succeeded one another). < br />


At the premiere of the film "Sleepy Hollow," the king of the evening was, of course, Johnny Depp, but his faithful companion opinion also stayed because they do not notice the fragile French woman in tight shiny dress was impossible. Well it is a little, well, not the standard of beauty a la Jolie, but a certain charm in it still is. Johnny on the premiere was irresistible: all in black and with a piercing brown eyes.


Gorgeous couple! In my opinion, they are perfect for each other and at the premiere of the film "From Hell", they proved that the husband and wife (even civil) - one of Satan. Both chose the strict classical costumes that sit on them frankly not the best, but by some miracle they managed to look luxurious. The paradox lies in their harmony, beauty and self-confidence. For myself, noted an interesting accessory color Vanessa, as does the highlight image.


Johnny and his favorite concert «Rolling Stones» looked like an ordinary average couple complained to the concert rock band. Johnny in a camouflage jacket, gray cap and scarf, as well as accessories, which depicts Ernesto Che Guevara, look trivial, but as Vanessa, who has put his jacket in some striped shirt with floral motifs. Specifically, however.


At the premiere of the film "Once in Mexico: Desperado 2" Johnny looked very doubtful (apparently not yet departed from the role of a psychopath in "Secret Window"), choosing to exit a terrible costume rare strip. But Vanessa looked cute. Someone might say "it is a general store general store", but in the fashion world is a beautiful word called "vintage". Like make-up and hairstyle Vanessa, surprisingly.


This year, Johnny did not change the tradition and wore a black suit with stripes, but this time added his necktie that it was officially, it's not film premieres and «Critic`s Choice Awards». Vanessa and again clothed in a dress on the floor, but now is not vintage, but some creature with Indian motifs. As she later admitted thing for her - it's easy, because she was the mother of two children, and she is not eager to put his body on display.

This couple quirks sometimes surprised even me, accustomed to all the non-standard. In 2004, the «Golden Globes» Johnny and Vanessa dressed up like Halloween, but it is what they do not like everything, and attracts. Brown suit sits perfectly on Johnny, Paradis surprising new ways black queen. One could, of course, reflect and imagine that Vanessa and Johnny portrayed turd and a crow, but that's another story, and obviously not for the "Golden Globe».

"Oscar" in 2004. Johnny and Vanessa have preferred the classic Hollywood and it has paid off: she in a white dress was recognized as one of the stars of the evening, and he was is stunning as usual, only in the form of long hairstyle visyulek on the sides, few appreciated ...

Preppy-style and hippie-style merged together in one of the Prime Minister in 2004. Johnny looked like a true Englishman, and Vanessa as a typical representative of the hippie community. Eccentric and bizarre, but we're used to.


Onion Johnny on the top five, but Vanessochka somehow lost on the background of the chosen. Monochrome - is certainly supervybor, but not to such variations. Again, in the absence of a good image of the French note accessory on his head.

Another ceremony of 2005, at which all marveled at how well dressed Vanessa and Johnny as badly dressed. Costume really does not paint the actor recalls fatted pastor, but a classic black dress Vanessa is approved. Wonderful dress sitting on it, besides it has added its bright accent - scarlet lipstick.


«63rd Golden Globe Awards» and not the best way Johnny and Vanessa during the existence of the pair. In silver dress with open shoulders Paradis looked like a Madonna and Johnny in red and black costume at the bullfighter after a long binge in honor of the victory over the bull.


Do not need words, you can immediately swoon. Johnny looks amazing, but Vanessa is even better. No wonder she signed a contract with Chanel, oh no wonder ... This incredibly beautiful couple eclipsed almost all at the 80th ceremony of "Oscar».


After a long break in joint secular outlets Johnny and Vanessa appeared together again, this time in Cannes. France for the parade - sweet home, and her family, Johnny, why not take a loved one with a she could not. Truly a beautiful couple and I very much hope that they would not part, but who knows, because most journalists and fans Depp sure that he is with her only because of the children and when they grow up, the "Orevuar, Vanessa!".


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